How to choose the right perfume for you? Wie wählen Sie ein Parfüm? ¿Cómo elegir el Perfume para ti?

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How to choose the right perfume for you?

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How to choose the right perfume for you?

Have you ever liked the perfume that someone else was wearing, but when you used it on yourself it did not have the same fragrance? Well, this phenomenon has an explanation.

Perfume has been used since ancient times and has been highly rated since then as an ally of beauty. However, when choosing it, it is not just about the smell: There are other factors that must be taken into account, such as the setting, aroma and even the health of your skin as these are prone to change depending on each individual and situation.

A little history

The Egyptians learned to use natural elements to make essences; they burned or mixed fruit and flower essences and aromas and then fixed them with other elements. In ancient Greece, gymnasts were already using fragrances, powders and oils, among other products for hygiene and beauty.

In the sixth century, perfume was introduced to Japan through China, made by craftsmen who took advantage of gardening flower essences. In the thirteenth century in France, perfume became important as there were "perfumeries" to buy them, and manufacturers were recognised for their profession, making France the cradle of perfume.

Today, many perfumes are synthesised based on substances in laboratories, however there are still producers who make perfumes with the essence of flowers and plants after the process of collecting them in the wild.

Perfumes and your skin

The hypodermis is the tissue that lies between the dermis and the epidermis and is referred to as the acid mantle. Its function is to lubricate and protect the skin from bacteria and irritation.

When the hypodermis makes contact with perfume, it reacts with your PH giving rise to a unique aroma. Therefore, your skin type is an important factor when choosing a perfume as it influences the duration and persistence of the fragrance.

Experts recommend that you do not guide yourself by the perfume on a person, but instead by applying on yourself before purchasing it, as the aroma often varies from person to person.

Oily skin: This skin is abundant with natural oils, allowing a better fixation of the perfume and resulting in a lasting and intense aroma. The characteristics of this type of skin can alter the aroma of perfume, which is why it should be tested on the skin before purchasing. For its application, it is advisable to use a little, and only reapply once when you consider it necessary during the day.

Recommended: Citrus, marine and flower essences. Preferably sparse perfumes, with fresh and light flavours. It is recommended to avoid very sweet essences, resinous, or those with smokey and woody scents.

Dry, Sensitive Skin: For this skin type, aromas tend to be less durable, resulting in fleeting scents. You can use more intense perfumes and/or reapply them more often. Try to opt for oil-based perfume.

The kits that include moisturizers and body oils with the same fragrance of your perfume are a good idea. Furthermore, if your skin is sensitive, try to choose products that contain natural ingredients and avoid those whose essences are artificial.

Recommended: Intense and spicy perfumes. Sweet, smokey or woody scents. We recommend avoiding light fragrances with citrus and marine aromas or flower essences, as they do not provide scent for a sufficient enough duration and in some cases, aroma may be almost imperceptible.

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7 Reviews about How to choose the right perfume for you?
on 18/02/2016
This is so true! I regularly ask friends what kind of perfumes they are wearing because they smell delicious, but when I try it for myself they smell really different or do not smell at all! I had no idea that my skin type could influence this and will use this article as a guide for the next time I choose a new perfume. Is there any way of doing a test to see what kind of skin type you have? Because mine varies a lot.
on 08/08/2014
What a great article! I didn't even know there were differences as far as perfume bases, etc. I have pretty dry skin, and I've always had to reapply frequently, so this is really good information to know. But...I haven't seen an ingredients list on most perfume bottles (unless I just miss it, which is highly possible as well) how do we know if it's a more oily based perfume or not?

on 08/01/2014
That is something I didn't know for sure! and it will help me a lot, even to share as a fact with my friends, because I think that no one knows this information, so thanks for giving interesting topics that are of importance to all the community interested in the health and more as me
on 05/01/2014
I haven't read this article and the title seemed very interesting, as choosing the perfume says many things about you, the smell and the freshness, all this is related to your personality too, and now there are places where you can prepare your own fragrance, you should check out those places!
on 30/12/2013
I was thinking on giving my mother a perfume for her birthday but now that I have read that I have changed my mind, because I found one that is perfect for me, the smell is very nice but maybe it doens't fit her, so maybe I would save giving a bad gift and better I choose something different and perhaps more sentimental
on 09/12/2013
I tend to have the dry and senstitive skin so now I know what kind of perfumes should I search before spending my time and money in a useless smell that may not be good for me or even my skin, so thanks a lot for sharing this, you have changed my mind but i think tha tin a good way so thank you again
on 01/12/2013
Wow I could neer figure this out, and it pretty interesting as explains why so many times you buy a perfume just smelling it a little and when you use it the smell is not like you wanted to be, or even you dislike that, and of course it is not a good idea to five gifts woith perfumes

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