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Arrasate Organic Gardens

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Arrasate Organic Gardens

The district of Garagartza will premiere this summer the first publicly owned green gardens of Gipuzkoa. These are 61 plots of 80 meters each awarded to the City as many retirees to cultivate vegetables that they want, always fulfilling the criteria of the so-called organic agriculture. The plots are conditioned in the camp of 8,000 square meters located behind the factory Fagor Garagartza.

Development works will award green orchards during the month of January, so that work would begin approximately in early March.

One of the programs in the context of these works will be to reduce the steep slope of this hillside (20%) up to 5 or 7% through a clearing and construction of appropriate containment walls.

Also be hidden, by planting trees and hedges, the visual impact of the electrical substation in the area.

The implementation period of this work is three months, so that if the schedule is met, the orchards could debut in June or July 2006.

Then be enacted and municipal regulations that govern their use. The plots were allocated to pensions and, upon request, while reserving certain places, or for recipients of municipal social services, or for agriculturalists displaced from Santa Teresa.

As is known, the City plans to shut down the irregular orchards of Santa Teresa in response to numerous complaints by residents protesting the noise of dogs that remain in slums, and the presence of dirt and rats.

All precincts that comprise the 61 parcels will be fenced and closed, so that users have to adjust to a schedule.

The project envisages the construction of a prefabricated shack of wood, each horticulturist will have their own locker to store tools and fishing clothing.


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