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I Organic Gastronomic Event in Málaga

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I Organic Gastronomic Event in Málaga

On Monday July 3rd, at 20.30 hours, the vegetarian restaurant Cañadú (Plaza de la Merced) hosts the First Organic Gastronomic Event in Málaga, organized by the Greens. The menu costs between 12 and 13 euros and will be composed of elements from one hundred percent of organic agriculture and livestock and fair trade. The event is open to everyone who wants to attend but places are limited, so you have to sign up.

This meeting has the support of the Cañadú, Organic Store Soynatural, Fair Trade and Sustainability of the partnerships and Development, Al-Munia and the Slow Food group of Malaga. According to the spokesperson of the Greens in the province, Angel Rodriguez, this activity is part of the 'Green: The Green Alternative', in which we intend to communicate the themes of local green program for the 2007 elections. The goal is to promote consistency and commitment to responsible consumption in food, such as personal and collective contribution to the sustainability and quality of life not only each other but to all persons, companies and groups that make it possible.

According to Rodriguez, every act of responsible consumption, "in this case eating well, is a political act because it is a vote for social and economic model based on equity, ecology and health care for everyone." The meeting will be next Monday under the slogan "With the Greens, Safe Food”.

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2 Reviews about I Organic Gastronomic Event in Málaga
on 30/10/2014
ANOTHER gastromic event! haha! It's such a funny name, but so very aptly named. That's absolutely wonderful that people are starting to become curious about, and spreading the word on how to cook with organically grown produce and livestock. This is a wonderful, wonderful direction we're headed it!
on 03/02/2014
I am a very huge lover of the organic food especially when it is made in restaurants, this is very good and well this old too, I would love to find something like this near my house and at the current time, that will be like a very good way of spending the time and learn something

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