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How to look nice Hips

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How to look nice Hips

More notwithstanding any opinion, no one can deny that hips have a special charm, is where a woman can say a lot, where the waist begins a very feminine accent, its curve can call attention to many issues, perhaps because this area focuses much of the mystery woman as stomach, buttocks, the beginning of thighs. The hips are also in either men or women, to level the movement of the body, provide the backbone that gives the rhythm to the walk, the style that makes every step on something very personal.

Having huge or small hips is an issue faced by many women (so far I have not heard of a man who cares about this). But hips have become for many something very primordial, and this intention that we find it to lose some weight, others to increase its width, to remove the other flabbiness. Some are concerned that there is no cellulite or stretch marks. However, anyone who might be the case for each, here are some tips to get your hips to your liking!

It is important that you know, before starting any exercise, diet or advice that the attitude with which you try to shape your body is a very powerful secret to any diet, advice or whatever work. With this I mean that, for example, if you're gearing up to launch a process to lower your hips, the more you do this with the intention that this result is that people will love you more, accept you, admire or things like that, then what are you doing at a somewhat unconscious is that you're passing the message to yourself not to acceptance, rejection, disgust, and even if you have the hips of Shakira, you still feel unhappy with who you are. The worst thing is that this message will have a rejection of those around you. If instead, you begin to love and accept your body as it is, and not despise it or reject it but every time you look in the mirror feel what love is and what you can do, then any exercise or diet that is starting to maximize, not only works as a physical level but on an emotional level, the secret is love and love doing things for yourself and not for the mere sake of appearance. Remember also that each body has its very personal beauty, and about your hips, you can help them to become a healthy, but do not push yourself that, in doing so, hurt your body or yourself.

Tips and recommendations for fall, tighten and remove cellulite from the hips

1. Move: The sedentary life is a major cause leading to accumulate fat in certain areas of your body if you want to get off the hips, move and try a lot of record for this exercise: Lie down on your side left side and stretch your legs (one should be above the other). Boost your right leg stretched well up to form a ninety-degree angle with your other leg. Repeat this eight times and change sides. Do this twice in the beginning. Then, a series of eight increases every day.

2. Diet, fat, and eating what you should not: reducing the overall level of saturated fat in the body is the only way to lose it. The citrus is the best in diet. And I repeat, the great remedy: take, fasting, juice of two lemons dissolved in half a glass of warm water. Do not eat anything during the half hour that follows. Then, for breakfast, prepare a liquid citrus fruits (pineapple, orange, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, etc.) and add liquid to your one or two tablespoon of amaranth and oat or two almonds or walnuts. At lunchtime only choose one cooked food (may be a soup, filet of fish, stew, etc.) and combine it with a salad of fresh vegetables. Do not you eat two meals worth combined. At night, an apple or a sandwich with buttermilk, will suffice. (it is important not to combine the apple or fruit of your choice with the sandwich. Fruits always separately) Avoid the sausages, fried and refined products and remove the sugar and all foods containing it.

3. Water: drink at least 3 or 4 liters of water a day

4. Massages and hydrotherapy: This is ideal for strengthening and to help dispel the clusters of fat in this area. Look for a massage or a spa that has these services.

5. Lymphatic drainage, infrared laser, cold bandages: these are an option for a little more severe cases, but it helps to decongest and clusters of fat, to reaffirm and restore the skin.

6. Cosmetic surgery: This option is for when the cases are very severe indeed. If you choose this option, try to do anyway in the diet up to help the recovery of your body.

Raising your hips

This is perhaps a little more work, because thin hips are a thin body shape. Remember that your hips are the axis of movement of your body. But you can do to look slender.

1. Hawaiian and Polynesian dance: in the morning, dance at least 20 minutes. If you do not know how, it does not matter, all you have to do is tighten your abdomen and gently push the hips from one side to the other. When you acquire skill, you can give a greater thrust. You can move them without moving your torso, or pushing them from one place to another so that you feel your pelvic bone and push a ball comes out and wants to dunk 3 meters away.

2. Seek to foods containing natural fats like oil, avocados, olive oil, etc. 

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1 Reviews about How to look nice Hips
on 21/09/2015
Funny title, but it's true that if you want your hips to look nice, or really any part of your body, diet and exercise are KEY! The biggest thing in my mind is just not overeating at meals. This can also be the hardest thing for some people, and you can't forget to exercise!

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