I Biodiversity and Organic Agriculture Fair in Cantabria I Bio-Messe und Ökologische Landwirtschaft in Kantabrien I Feria de Biodiversidad y Agricultura Ecológica de Cantabria

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I Biodiversity and Organic Agriculture Fair in Cantabria

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I Biodiversity and Organic Agriculture Fair in Cantabria

The "Cantabria’s Seed Network" is made by farmers belonging to the Coordinator of Organic Agriculture in Cantabria, meeting with the intention of working for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and cultivated environment in rural areas.

The activities from the “Cantabria’s Seed Network" are:

  • Searching for local varieties of cultivated plants, collecting seeds and agricultural knowledge partner.
  • Morphological and agronomic characterization. Participatory evaluation of varieties, trying to adapt organic agriculture systems and conducting tastings with consumers.
  • Multiplication of seed farming.
  • Exchange of seeds and promotion of local varieties.

I fair of Organic Agriculture and biodiversity in Cantabria

It is framed within the project "Biodiversity and Agroecology" prepared by the Association “Cantabria’s Seed Network“. This project aims to sensitize the population about the importance of conserving biological diversity, produced for centuries by traditional farmers in our region and in recent years is having a serious setback. In pursuit of this project will be carried out in August a series of workshops for the conservation of agricultural biodiversity, in different locations Cantabria. These workshops will address the practice of conservation of local varieties, the importance of maintaining the agricultural environment with maximum biodiversity as possible and stable agro-ecological systems. As the culmination of the workshops scheduled this show of biodiversity, to bring attendees to the workshops and the general public.

This fair aims to be a first meeting place between farmers and consumers to raise awareness of local varieties of crops in our region and become aware of the importance of biodiversity in the agriculture system and its environment. All this framed in the context of organic agriculture as a source of biodiversity for the rural world.

The fair consisted of the following positions or stands:

  • Post Sales of organic products of Cantabria: vegetables, honey, eggs, fruit, vegetable, dairy, meat...
  • Booth CRAE's (Board of the Organic Agriculture Cantabria)
  • Tasting of organic products from Cantabria (cheese, bread, yogurt, jam....).
  • Stand of the Cantabria’s Seed Network with: Tasting of popular local varieties of tomato and pepper.
  • Panels on biodiversity conservation cultivated.
  • Exhibition of local varieties of agricultural products: corn country, beans, onions, pumpkins, cabbages...
  • Zone for meeting between farmers to conservative biodiversity where you can exchange seed.
  • Distribution of seed samples multiplied by the Network of Seed.
  • Workshop about extraction, drying and conservation of vegetable seed.
  • Stands of other organizations related to Biodiversity and Sustainable Development:
  • Ecologists in Action (Panels "Agriculture, food and environment).
  • Seo-Bird life (Program "sowing Nature").
  • Man and Nature Foundation (nursery plant native forest).
  • Tudanca Association (Recovery of indigenous livestock breeds).
  • Charity Callejo. (Traditional woolen yarn and staining plant products).
  • Other traditional crafts related to agriculture (Albarca, cebillas, baskets, knives, bells ...)

The performance of the show was subsidized by the General Directorate of Forestry and Nature Conservation of the Government of Cantabria and the Board of the Organic Agriculture, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Santa Maria de Cayon.

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1 Reviews about I Biodiversity and Organic Agriculture Fair in Cantabria
on 29/10/2014
WOw!! I would LOVE to go to a workshop about harvesting and drying and preserving goods. That's so cool that that was part of this workshop! I'm living in Alaska now and preserving is a big part of our lives here. We do have a fairly tolerable growing season in the summer, but it is comparatively short, so we have to preserve a lot of our goods.

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