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How to Naturally Breakdown Gallstones

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How to Naturally Breakdown Gallstones

Gallstones are stone formations that develop in the gallbladder, causing symptoms like pain, fever, and sometimes a yellow skin or eye discoloration.

Frequently, in order to relieve the pain, one must have the stones surgically remoced, but there are also less invasive and more natural options that could eliminate gallstones.


Once the pain has become intolerable, the most common method for treating stones and bile sludge is to surgically remove the gallbladder.

Currently, this surgery can be done with laparoscopy, thereby reducing recovery time as well as the pain experienced during recovery.  However, when the pain is still tolerable and still does not require surgery, you could use a few natural options.

Types of Gallstones

Bile is a substance produced by the liver to aid the digestion of fats.  However, under certain bile composition conditions, stones can form in the gallbladder.

Cholesterol stones: Approximately 80% of gallstones are cholesterol stones, and they form when excessive cholesterol is present in bile or when the gallbladder does not properly empty itself.  They are usually yellow to green in color.

Pigment gallstones: These are generally dark and occur in individuals that suffer from cirrhosis or hereditary blood disorders.

Mixed stones: These stones are formed primarily out of calcium and bilirubin salts.


Gallstones can be small and asymptomatic.  However, they don’t always go unnoticed.  Gallstones are frequently accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Mild to very intense abdominal pain.
  • Thorax, shoulder or back pain.
  • Abdominal swelling.
  • Vomiting.
  • Heavy digestion.
  • Belching.

Natural gallbladder cleansing

If you have been diagnosed with gallstones or biliary sludge and you want to avoid surgery, you could use a natural gallbladder cleanse, keeping in mind that your condition must not be serious, as this is not an urgent measure and success requires time.

Diet: You must follow a diet rich in fiber and produce in order to promote good digestion.  Avoid consuming animal fats, and opt for vegetable fats, like olive oil.  Include fish in your diet and eat white meat and lean cuts.

You should preferably avoid eating simple sugars, like sugar, caramels, ice cream, etc.

Opt for whole grains rather than refined versions: for example, whole grain rice before white rice, whole grain bread before white bread.  Drink enough water throughout the day.

Recipe for gallbladder cleanse

During the first 5 days you must consume around 1 liter of organic apple juice, and also follow the aforementioned dietary changes.

From the 6th day on you must perform the following procedure for two days.  Choose two days that you don’t have demanding daily activities, like the weekend, for example.

If possible, do not take any pharmaceuticals or supplements during these two days, but do not abandon your medication without first consulting your physician. 

Then prepare the following:


  • 3 cups of organic grapefruit or apple juice
  • 4 Tbsp. Epsom or English salt


Mix the 4 Tbsp. of Epsom salt with 3 cups of organic grapefruit or apple juice.  Set aside in a jar.

Warning: If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these ingredients, do not follow this step.

Day 6

Eat a low fat breakfast.  This could be oatmeal with fruit, fruit juice, bread with jam, cooked vegetable, toast with honey, etc.

When you eat lunch, make a dressing-free salad, with whole grain rice.  Avoid using oil or fat to make it.  You could also cook or steam vegetables.

At 2pm you should eat something else.  If you don’t follow this schedule, this method may not work. 

At 6pm, consume ¾ cup of the Epsom salt solution, shaking before serving.  It could have a strong taste, so rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

At 8pm drink the other ¾ cup of the Epsom solution, repeating the procedure.  Remember to shake well before serving.

At 9:45pm, prepare a mixture with ½ cup of extra-virgin olive oil and the juice from one large, fresh grapefruit.  Cover well and shake.  Wait for 15 minutes and drink the mixture.  Lay down on your right side for at least 20 minutes and try to get to sleep.  This step is very important, as it helps eliminate the stones.  Do not get up, try to sleep.

Day 7

When you wake up the following morning, drink the ¾ cup solution of Epsom salt once again.  Try not to do this before 6am.  If you feel nauseated, chew on a piece of ginger root to alleviate the nausea before drinking the Epsom salt solution.  After drinking it, wait two more hours (still fasting) to drink the final Epsom salt solution, and then 30 minutes later you can assume your regular diet.  Try not to eat too much food until your digestion has normalized, perhaps that night or the following day.


You should not follow this procedure if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.  It is also not recommended for individuals that are weak or malnourished.

It is very possible that you may experience diarrhea during the two days of gallbladder cleansing.

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2 Reviews about How to Naturally Breakdown Gallstones
on 20/07/2015
Any side affects have come after removing gallstone by surgery
on 31/12/2014
Wow, you know, I've heard that the gallbladder isn't considered a "necessary organ", but it sounds pretty necessary to me! I'm pretty sure the body goes through to pretty traumatic shock after getting anything removed, and I would think that surgical removal would be an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT.

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