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Idealists was launched in 2001 to serve all persons and organizations interested in the social sector / nonprofit Spanish-speaking world. “Idealistas” currently continues to grow and develop, following the footsteps of his English,, which contains information on more than 64,000 organizations in 194 countries and is visited by over 50,000 people every day.

In we find:

  • More than 5800 nonprofit organizations related to the Spanish-speaking community of the world. You can search by name, location, work area or task. If your organization is not part of our system yet, you can register now (it's free).
  • Hundreds of opportunities to work as a volunteer in your community and / or worldwide.
  • A listing of job openings and internships at nonprofit organizations.
  • Different resources for people and organizations involved in the nonprofit sector, such as the Library and the Volunteer Center of information about resources for NGOs.
  • Ways to communicate directly with organizations and individuals working and / or are related in some way with the nonprofit Spanish-speaking world.

Additionally, individuals can gain the following benefits when using

  • Defining what information you would like to receive by e-mail about job opportunities, volunteer and / or internships, events and resources for the nonprofit sector.
  • For example, you can choose to receive information on offers to volunteer in Bolivia, job opportunities in the NGO sector for the summer in Spain and information about events in Argentina. All this is possible through a personalized daily mail call: “Mi Idealista”.

Addition, you can customize the volunteer opportunity that seeks to create a volunteer profile, specify interests, abilities and time availability. Once created the profile in our system, organizations can search and read information.

You can find people and organizations that share the same ideals, interests and goals.

In turn, organizations can:

  • Announce job vacancies, volunteer opportunities, internships, events, campaigns and resources, knowing that such information is sent to all subscribers and exposed to thousands of people and organizations that visit our site daily.
  • Finding volunteers to work in your organization, looking at the list of "volunteer profile" and / or through direct contact to them to find volunteers to your organization in our system.
  • Be informed about events, campaigns and resources to advertise the other organizations. This through our “Mi Idealista” and also through our own database, looking for events, campaigns and resources.

If your organization is already registered with, the English site, you are invited to register in our site dedicated to the Hispanic community and so your information can reach more people. But note that the name of your organization at each site cannot be exactly the same, since both versions use the same database. One solution would be to add the name of your city or country in the name of your organization, to distinguish each record (the Guatemalan Red Cross, for example).

To learn more about us, please visit

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1 Reviews about Idealists
on 07/10/2014
I really, really like that this relies on the trust of community involvement to work; a primary factor in life and success that I find lacking in our society today. I'm glad that these groups unite people for a common cause, because for far too long, society (at least in the U.S.) has thought that life is best lived independently.

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