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How to avoid Snoring

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How to avoid Snoring

If you snore every night, disturb the sleep of others and want to end this involuntary act, read carefully and discover what causes your snoring, how can you avoid it and finally, if you have a cure for your problem.

Snoring is usually caused by a small blockage in the opening of the nostrils to the throat making it hard for air to pass in and out of the lungs, forcing the person to breathe through your mouth.

Snoring can range from a very soft sound to the most unbearable and powerful that can even reach 80 decibels; this is equivalent to the sound of a hammer drilling the sidewalk. That is why it is so annoying and sometimes it could unleash the most terrible disagreements with the rest of the family living under the same roof.

Go to the doctor

You must know that your snoring problem doesn’t present apnea, which is short and intermittent breath that can trigger respiratory arrest. If that happens, you should immediately get in touch with a specialist.

If your snoring is produced continuously throughout the night and is not accompanied by apnea, you are within 25% of adults who suffer from mild snoring, among are more men than women.

Why does this happen?

Among the most common causes is overweight as the culprit of the existence of snoring, especially if overweight affects the neck area, making breathing difficult, because the extra weight pressures on the airways, causing tissue to move and originate the annoying noise.

The solution is in this case, it’s to change your eating habits and establish a healthy daily diet. If you can reduce your weight, you could solve part or all of snoring problems.

Other causes are excessive alcohol consumption, nasal congestion, cigarette consumption, deviated septum, poor muscle tone in tongue and throat (tonsils highly developed), soft palate or small jaw, and the last month pregnancy.


Some tips that may solve the problems of mild snoring are:

  • Reduce weight.
  • Do not consume alcohol in the evening. Alcohol makes the mouth muscles relax and cause snoring.
  • Do not sleep on your back, do it on a side. Some studies suggest that snoring occur when you sleep on your back. Therefore, we recommend side sleeping.
  • Do not sleep without realizing digestion.
  • Do not take sleeping pills because they relax muscle tension and generate more snoring.
  • Place the head of the bed 5 or 10 cm. higher.
  • Reduce the consumption of cigarettes

Natural remedies

You can make a saline solution by mixing one cup of water at room temperature with a half teaspoon of salt and a pinch of baking soda: Then apply a drop of this solution in the nose, which helps to uncover and you will avoid opening mouth to snore.

Another option is the mint gargle before bedtime. It is effective if snoring is due to cold or an allergy. Add a drop of peppermint oil to a glass of cold water.

You can also aspire and drink nettle tea. If snoring is caused by allergies, vacuum thoroughly the room, curtains and dust. You can also take nettle tea by putting one teaspoon of dried nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water. Cover and let stand for 10 minutes. Strain and drink before bedtime.


In some cases, surgery is required to resolve the obstruction of the airways and in others; a machine called CPAP may be used, a device that gives air when a person sleeps. It is a device placed next to the bed with a mask that provides air.

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2 Reviews about How to avoid Snoring
on 31/01/2015
This is such a funny topic, and I know we all giggle about it, but my faher in law snores a lot! So much so that in fact, I can hear him in the other room at night! I can't think he sleeps very comfortably like that, it makes me think he must just be exhausted all day becuse, how could anyone be sleeping deeply like that?

on 20/11/2012
This article is perfect for me! I have snoring problems since I was a teenager, I think my problems may be allergic. I?m going to try some of the remedies to see what happen, and if they don?t work I would have to visit a doctor to see what my real problem is.

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