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IDM Institute for the Development of the Mixteca AC

The Institute for the Development of the Mixteca, AC (IDM) as part of the Foundation Ayu, AC, is a civil non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization, founded in 1998 whose mission is to promote and address the comprehensive and sustainable development of the population whose conditions are poverty and marginalization. Hence, through our four strategic programs, our actions are focused primarily on expelling a region of labor, such as the Mixteca region, which includes the states of Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero, also other regions as zones of influence, including Central Valley, Costa e Istmo in Oaxaca state.

To date, we have over 20 thousand members, especially women's involvement with the Organization of Rural Women Producers in the Mixteca ITA-YEE, AC, which brings together more than 13 thousand women, there are also included other sectors of the population such as youth, children and the elderly of very poor living in extreme poverty and marginalization.

Institutional Profile

MISSION: Promoting and addressing the comprehensive and sustainable development of the population, concentrating its activities in regions where conditions are poverty and exclusion.

VISION: The I.D.M. is the body helping in the realization of the target population.

OBJECTIVE: Ensuring that programs and activities of the IDM have positive impact on living standards and social welfare beneficiaries and their families, making their roots in their communities.

PHILOSOPHY: Combating what seems impossible as poverty, showing that through unity of peoples and of the mobilization effort will allow the development of communities.


  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Disclaimer
  • Participation
  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Justice

FOUNDER: Heladio Ramírez López

Ayu Foundation Institute for Development of the Mixteca AC Foundation and The Great Forgotten A.C.

Born in the village of Santa Maria Ayu, Huajuapan of the municipality of Leon, State of Oaxaca, Mexico. He graduated in law. He was president of the Youth Association of the Southeast of Mexico, Founder and Chairman of the Forum for Youth, National Association of free discussion.

He has held various positions in the public sector: a federal deputy, senator of the Republic, where he served as Chairman of the Committees on Migrant Workers and Indigenous Affairs, the Committee on Food, the Secretary of the Commission Agriculture and Rural Development, and member of the Committees on Indian Affairs Migration Affairs, Environment and Natural Resources, Social Development, Agrarian Reform and Foreign. He was Governor of the state of Oaxaca, is currently President of the National Peasant Confederation and President of the Continental Conference of Rural Producers, involving organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean.


FOUNDATION AYU: towards a different future

One explanation needed...

"Politics, like any human activity, only with the work dignifies lasting benefit of the people. That is why I have lived with such intensity Mexican passion for social justice, equity, democracy and nationalism to be essence of the political agenda. And in doing so, I have fought tirelessly for the noble and just cause of the poorest Mexicans, from the positions and with the weapons that came into my hands all my ability to help people”.

“The results of that struggle are many, but modest in relation to the magnitude of the problems. Not because these gains have been small but because they do not correspond to the large demand for change of our complex reality. Neither the high level of our aspirations. This applies to the cause of the Mixteca, the sweet girl of my great motherland. A CUSA that applies equally to the fate of the Mixtec people of Mexico and the building just as the country that most of the Mexican dream.

“In this new millennium, the world is experiencing a rapid process of transformation that is shaking the conscience of mankind. However, in the region where the small town where I was born is, Santa Maria Ayu seems that nothing has happened, that time is stopped. There are the everyday lives of pressure, the accumulated history of suffering in people burdened by poverty and marginalization.”

“Since my first political campaign in more intimate and extensive contact with the reality of these poor communities, and after talking and listening with attention and respect to thousands of farmers, asked me with sincere concern the best way to transform this social drama and find an appropriate solution to the problem size.”

“I've tried since then to understand the processes and trends that characterize life in the region, seeking to explain the causes of poverty and marginalization, and see clearly the responses capable of eradicating them.”

“That led me to acting, not alone, but in solidarity and to mobilize everyone, especially those who suffer more intensely the grievances of a humiliating situation of inequality that has structural causes, and therefore can only be changed with the effort of all. "

Heladio Ramírez López

Lines of action

  • Organization of the Rural Society
  • Education and Training
  • Productive Economic Projects
  • Technical
  • Culture and Recreation

Managing and obtaining support

Strategic program

Productive Development Program:

  • Consolidation and creation of new productive projects
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Studies, and project profiles
  • Coordination with other activities

Social Development Program:

  • Housing and water
  • Exchange of experiences and cultural production
  • Culture
  • Health
  • Recreation
  • Publications of the IDM and regional reports

Promotion of Program savings and community funding:

  • Savings
  • Wallpapers

Program Development and Consolidation of Social Organization:

  • Consolidation of existing social organizations
  • Consolidation of new partnership arrangements
  • Formation of Compadre

Legend of “Flechador del sol”

In the Mixtec nation, there is the legend of a hero called Tzauindanda Mixtec (also known as Yacoñooy or Mixtecatl), who showed that the strength of will and love for their homeland made it possible that it could wage battle more difficult and thereby defeat the enemy stronger than anyone could have. This hero is better known as "Flechador of the Sun" (Sun Archer) and legend says that:

There were two giant trees that existed at the bottom of a mysterious cave on land Apoala, who loved so much that intertwined their branches and roots joined in this great love, there was the first man and the first woman in Mixtec nation. Over time, those people had children and the children had children who founded the town of Achiutla, birthplace of Tzauindanda. The population grew so that people no longer fit, then Tzauindanda decided to conquer the land that his people needed to settle, so he took his bow and arrows and left one morning, ready to dispute anyone.

For days, did not rest a moment until he reached a vast and uninhabited extension where he did not found anything that hindered his passage, just the sun shining like lord and master of those lands, lands that greed Tzauindanda for him by fresh and beautiful.

Tzauindanda raised the eyes, there was not a cloud that took away the sun, after a while, thirsty and tired, feeling the sun's rays as knives, as arrows that stuck in every part of his skin. Then he understood: The Sun is the lord of those lands! Therefore he raised his bow and launched arrows against the sun.

At last, he saw that the sun had weakened at the evening. Gradually the sun began to fall and the sky became more and more red, until finally fell behind the mountains, the sky was stained with the blood of the sun, indicating where he had fallen, defeated the mighty Lord! Tzauindanda had defeated it!, hence our slogan says: "The Impossible is Possible."

Source: IDM Institute for the Development of the Mixteca AC

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3 Reviews about IDM Institute for the Development of the Mixteca AC
on 01/12/2015
There are so many groups around the world that could be benefitted by a similar organization in their location. Here in Alaska there are a lot of Native Alaskans that could really benefit from assistance like this. They've been robbed of their culture and are still trying to recover.
on 08/10/2014
I've read some really interesting artciles about similar organizations or groups of individuals that have the same philosophy in mind, and while the article did a great job outline the main points of the group, it never said how it was funded, or what the implications of their impact has had on the regions. It leaves much to be said in regards to the effectiveness of the group. I'm curious about that.
on 08/01/2014
This is pretty interesting, I mean the last story sounds like something really magicv, and similar in different parts of the world so it is probably just a story with morale to lift up the people at that stage of the Mexican society right? But yet it is very interesting

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