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How to tackle the problems of your face

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How to tackle the problems of your face

Currently skin problems, especially of the face, appear to increase: the acne, dermatitis, dryness, skin sores, blotches, enlarged pores, redness, etc., are just some of the conditions frequently encountered in the skin that covers our face.

Being face one of the first points of contact in relation to the world, usually when something happens in this area draws our attention and concern in a particular way. It is not the same having some stains in the thighs, where not everyone can notice it, to having in the face. In the latter we cannot help feeling bad about it.

Symptoms in the face

Somehow man knows instinctively that the symptoms of diseases such as pain, itching, discomfort, burning, inflammation, fever, etc., are indicators that something is not working properly or balanced within one. The symptom just shows what happens inside, and the most natural thing is to pay attention, turn around and see what happens and try to the best possible way. However, when the face shows a sign either of acne, dryness, itching, redness, etc., often we are more concerned about the thing it should.

Conflict and healing

A suffering can become a great inner conflict when it starts to be a care of a disproportionate or exaggerated the conflict in the healing of the skin on the face when the symptoms are caused in this case reflected in the face, mixed with our desire to see us well, of being beautiful and "having good face" to the world. This conflict is exacerbated especially in a culture where beauty (I mean the stereotype) is a serious commitment with which we must comply, because the appearance is the first letter of acceptance from a person.

When was greatly influenced by this requirement, then you come to believe that this problem is so clearly revealed in the face away or deprive us of the acceptance or approval that give us the people around us. When the conflict takes place, happens to be trying to put more attention due to the problem, feeling of wanting to look good than to cure it and a focused objective assessment of the real problem, and then to fall into distress, insecurity, self-rejection, anger, stress, etc.. And as the disease affects the security of the person, we want more haste away. This is the rush that causes the problem is worsening and becoming more severe.

Fade conflict

As mentioned, we know that the symptoms are actually the words used by the body to tell us what happens inside us. In the case of these disorders of the skin on the face, what the body wants to tell us could be several things: that there is a deficiency of nutrients, or a hormonal imbalance, could be an excess or poor elimination of toxins, a renal failure or movement and to a poor quality in the functioning of our vital organs. These symptoms can also speak of ineffective cleaning habits of undue stress or tension. And a deeper level, the skin often express a deep dissatisfaction and anger with something or someone has not been able to express or has not been resolved.

Taking into account the above, perhaps we can feel what it is pointless trying to focus on eliminating the symptom with creams, pills, tonics, etc. (although that helps to control and eliminate the symptoms often do not just disappear completely) be treated with patience and a more comprehensive way, i.e. considering not only the physical but emotional factors. At any time we want to understand that not having to use alternative to many of them are effective and give us relief and peace of mind. What we are trying to do is understand the importance that has to do to take the symptom as something deeper than it looks, something that requires a much broader and, above all, lots of love and patience on our part to make our face clean and healthy look.


If you want to really help your skin to recover faster, there is a real awareness of what is happening and will take a patient so that your face reflects what you really want reflect: if you're impatient, then things get worse. First of all we need to begin to consider that the conditions inside our body are honestly expressed by the skin. In this case, considering the food you're introducing your body is essential because everything you eat (and what does not eat) reveals in your skin.

If your diet lacks enough vitamins, or any excess fat or toxins, your skin will not hesitate to say so. If you have a skin problem, you should try very healthy and fresh foods like apples, cucumbers, carrots, walnuts and almonds in moderation, oats, kelp, brewer's yeast, and so on. Fluorine-containing foods (all vegetables) are excellent. Avoid saturated fats, refined sugar, dairy products and fried sausages, physical activity, sleeping and drinking lots of water, are the general advice. And if you really want to go deeper and understand more fully into your skin, you can review what you feel.


In medicine energy, small expressions of anger that we want "them to see," but we do not dare to tell or not to have found a creative solution to express our anger or understanding, express in the face like a of "indirectly tell”. Itching and redness of the skin is associated with a constant feeling of intimidation or anger. Acne is due to feelings of rejection or misunderstanding, which is associated with adolescent age where this sentiment is common in young people.

Feeling threatened and insecure, believing that something remove or steal our peace, happiness and joy, make us having results in thoughts and attitudes towards those irritating and we feel as responsible for our unhappiness or dissatisfaction. These emotions secrete substances that act on our brains and affect our cells. If there are constant thoughts of resistance, anger and aversion, it causes tension. This tension can be expressed in that organ that is more weakened.

Give yourself time to deeply consider all alternatives and seek a solution may seem very distant or complicated. But if you try to consider how you live life affects your body, your cure may not be as distant or complicated as you think. Maybe you realize the power of healing that has patience, a sense of curiosity and reflective experience further changes when we face a situation or problem in your life.

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3 Reviews about How to tackle the problems of your face
on 18/09/2014
Looking at this from a mental and emotional perspective was very wise. I feel that all too often people look at blemishes or "imperfections" from an extremely superficial point of view. Yes...they may be unsightly...but what really matters is the fact that your body is trying to tell you something! There is some imbalance, emotionally or physically (or both!) in your body, and addressing it for strictly aesthetic reasons seems so shallow.
on 03/05/2014
very good advises about the skin and the face.... that is a simple way of looking a tit and that can really work for you! thanks for real!
on 06/10/2013
All the problems related to the mind show signs in the external body and this is a principal of the body and how it works, well we have to learn to understand that signals and try to make a change as soon as we realize the is something wrong with our body

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