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How to Increase your Glutes

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How to Increase your Glutes

You can easily increase your glutes naturally through hard work, and although it makes take up to a month before you can see the results, an appropriate exercise routine and diet are key to success.

To increase your glutes, the objective is to focus on gaining muscle and not fat.  Also, with this natural method, not only will you increase the size of your glutes, but this will also shape them and make them firmer.

Discover how your body stores fat

Your genes are what determine how your body stores fat.  For example, some people are more prone to storing fat in their arms and bust, and less so in the hips.  This body is known as the “upside down triangle”.

There are other people, on the other hand, that tend to store fat in their hips, which is generally called the “triangle”.  Other people store fat in the abdomen.  Getting to know your body is important, because that is how you will find out how to balance your figure.

You need to understand, for example, that a small waist and a flat belly can make your glutes pop out, which is why it’s a good idea to work you glutes and your abs, depending on your body type.


It can be a little hard to find the perfect balance for gaining muscle without increasing body fat.  We advise, however, increasing the amount of carbs you eat, preferably complex carbs, which means you should avoid simple carbs, like ice cream, sweets, white chocolate, pastries, etc.  Rather, pasta, whole grain breads and grains, and fruits and legumes are better.

You should also choose lean meats for protein, and white meat.  Or, you could choose plant proteins.

Regarding oils and fats, we recommend those coming from plants, preferably extra-virgin or first press.  Healthy sources of fat include oily nuts, like walnuts and almonds.

Exercise to increase your glutes

An appropriate exercise program for strengthening your glutes is key for strength and volume.  We advise dedicating at least 30 minutes of your routine to it, and to do this routine anywhere from 4 to 5 times a week for best results.


How to do lunges: Stand upright looking forward.  Then take one step forward with your right leg, bend until the knee is level with the hips, and return to your original standing position.  Repeat with the left leg, alternating for each rep.

Do these exercises slowly, and try to do 15 reps per leg.  If you want to work your legs even more, you could hold weights in each hand, holding your arms by your side.

Side Lunges

This variation can be useful.

How to do them: Stand with your legs shoulder width apart.  Step to the side with your right leg, and lower until your right knee is level with your hips.  Your left leg should stretch out to the side as you lower.  Then return to your original position, and exercise your left leg, alternating at each rep.

We advise doing 12 to 15 slow repetitions for each leg.


This exercise is excellent for strengthening your glutes and thighs.

How to do them: Stand with your feet slightly apart, and your arms stretched out front.  Lower down, bending your knees until even with your hips, and return to your original standing position.
If it’s hard for you to bend down, try not going down as low, or using the wall to support your back.

We advise doing 15 to 20 reps, as slowly as you possible can.

Back Kick

This exercise is effective for creating voluminous glutes, while also combatting cellulite.

How to do it: Position yourself on all fours, supporting yourself on your forearms.  Then raise your right leg back, keeping your leg bent.  Feel the pressure in your glutes.  Hold, then release into the starting position.  Repeat with your left leg.  We advise performing 20 reps per leg.

Another variation would be to position yourself on all fours, then stretch your leg out straight, raising and lowering it slowly.  Alternate with your left leg.

Hip Raises

How to do it: Lay down face up, bending your legs so your knees are pointing toward the ceiling.  Lay your arms by your side with your palms flat against the ground.

Raise your hips and hold for 10 seconds, with a firm abdomen.  Then lower, and return to your starting position.  Relax before repeating.

We recommend performing 20 repetitions for each routine.

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1 Reviews about How to Increase your Glutes
on 30/09/2015
Diet and exercise, that's what it's all about. A year ago almost I stopped bicycling competitively, and now I run on occassion. For the first time..ever...I have begun to notice that I have cellulite on my legs, and my glutes are getting flat. It's all about the exercise!

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