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How to Reduce Triglyceride and Blood Sugar Levels

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How to Reduce Triglyceride and Blood Sugar Levels

You might think at first glance that there’s no relation between glucose, or what is commonly called blood sugar levels, and triglycerides, the most common type of fat in the body.  Too much sugar and carbohydrates in the diet, however, could cause not only high glucose levels, but also high triglyceride levels as well.

Relationship between sugar and triglycerides

The body frequently uses glucose, or sugar, as a combustible.  The most efficient way of storing energy, however, is not to store it as sugar, but as fat.  That’s why the body transforms excess sugar into fat, and therefore begins to create fat deposits which grow.  This is what we recognize as weight gain.

This is completely natural and part of an efficient metabolism.  When there are excessive amounts of things, however, you begin to put your health at risk.

High Glucose and Triglycerides

Both glucose and triglycerides, when high, are caused by the same thing: a poorly balanced diet, being sedentary, and other bad habits like consuming alcohol.

Studies have also linked this to a certain genetic predisposition.

High glucose levels is also known as hyperglycemia, and this could be a risk indicator for suffering from the disease commonly known as diabetes.  That’s why you need to take necessary actions.

We need to mention that the body transforms excess glucose into fat for storage.  The most common way the body stores fats is in the form of triglycerides.  If you constantly have high glucose levels, it is quite likely that your triglyceride levels are high as well.

High triglycerides are also related to a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks.

How can I reduce glucose and triglyceride levels?

Your treatment should be focused primarily on your diet, because if you adopt health dietary habits, you will be more likely to balance out not only glucose and triglyceride levels, but you will also be generally caring for your health.

Avoid eating sugars: Simple sugars are anything whose primary ingredients is sugar, like sugar, ice cream, and even industrialized beverages like juices and sodas.  These should be avoided.

If you’re used to sweetening your drinks or coffee, try to use a natural sugar substitute, like stevia.  The best option, however, it to simply reduce the amount of sweets you use so that your palate will get used to less sweetness.  You should avoid eating cookies, pastries, and any other product that is rich in sugars.

Avoid too many carbs: Sugars are a source of carbohydrates.  They are not the only dietary source, they also come from grains and fruits, which also provide other nutrients.  You need to keep in mind that you should consume moderate amounts of these, however.

Regarding grains, we advise eating whole grains, like whole grain rice, whole grain bread, and more.  The advantage that whole grains provide is that they contain fiber, which helps one to feel more satiated, and also improves digestion.

Opt for plant-based proteins and lean meat: Although high triglyceride and glucose blood levels is more closely related to sugar consumption, it’s best to choose lean meats, like poultry and fish.

Other protein sources that are good options, include plants, like legumes, including soy beans, green beans, lentils, and more.

Reduce the amount of calories in your diet: Anything in excess is never healthy.  That’s why we advise reducing your food portions, preferably with the help of a professional that can provide the best options for balancing your diet specifically for you.  Remember that each individual has his/her own individual needs.  This is especially advisable if you are obese or overweight.

Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages: According to studies, consuming alcohol could very quickly increase triglyceride levels.  We advise avoiding any sort of alcoholic beverage, or to at least reduce your consumption to very limited portions.

Exercise: Being sedentary undoubtedly has an effect of high glucose and triglyceride levels.  That’s why it’s best to do regular physical activities 3 to 4 times a week, for at least 40 minutes, to an hour.

Things to think about...

These habit and dietary changes can be useful for reducing triglyceride and glucose levels in the blood, and if you try to lose weight or reduce the amount of calories you consume, triglyceride levels do not decrease dramatically during this process.

The reason is because when the body burns fat, it releases fats from fat deposits, including stored triglycerides, which can be detected in chemical studies.  As you begin to balance out in a healthy weight, however, and try maintaining this weight, your triglyceride levels will start to appear in a balanced range.

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1 Reviews about How to Reduce Triglyceride and Blood Sugar Levels
on 18/09/2015
Oh my goodness, it's so scary to think of these things that are so silent, most people can't tell if their triglycerides, or even their blood sugar levels, are too high, and it can be so harmful to health. These are great recommendations, and I recommend that everyone follows them.

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