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Hypogonadism: natural treatment and more ...

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Hypogonadism: natural treatment and more ...

The word hypogonadotropic comes from” hypo” (deficiency or defect) and “gonad” (sexual organ: testes in men and ovaries in women). This is a condition or imbalance in which the testicles or ovaries are not functional or have some limitation or genetic inability because the hypothalamus does not secrete enough GnRH (gonadotropin releasing hormone).

When this happens, sex characteristics, both male and female, are not developed at all: muscles are weak, thin bones, the hair is very light and thin, and the voice is reduced to a low tone. Biological maturation of the person is slow and maturation of gonadotropins and puberty is delayed. This condition is a major cause of infertility.

Hypogonadism in men is defined by the failure of the testis to mature their duties according to the age of the subject, such as testosterone, sperm or both. Testosterone is a hormone that affects many of the body's tissues. Their imbalance affects sexual differentiation or secondary sexual characteristics and body proportions, and action on bone, muscle, erythropoiesis, prostate, energy or sexual function.

Testosterone and hypogonadism

Testosterone influences the development and maturation of the sexual and reproductive organs, but also influences the distribution of body fat, strength of bone mass and the low tone of voice, power and sexual functioning, as well as for maturation of bones, muscles, skin, brain, hair, cholesterol and hemoglobin balance, etc. This hormone is involved in maintaining the body's energy levels, sex drive (libido) and fertility. As men get older, testosterone levels decay naturally. However, when testosterone is deficient in any other stage of life, then hypogonadism appears.

Primary and secondary hypogonadism

Primary hypogonadism presents a testosterone deficiency due to abnormal functioning of the testes. Secondary hypogonadism is the result of certain problems of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, whose functions are to balance the secretion of a special kind of hormones.

Some factors that cause primary hypogonadism occur when the testicles have not descended, or there is too much iron in the blood (known as hemochromatosis), or an injury that damaged the testicles. It can also happen because of mumps, chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

How to naturally treat hypogonadism

A true cure in treating any condition is to do a diet, adequate exercise and control emotions, as these cause reactions that damage our body. Always follow a basic diet which can help the body to be well nourished and normal functions are performed satisfactorily. You should avoid all refined product, snacks, products with many colors or sugar diet, sugar, white bread, white flour, refined and fried foods and sausages that only fill the body with toxins.

Furthermore, it should include supplements such as L-Arginine, which help increase sexual libido. Testosterone can be increased through the consumption of certain foods such as walnuts, almonds, dried apples, pecans, plums, peanuts, raisins, etc.

Emotional and mental factors

To deal with this disease, you should understand how emotions influence our body its functions. It is important to know that excessive stress causes severe imbalances in the body. Stress can be caused, in this case, by some factors such as feelings of not being able to express, concern for not being sufficiently "good", lack of self-esteem, creativity frustration, guilt, self-punishment, etc. These feelings occur because we were taught to think we should feel in certain way. Then, the body begins to slow down or block certain functions due to the influence of resistance states, stress, etc.

It is very important to begin to take care of our thoughts and mental attitudes, which are the root of all physical. Stop criticizing yourself can be a good start for all this, and accept us as we are to activate a new creativity in our lives to make us feel comfortable, inspired and well structured. It is advisable to read about how to understand our emotions and keep out anger or rage, because this is a poison that attacks us from inside.

Some alternative therapies that can help you are: bio-energy, reflexology, acupressure, chi-nei-tsan.

Practicing yoga and tai chi can help create harmony inside you and you’ll feel a harmonious energy.

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6 Reviews about Hypogonadism: natural treatment and more ...
on 12/07/2018
Another worthless article on SH.
Foods will not help.
You have to reverse the Hypo-Putuitary-Gonad Axis by using Clomid or you can try natural herbs such as Tongkat or Nettle.
Arginine only works with blood flow issues and has virtually no effect in reversing or treating - but does aid in erections.
SH is caused by stressors or infections - that must be addressed before they become chronic.
TRT therapy - will do nothing to address the actual root cause but will get you levels up unnaturally.
One must look at basal body temperatures as they relate to metabolism - you have to get the body back in the anabolic form - whether that is by treating the thyroid with iodines - supplementing synergistics like Vit A, Magnesium, B2-3and 12, and Selenium.
Must begin by lowering the stress load on the body.

on 15/08/2014
I know it's typically men that we think about with testosterone (testes... etc), but women (as mentioned in the article) have testosterone, at different levels, in their bodies as well. Have you found any information as to how this may affect women as well? Perhaps a lessening of strength, or assertiveness. How do you have yourself tested to see if you, or someone you know, has this condition?
on 04/05/2014
pretty good information, I am glad of seeing that you get to other topics not only related with health, nutrition and that stuff, so thanks for sharing me this, I will hsare it with others...
on 01/06/2014
yeah you should to it, since most of the people don't consider this as a problem but it is
on 09/11/2012
Hi I have heard about this problem but I didn?t know it may cause so many awful things! I?m very worried now since I recently had mumps and a friend told me I may be infertile. This is serious! Is it for sure? I should check a doctor the sooner as possible?
on 17/08/2016
hi i have a problem of big breast. i don't know about this problem. its very shameful. please tell about this problem and this treatment please............
i'm waiting for your answer.

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