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Hydration in sport

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Hydration in sport

During exercise, much fluid is lost and you need frequent hydration. This is explained by saying that during physical activity metabolic water production increases with the increase of energy metabolism. So the water loss during exercise increases due to increased body heat, our body starts to sweat, losing more water to try to dissipate the heat. In this way, the sweat becomes the fastest way of water loss during exercise. Although we do not feel thirsty until long after it has started drying, fluid intake during prolonged exercise reduces the risk of dehydration.

Among the consequences of the water is the lack decrease physical performance and could suffer a serious blow due to heat. 

When we sweat excessively have a low level of potassium, magnesium, like iron. These gaps occur in our body: muscle weakness, general reluctance, apathy, drowsiness, muscle spasms, cramps, muscle rigidity.

Water and something else...

Some people have a habit of hydrating before, during and after exercise with only water. However, if you drink only water, the body will be difficult to absorb quickly, because tends to quickly eliminate in urine. This would not replace the minerals that are lost through sweat.

So drinking water with minerals (electrolytes) and carbohydrate, the body is rehydrated and better tends to a better recovery of blood volume.

The different types of carbohydrates can be found in nutritional supplements, in the form of powders ready for reconstitution with water. These are intended to ensure the optimal athlete hydration before, during and after of intense exercise.

In recent years there have been different types of beverages, which had been added various components, from creatine to chromium through Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, and Herbs with multifunctional substances, such as Taurine, Guarana or Gingsen to develop some muscles, burn fat or to increase both the strength and the resistance in those who consume it.

Within drinks developed recently are:

Currently for certain sports such as cycling, skiing, brokers, fund, have had very good results with drinks ingested during exercise with carbohydrate concentrations of the 8-10%.

Maintaining a high level of blood glucose (by the drink) is an alternative energy source for working muscles and tend to decrease their levels of glycogen, delaying the point of fatigue nearly 30 minutes forward.

In this regard many wonder what kind of carbohydrates should be used for hydration during sport...

The answer lies in the type of carbohydrates that are currently being used today and which is a combination of glucose, sucrose, dextrin and maltodextrin.

Others have doubt the frequency with which the athlete must hydrate with energy drinks...

This is necessary for the athlete during training or competition and is used to drink between 50 to 100 cc of fluid per time and if possible every 15 - 20 minutes. It is important to remember that we must not be guided by the feeling of thirst, as this is when the muscle cells have lost a great percentage of water.

Relationship sweating and weight loss

The transpiration is one of the methods by which the body manages to keep the body temperature (approximately 37 º). If by some factor that temperature tends to rise (over-temperature, heat generated by the moving body, etc..) Appears then sweating or perspiration.

The adipose tissue is an energy reserve, is a savings of calories consumed that were not expended. The only way to spend this reserve energy is increasing daily physical activity and in a hypocaloric diet. The latter where appropriate and balanced for each particular case must be referred by a professional. So we can say that the weight difference between the "before" and "after" the excessive sweating is a product of the dehydration, as mentioned above should be an immediate response.

In cases where the sweating is excessive, it is recommended to hydrate during exercise for the more effective absorption and avoid unwanted ends.

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1 Reviews about Hydration in sport
on 01/06/2015
Hydration is hugely important when doing physical activities, especially when under the sun or in hot weather. A lot of people don't realize, however, that hydration starts before you even start your activity. You MUST hydrate around the clock!

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