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How to drink tea properly

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How to drink tea properly

How much tea should be taken daily? Can I take all the cups that I want? Is it dangerous abusing of tea? Should be taken before or after meals? Is it dangerous if you combine several teas at the same time? Can children drink them often? Does tea prevent proper absorption of iron?

The use of herbs in tea is a source of many questions and doubts, especially since there are many people who want to benefit from its healing properties. So here we have developed a series of frequently asked questions with answers by the experts, about the proper way of making and drinking tea and how to benefit from its many properties.

How much tea should I take daily?

This question implies an answer with many variations, as the daily intake of tea depends on the type and the purpose for which it is used.

To answer this question you need to consider that there soft teas (less theine) and strong teas (more theine).

There are soft teas as: chamomile tea, peppermint tea, Bancha of Kukicha tea, thyme, lemon, orange, coffee grains, flowers of Jamaica, sage, etc. Kikucha tea is one of the milder and nutritious teas, rich in calcium and other minerals, and can be taken by children, elderly and sick people.

All these soft teas can be taken daily, one, two or three cups are enough.

There are more challenging or strong teas like: black tea, those from India and Ceylon. Green tea does not have much theine but if you let stand several minutes, it may be charged with a lot of theine. Bancha tea is green tea too, but with almost no theine. Black tea is very stimulating, and although it is very rich in minerals such as phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, etc., a cup a day is more than enough. A cup of black tea a day provides approximately two hundred milligrams of flavonoids (a type of antioxidant also present in fruits and vegetables).

Does tea inhibits the proper absorption of iron?

According to a study by the National Tea Association (in England), tea partially inhibits the absorption of iron, especially when it comes from plant foods. However, this study was commissioned to verify that if the tea is consumed outside mealtimes, this reduction in the absorption disappears.

Should we drink before or after dinner, or what time is best for tea?

There is no big problem here, if you consider the answer above, then the time most propitious time for you is to take not just before or after meals, but half an hour before or 20 minutes after eating.

There are some diets that suggest drinking tea during meals, before or after them, this is because there are fat burners that help burn or remove fat before the body absorbs it.

How should children drink tea?

You should consider everything explained before, but also try to make infusions or teas less charged than those for adults. A tea bag or a teaspoon of the herb will be enough for a cup of tea. It is good that your children take teas for their numerous benefits and nutrients. One, two or three cups of soft tea a day will enough. You may be offer the tea unsweetened or sweetened with honey.

The teas that are not recommended for children are strong teas because they are very encouraging and could make children irritable and cause insomnia.

What happens if someone takes a lot of tea a day (more than three or four cups)?

Usually, nothing happens if it is a soft tea, perhaps it will only accentuate their properties in the body. For example, if it is a relaxing tea, perhaps we feel more relaxed than normal, or if it is a diuretic you, you may go the bathroom a lot. If it is an exciting tea, it can generate anxiety, nervousness, insomnia or irritability.

If it is a laxative tea or cleanser may cause you a stomachache or diarrhea. However, do not think the diarrhea or stomach pain is "bad". These signs warn about an effective deep cleansing, which is nothing wrong from time to time.

Can pregnant women drink tea? And how should they take it?

Precautions with tea may be taken when you are pregnant, as there are very encouraging teas or even with abortive properties that are nothing suitable at the moment.

Some plants and teas to avoid during this period are: parsley, rue, chamomile, juniper, cinnamon, cotton, coriander and epazote. However, if you are in doubt, it is best to ask your doctor.

What is the best way to take tea if you want to lose weight?

There are teas that have very beneficial properties for weight loss. These teas are: horehound tea, green tea, red, lemon tea, of Jamaica, lime, etc. The best way is to take these teas three or four times a day, preferably as indicated above. Remember that if you want to emphasize and accelerate the results of the tea to burn fat, you need a proper diet.

So now you can have tea with confidence, do not forget that in addition to the many properties of each herb, teas are the most effective natural medicinal of all time.

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2 Reviews about How to drink tea properly
on 02/09/2014
I, too, LOVE drinking tea. Rarely do I ever drink coffee, which is definitely the most common American beverage choice (other than soda, ha!). But I'm really glad you address "how" to drink's not something that we see very much information about. But especially if we want to use tea medicinally, there's is definitely a certain way to do it, to make sure that it is as effective as possible. Thanks!
on 22/02/2013
Drinking teas is one of my favorite activities and they can make you feel very healthy and relief a great quantity of pains and diseases, so every person should include at least 2 or 3 types of teas in their diet, especially soft teas that can relax your body and cause a feeling of comfort. I really recommend chamomile and cinnamon

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