II International Congress of Biological and Naturist Medicina II. Internationaler Kongress der Biologischen Medizin II Congreso Internacional de Medicina Biológica Naturista

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II International Congress of Biological and Naturist Medicina

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II International Congress of Biological and Naturist Medicina

Again, this time we share the second edition of Virtual International Congress of Biological Nature Medicine.

It is a unique opportunity to unite and show that the daily work in medical practice, any optional world, it is so big, rich and wonderful, as is only to help any kind, asked for help endure suffering.

Therefore, this time we climb a step, because there are many patients worldwide, with diseases, immunology and cancer (only the year 2007 died in the World more 7 million people). We want to hear presentations by online physicians, biologists, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians , as treated differently, instead of synthetic molecules with biological therapies, these diseases, many times are predicted as incurable for scientific medicine, the patient cannot find a solution, search for other treatments or non-conventional techniques in different medical consultations (naturists, homeopaths and acupuncturists). We want to know what is being done globally as an alternative for these terrible diseases. When the congress has the best works and distributed them to various doctors from different countries to demonstrate the Ministries of Health in these techniques. There is another way to deal more biological or natural l, that only with formulas or synthetic molecules.

Papers can be of any conventional therapy (acupuncture, herbal medicine, Homotoxicology, only homeopathy, pluralist or complex, spagyric, Oligotherapy, neuraltherapy, and so on. ), anything that shows that healthy or cure for evidence of daily companion in their daily work, which has given good results, so it is to inform the scientific community and medical-biological naturist of the 2nd Virtual International Congress of Natural Biological Medicine.

Work will be collected until October 31, 2008, from that moment, do the paperwork to be approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health officially congress. Once we have all done, we put the date of the congress, then we will not know what month or what day the conference begins. If there is scientific work for the congress can be made, and if not available, will stop. Hopefully it will not happen.

Daily work there and once a week, we will meet in a virtual room to hear a presentation live, from anywhere in the world. The speakers said Congress must face if they want to talk to their unpublished work, by virtual room (we will only have 4) or just working with different formats.

The disease from which we see in this 2nd Congress can play anyone, knowledge is most valuable to know where we can tackle the problem a biological naturalist.

Hope the reception is very interesting and this time a massive international , and that all submissions will be made by graduates in medicine, biology, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians, to enrich all Spanish-speakers.

Sincerely, Dr. Santiago de la Rosa Iglesias.

President of the 2nd Virtual Congress on Biological Nature Medicine.
Chairman of the Committee System of Médicos ICOMEM.

Committee and officers

Honorary President

Professor Dr. Juliana Fariña 
Honorary President of the 2nd Virtual Congress on Biological Natural Medicine.
Pta. College of Physicians
Madrid (Spain)

Executive Council of the Medical Committee of the Natural ICOMEM (Spain)

Dr. Santiago de la Rosa 
President of the 2nd Virtual Congress on Natural Medicine Biological

Dr. Enrique Pérez Cid 
2 nd Vice President of Virtual Natural Medicine Biological

Dr. Esther García de la Paz 
Secretary General of the 2nd Virtual Congress on Natural Medicine Biological

National Scientific Committee

Dr. Francisco Muñiz Guisasola 
Medical Naturist, homeopath and acupuncturist.
Pte Conventional medicine
Asturias (Spain).

Dr. Mariano Cortes Bueno 
Doctor, Master of Anti-Aging Medicine and Biological

Dr. Sergio Martinez Ituarte 
Doctor Dentist - Neurofocal, Medical and Biological
homoeopath (Spain - Mexico).

Dr. Roberto Pelta Fernández 
Allergists and homeopathic physician (Spain).

Dr. Eudoxia Perales Lopez 
Medical, Medical Biological

Dr. Jorge Ferrandiz Sagrera 
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Barcelona (1973). Chiromassage Dr. Ferrándiz at School (1968).
Barcelo. Spain.

Dr. Abelardo Roldan Cabrera Vocal
2nd Virtual Congress on Natural Medicine Biological

International Scientific Committee

Dr. Claudio Esteve Health
- Honorary President of the Naturist Association of Buenos Aires.
www.asociacionnaturista.com < BR> Candidate 2008 at the International Council of IVU.

Dr. Luiz Paulo Farber 
Pte 1. Scientific Society of Complementary Medicine

Dr. Villoldo rosalia 
2nd President. Virtual International Congress of Homeopathy. Master of Homeopathy. Pediatrician

Dr Prasanta Banerji & Dr. Pratip Banerji graphic 
Foundation Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research
general practitioners, homeopaths.
Calcutta (India).

Dr. Horacio Kinast 
Professor. Dr.
Dentistry (Santiago de Chile).

Dr. Louis Alfano. 
Health and homeopathic pediatrician. Natural Medicine
(Costa Rica).

Dr. Ider
Salgado gynecologist and homeopath

Dr. Manuel Zurita 
Physician. Biological Medicine - Natural

Dr. Gloria Godinez Leal 
Physician. Biological Medicine
(Tijuana, Mexico).



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1 Reviews about II International Congress of Biological and Naturist Medicina
on 13/06/2015
Wow, that sounds like it would have been amazing to attend, I'm super bummed that I missed out! There were a lot of doctors that presented. Do you know if they're going to repeat this presentation at some point in the future?

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