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How to make Henna Tattoos

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How to make Henna Tattoos

In India, women decorate their hands with henna on the evening of their upcoming wedding, announcing her engagement with it. But not only women, Hindus enjoy this picturesque old practice, but at present, the body decorated with henna art is an attraction that replaced the big advantages to conventional tattoo needles.

What is henna?

Henna is a plant that is found in Middle Eastern countries such as Asia, Africa, India, China, Egypt, etc.. The leaves are collected, dried and crushed into a fine powder colors used in dyeing.

Duration with henna tattoo

Ink into the skin usually lasts about two to three weeks. If you swim frequently, this will wash off soon. However, this short is one of the major advantages offered by henna, because the paint is not permanent such as that used with the needles.

Getting a tattoo

There was a time when the tattoos were associated with convicts, sailors and rebels. At present, wear a tattoo on different parts of the body has become fashionable, and both artists, entrepreneurs and even children playing with their bodies decorated with pictures of everything from a simple flower in the back of a woman or in the hand of a girl to a dragon and the figure of an animal holding the arm of a girl or a boy's arm.

Where to put the tattoo

Presently, there is no longer a specific place to have a tattoo. One can choose the place (legs, hands, shoulders, back, chest, etc.), size, shape, and others. The reasons for tattoos can be very different from the intention to remember some strong feelings and / or major event, to which tattoos are permanent and needles, just to play decorate the body, for which there are tattoos with henna.

Some background

These curious and interesting designs in the body have been the study of anthropologists, ethnologists and sociologists who have attempted to clarify its meaning and the reasons for its realization.

Tattoos, it can be said, have reached the age of the human race. Found evidence in some of these mummies, in villages of Asia and in ancient civilizations like the Incas in the Americas. Egyptian and Japanese Rituals are the most recognized in the present.

Its use were given in ancient times, was more religious and magical, ancient painted the body with the aim of frightening the enemy in battle. On the other hand, are associated with punishment for those accused of sacrilege. The skin marked with tattoos of prisoners, in ancient Rome used it until the Christians arrived and banned, an effect that caused the rebellion. Because of this, the men began to look for crafts for the tattoo, and travelers, vagabonds did the same.

That was what made them famous tattoos to be rebellious drawings, protest and emotionally fragile (and they usually did those who lacked identity and personal safety).

Fashion and Beauty

However, tattoos are not necessarily present the result of psychological or emotional problems, but the picture of the body due to an almost aesthetic quest, a game that men and women have been playing ever since, the game settled with creativity to raise the attraction of the eyes to watch.

How and where to get tattoo?

You can find a craftsman to decorate your skin with henna specialist somewhere. The costs are often highly variable, depending on the size, design and quality craftsmanship.

What to do?

  • Henna tattoos are made with a non-permanent vegetable dyes.
  • The drawing is done with an applicator bottle with metal tip.
  • No needles are used, therefore there is no hurt or risk of infection by contamination of needles, which does not penetrate the epidermis.
  • The tattoos are temporary, so it is handy for special occasions.
  • To remove them, wash frequently with soap and water or use a little olive oil.
  • This type of non-permanent tattoo is highly recommended, as it must be remembered that one is constantly changing tastes and ways of thinking, and bring something to the skin for life could unseat him at some point. With henna, you can play and try several models in various parts of the body, but this game will become something for life.

Note: The FDA has approved henna to be used in hair dyes but has not been approved for use on the skin.

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1 Reviews about How to make Henna Tattoos
on 23/06/2015
Henna tattoos are great!! Not only do I think they look more attractive than regular "ink" but it's great that they wash off and they are so natural. No chemicals. And if you're thinking of etting a permanent tattoo, might as well try it in henna first!

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