II International conference on Organic Animal Husbandry II. Internationale Konferenz über ökologische Tierhaltung II Conferencia internacional de ganadería ecológica

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II International conference on Organic Animal Husbandry

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II International conference on Organic Animal Husbandry

On October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2006 the city of Zamora will held, the "Second International Conference on Livestock Environment," organized by the Diputación Provincial de Zamora and SEAE (Spanish Society of Organic Agriculture). The Conference is aimed at technical professionals and students; it will be held in the auditorium of the Higher Polytechnic School Campus Viriato "Zamora.

The purpose of the conference is to deepen the four pillars on which rests the Livestock and Environment, which are: Food, Veterinary, Environment and Marketing. The talks will focus on livestock of cattle, sheep and goats to address in concise and clear requirements what these systems in organic agriculture need.


Considering the international and practical nature of the event, the conference will discuss 3 points of view:

Practical analysis, including experiences on the production of organic milk and meat:

  • Organic meat production in cattle, given by Koldo Osoro, a veterinarian specializing in organic cattle farming.
  • Description of the entire management of an organic farm, cow’s milk and comparative notes with sheep and goats, by Oscar Garcia, a veterinarian specializing in organic livestock.
  • Conversion to organic sheep farming and marketing of its products, Carlos Palacios, Veterinarian specialist in organic sheep farming.

These lectures will be supplemented with visits to organic sheep farms in the province of Zamora.

Theoretical analysis, which allows a thorough study of the conditions required by the organic farming, including:

  • Animal health and welfare by Carmelo Garcia, the Board of Castilla La Mancha.
  • Environment, Clemente Mata, University of Córdoba.
  • Breeds, by José Emilio Yanes, of the Castile and Leon.
  • Marketing and perspectives, Roberto Garcia, a researcher at the CIFAED.

In conclusion to this analysis, we will give a master lecture entitled "The four pillars of Organic Animal Husbandry" by a representative of the SAFO project in England.

International Analysis of organic livestock, specifically:

  • The situation in Spain, where people will discuss the legal requirements of farm cattle, sheep and goats green. This talk will be given by Lucio Carbajo.
  • Situation in Europe, specifically analyzing the availability of organic food for cattle. Given by the German Albert Sundrum from University of Kassel.
  • Situation in Portugal, and progress in the development of organic livestock. Provided by: Lazarus Simbine, Foundation AgroBio
  • Situation in Latin America, describing the organic production system for beef cattle. Given by Heitor Medeiros, a research specialist in organic livestock.

In support of this vision, we will develop an international roundtable on the future reform of the EU Regulation on Organic Agriculture.

Tastings: There will be a tasting of organic products of animal origin (milt, cheese and sausages), accompanied by bread and wine organic.

Registration: the registration fee is 40 € for members and students of SEAE and 60 € for the rest of stakeholders. These prices will increase by € 20 for October 1st.

To end, note that the Technical Secretariat of the event is the College of Veterinarians of Zamora

For more information contact the Area of Agriculture and Livestock of the Diputación Provincial de Zamora (C / Ramos Carrion, 11. Zamora 49071 ) or the Technical Secretariat of the Conference.

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1 Reviews about II International conference on Organic Animal Husbandry
on 29/10/2014
How wonderful!!!! You know...I used to have mixed feelings about animal husbandry (what a quaint term...), but now I think I'm quite alright with the idea. We do hunt a lot of our meat in the wild, which is not only fun and rewarding, but it is also sustainable here in Alaska, and provides a natural source of food for us.

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