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Anita Hydrotherapy Center and Natural Medicine

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Anita Hydrotherapy Center and Natural Medicine

The center of Hydrotherapy and Natural Medicine "Anita" is built into a space of 2000 m2 with modern architecture and has several settings in Perú.


Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses water at different temperatures, although normally alternate between the use of cold water and hot water in the form of bath or pressure water jets.

Hot water dilates surface blood vessels under the skin, promoting circulation in those areas, while water at low temperature causes the opposite effect, the surface blood vessels constrict and blood circulation inside (in organs) is favored. Various substances are sometimes added to water to enhance, or modify its properties. Pressure jets of water and hydrokinetic effect provides a relaxing massage in terms of the angles of incidence, which also improve the venous return circulation.

Hydrotherapy is a practice used since ancient times that acts on the circulatory system and therefore affects the metabolism, as well as on the nervous system. Recall the virtues of stay relaxing spas.
Hydrotherapy is useful in recovery processes of sports injuries, or postoperative. Also, no doubt, it is interesting to stress and nervousness.

Among the schools that we have access to treatment by hydrotherapy spas are acquaintances, usually using thermal water with mineral content. The SPAs are centers which undertake hydrotherapy treatment and do not use mineral hot springs. The centers that use seawater in their treatments, sometimes including sand and algae, are called thalassotherapy centers.

Hyperthermia Bathrooms 

The definition of hydrotherapy baths is hyperthermia, are a natural blood wash, which has the effect of removing toxins (toxins that are assimilated in our bodies, every day) that are stored in our body naturally. Hyperthermia baths are prepared using natural herbal extracts and medicinal powers, as these are considered medicinal baths for their curative effect they have on people

The spa treatments can be applied through:

  • Baths: The baths may be total or partial and the same temperature varies with the type of application that you want to give. We distinguish the following techniques.
  • Simple bath: take place in the tub or tank and are designed to relax the patient. They can be hot or cold.
  • Partial Baths: apply on a specific part of the body.
  • Steam: steam is used at high temperature that is projected onto the treatment area with a towel covering the later.
  • Contrast baths: water is applied at different temperatures deforming alternative.
  • Whirlpool bath: its effect lies in the pressure of water on the affected body part.
  • Galvanic baths: Used water combined with electricity.
  • Whirlpool spa: it is a sulfur bath to activate blood circulation.
  • Showers: Its effect is caused by the pressure of the fragmented water out of the shower. There are different types of applications through showers depending on the pressure and the type of issues made.
  • Jets: The application is based on the emission of high pressure water through a hole which allows action focusing on a particular point. The jets are projected at different pressures and temperatures.
  • Additives: The action of water may be supplemented by the addition of substances in the bathroom.
  • Washes: Is performed by passing a wet cloth on the skin.
  • Compresses: They are a type of wrap to which herbs are added.
  • Ablutions: Water is poured directly on the body.

The herbs and their functions play a major role in these baths hyperthermia. These baths consist of the temperature rising in our body during the bath, reaching a fever that is produced which removes toxins from your body and perform their role as healing herbs, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and purifying the body.


  • Soda fountain
  • Ample secure parking
  • Spacious private rooms, separate for ladies and gentlemen
  • Massage rooms
  • Natural clinic
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Massage Therapy (massage)
  • Chiropractic
  • Plaster natural herbal and medicinal mud
  • Masks natural herbal and medicinal mud
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu
  • Swimming pool


We have doctors in: orthopedics, chiropractic, massage therapy, general medicine natural, acupuncture, among others.


Av Miguel F. Cerro s/n- Vice District. Piura.
Height km 27 road Sechura. Peru.

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2 Reviews about Anita Hydrotherapy Center and Natural Medicine
on 29/04/2015
I've heard of hydrotherapy, and I think it's such an interesting technique!! I completely agree with it that water is so therapeutic. We live very close to the ocean (we're a seaside town, so almost everyone is within a 5 minute walk of the shore), and the ocean water feels so good, I always feel refreshed and cleansed after bathing in it!
on 01/06/2013
My mother recommended me a therapy based on water, she tried one og the baths and she told me it was a total relieve, she got off and her whole body was like healed completely. So now I?m looking forward feeling this kind of experience and it?s good to know what kind of baths exist to make my choice, thanks!

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