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How to remediate gas problems

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How to remediate gas problems

If you suffer from gas, you feel bloated (a) as a ball, and your colicky pain spreads from the abdomen to the chest, even causing a sensation of drowning, it is important to check carefully what foods are leading your daily diet .

Intestinal gas, also known as aerophagia, flatulence or bloating are caused mainly by poor nutrition, which in turn can lead to back problems and constipation, only in some cases the gases are generated by problems of nervousness or stress, but in lower incidence.

A lot of pain

When it’s chronic you can feel the air pushes like a ball and pain in the genital area, you may think that the cause is other than intestinal gas.

Other causes concern that a person is more prone to gas if he/she eats too fast, if speaks a lot while eating, if diet contains plenty of fiber and dairy products and if also he/she suffers from irritable bowel and lack of intestinal flora.

Check what you eat

If the problem is your diet, the first thing to do is to eliminate from your diet food such as dairy foods. If you do and the problem disappears, the lactose was responsible. Then, it is best that you replace the cow dairy for vegetable milk such as soybeans, oats and almonds.

If the gas pain, cramps and stitches do not go away by eliminating dairy, you can try removing the grain of your list, to certify that you can’t digest gluten.

Now with sweeteners, often these increase gases. Drink water with your meals, no soda.

Other foods that can generate gases and must be evaluated every day are lettuce, cabbage, onions, cauliflower, artichokes, peas and legumes. Similarly, the whole food or with an excess of fiber.

Watch out for this because it is not necessary that you remove all these foods unexpectedly, the best way is to distinguish which are responsible for your gas and which are harmless.

Five meals

Experts recommend doing five meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a snack mid-morning and mid afternoon, which could be a fruit or food that do not generate high calories.

Spending many hours without eating and being hungry increases insulin levels and weakens the digestive system.


  • As we have developed in previous articles, we recommend that you take your time when eating, tasting and savoring the food, is necessary even chew at least 20 times a morsel of food.
  • If your problem is aerophagia, caused by stress or nervousness, it is important that you relax after meals, even a few minutes.
  • You should avoid constipation as it is the leading cause of intestinal gas.
  • Once you have eaten, wait some time before going to bed.
  • Taking digestive enzymes and "gut flora" (acidophilus, bifidus, etc.) is often helpful to avoid flatulence.


The most recommended natural teas are lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile or linden. Charcoal is another thing that goes very well for gases, it absorbs them, exiting through the feces.

Not recommended

Other foods that should be on your list to evaluate if they are the cause of your gases are: sugar, cucumbers, turnips, beans, wheat bread, whole wheat products, grapes and plums.

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4 Reviews about How to remediate gas problems
on 15/08/2014
When I was in college I jumped on the fiber train, and started eating those fiber one bars like crazy. I'd go through about a box a week. I also developed extremely severe digestion problems, and the most rancid gas you've ever experienced in your life. It took me a long time to connect the two, but once I stopped eating those fiber bars my gas pretty much went away. There's a lot of "information" about our diets "lacking" fiber...which is totally bologna if you're already eating a well rounded diet. I think a lot of times gas is produced by what we're eating too much of, rather than just the food itself.
on 27/04/2014
I have rely on some pills called "Nutrizym plus" they are good indeed but lately haven't worked and all that is because I am getting used to them, since I have bloating and gas almost all the time...

I hope it is not to late to make a change a drop the pills and start having better consumption of food and that...

on 11/04/2014
since I started changing my habits just thinking before eating, my stomach feels a lot way better than before!!! now there is not more bloating just following this simple rule, can you believe it? I didn't but once I started then I just made up my mind !
on 18/11/2012
My husband suffers from gas problems. His doctor told him to avoid eating some food, but he doesn?t follow the instructions. I?m going to show him this article to help him. I know a good and healthy diet can help to restore anything in our body and to improve it as well, but some men just can?t understand that.

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