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Horehound and Bladderwrack Diet to lose Weight

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Horehound and Bladderwrack Diet to lose Weight

If you want to lose those extra kilos with a quick, effective, and also healthy way, this diet is perfect for you. “Horehound” and “bladderwrack” are two plants that have been used since time ago to cure various ailments, but they are mostly known for their effects on weight loss because they have several properties that make them good friends to that.

Horehound, in turn, helps make proper digestion, plus it helps to expel mucus and is an excellent diuretic that helps clean fats and toxins in the body.

On the other hand, bladderwrack is a seaweed or marine plant which can help you to lose weight easily and effectively as it has satiating (will help you feel satisfied and not hungry), digestive and diuretic properties. It is an excellent bowel stimulant, prevents constipation and helps smooth evacuation, a mild laxative without causing wear and intestinal irritation. In addition, it has the property to help reduce harmful cholesterol, fights cellulite and contains chlorophyll, which helps to purify the body and regulate its systems and organs.

Bladderwrack has the additional property to help boost metabolic rate, i.e., that helps burn calories more quickly and efficiently.

It is very important to consider that, as bladderwrack is a weed, you should drink enough pure water, otherwise instead of helping to evacuate the toxins, it can obstruct the bowel movement. On the other hand, if you abuse its use, you can cause a strong bowel movement, which is not serious since only alerts that toxins are being evacuated sharply. However, you must respect the recommended doses to make your diet a success. Bladderwrack should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

The diet of horehound and bladderwrack

It's a simple diet, like any diet, it requires your will and love.

How long will I take to lose weight?

That depends. For example, if you combine it with various exercises, half an hour each day, you helped mobilize undoubtedly harmful toxins and fat faster than if you do not exercise.

If in addition to exercise, you stop eating sugar, refined flour, cow's milk and fried sausages, no doubt you will be surprised of the results.

Can I eat anything during the diet?

It is best to try to be moderate while eating, so horehound and bladderwrack won’t be spend to purge the food you eat. These plants help to burn the accumulated fat, and if you eat too much, then they are busy evacuating what you eat. So it's best to avoid the foods mentioned above and do some exercise daily.

How is the diet?

FASTING: Drink two cups of horehound tea with a lemon squeezed fasting. And avoid eating more during the half hour.

BREAKFAST: You should include some fruit with some seeds such as flax, papaya or pineapple, sunflower seeds, etc. If this is not enough to fill your stomach, then wait 20 minutes after eating the fruit and then eat a vegetarian sandwich or fresh or cottage cheese. The only rule for breakfast is not combine fruits with food. Eat fruit on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes to be digested.

MID MORNING: If you get hungry before eating, eat some raw vegetables or a granola bar or cereal.

FOOD: Choose what you like to eat, the only condition is that you try to avoid eating fruit at this time and avoid eating foods not recommended as explained above. Once you've eaten, include bladderwrack, dissolved in water or vegetable juice, the daily dose should be approximately 600 mg of powdered bladderwrack.

AFTERNOON: Take a vegetable juice or a fruit plate. (But remember not to mix fruits with other foods, choose fruits or vegetables).

DINNER: choose your menu, but try to eat an hour before bedtime.

BEFORE SLEEP: Take a horehound tea with some honey, and an apple.

Some extra advice:

  • Try to get bladderwrack and horehound in reliable places and organically, be  sure you are getting all the virtues of both plants.
  • Pick a day of the week to start the diet and once you start, try to make every effort to adjust to what is recommended, however, if you feel you cannot do something, just do it little by little, avoid criticizing or punishing yourself.
  • Drink at least two liters of water every day.


  • Don’t consume these plants with other hormonal drugs.
  • Bladderwrack should be avoided in individuals who take blood thinning medications.
  • Take bladderwrack for a month and then left to rest the body a few weeks before re-take.

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3 Reviews about Horehound and Bladderwrack Diet to lose Weight
on 22/02/2015
Haha! These names sound so silly, but it's true, they do work. And I've actually heard of these herbs before anyway. Although as a response to Effy...It does take a lot more than just a couple herb diet to lose weight and look like the photo. In order to really look great and be healthy, "diets" have to be sustainable eating philosophies.
on 07/07/2014
omg,,, i want to look like the girl in the picture, are you sure I can do that by taking those things?
on 14/12/2012
Good morning guys at biomanantial.com. Those plants that you present now seem very amazing to lose weight and other things. I never have heard of them but now I?ll try to find them in the market. I hope I succeed. Keep on going publishing articles to reduce weight because I?m having problems with that. Thank you

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