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Household recycling

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Household recycling

Awareness for recycling has experienced in recent years a considerable increase, but there is still much work for Spain percentages to get closer to similar to those northern European countries.

Although the recycling of glass and paper is the most popular and most widely used is not alone. There are many tips that can save and continue to be allies of nature, only require a change in the behavior of each of us to get our patterns designed to improve the environment and our environment.

All this can be done only with a little effort in our daily tasks, we must first start by not making unnecessary expenses.

Ask before going to purchase if you want to buy what is really needed, thus saving the time at the purchase.

When furniture deteriorates, it might be possible to repair it. If you still decide to replace it, we can always choose to sell it or give it away to someone who may need. If these options are not possible, we must address the City Council, where we show how we should proceed instead of leaving it lying in the street. Always try an alternative before throwing any object however small.

If properly organized, you can easily recycle paper, glass, batteries (highly polluting), expired medicines and X-rays (in our usual pharmacy will be happy to collect them), plastic containers, cans, metal, aluminum.

It is greener to go to the supermarket with a cart or basket than using plastic bags because their production is highly polluting. It is also preferable to buy packaging "savings" or "family" of products that are not damaged, so avoid buying so many useless wrappers to save time. It is important to remember that eco-labels offer a product that respects the environment and should remember to consume in a rational manner, does not mean reducing our quality of life but to the contrary, it will get reduced spending, and in turn improve the environment.

Close to home or workplace are containers for collecting recyclable material, each of them is for some subjects and can be identified by their colors.

The role of both newspapers, papers, envelopes, correspondence, cartons must be placed in the color blue, avoiding introduction of glossy magazines, envelopes or tarpaulins and plastic windows,

Glass should be deposited in the color green. It can have all kinds of glass, without distinction of color, except light bulbs and glass windows. Remember also that the bottles should be without the caps.

All types of packaging, bags, plastics, metals, aluminum cans, aluminum foil and bric must place it in the yellow containers.

To recycle batteries, there are special containers in all major areas and are increasingly widespread. For convenience we can store them in a box designed for that purpose at home and when we have to carry a certain amount above the containers.

Containers gray or brown are for organic waste, especially food scraps, fruit peels, corks, coffee, kitchen towels and paper napkins used, and remains plant.

Within the company we can also recycle paper and toner, there are special boxes for it to recycle toner and can be left at reception, which is recycling paper each morning.

In addition, in every city, there are places called clean green dots or points on which we can deliver: cans of spray paint and tires, rubble, glass and paper, appliances, furniture and other belongings.

Recycling helps reduce the problem of excess trash we generate, and if everyone is aware of this and bring a little on our part, to curb the continuing depletion of natural resources, which in many cases can not be reset again.

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1 Reviews about Household recycling
on 04/03/2014
It is not really hard to do something and avoid throwing away the resources we have, if we can do something as easy as recycling, the world may change in a great and wonderful step, looking to find balance between the planet and the mankind, would not it be nice?

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