Hopelessness or Burnout syndrome Hoffnungslosigkeit oder Burnout-Syndrom Desesperanza o síndrome de Burnout

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Hopelessness or Burnout syndrome

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Hopelessness or Burnout syndrome

Burnout word refers to depletion of a rocket fuel, when it overheats. The term has been taken to describe and name the emotional condition that much of the population seems to be increasingly susceptible: despair or discouragement.

What is burnout syndrome?

Unlike stress or depression, this condition is characterized when the person is not fulfilled or satisfied with what has accomplished in life. It has been classified by WHO as a problem of "staff" or group, not as an individual problem. The condition usually arises in work environments where there is much pressure on bureaucrats or companies where the employee is treated as a mere object.

Within this type of environment, people who provide services for a long time and are treated most (or all the time) as merely objects of work, begin to create much tension and stress inside. In these work environments there is no recognition of the work, conditions are unattractive, there is tension and pressure, dislikes, opinions of the employee are not taken into account, and you cannot express creativity, there is indifference and abuse. Such conditions, which often pass as "normal," coupled with the lack of time on the person who works for the projects and aspirations, is gradually creating a strong frustration or burnout which, not being acknowledged, is transformed over time into a severe disagreement, which leads to change over time in depression or hopelessness.

This kind of hopelessness seems to pass through several stages: first you start to feel frustration at not being able to do the "things you want", or for not being "taken into account or heard" by managers or superiors. This frustration turns to depression and, later, apathy or emotional distance.

Who are the most affected?

Besides affecting those employees with working conditions, it can develop in all those who serve others and feel very committed or otherwise obligated to perform that function, as in the case of those who feel they "cannot let their work," either "by the economic situation "or who feel that they won’t find something better", or for any other reason that makes them feel no alternative. In general, we find that the groups most affected are those working in the area of education (teachers) in the area of health (doctors, nurses, etc.). As well as politicians and mothers, grandmothers or people family deeply committed to it, who put aside their dreams to meet the demanding duties of the household. However, anyone with unfulfilled ideals, are susceptible to this syndrome. It is said that the more ideals you have, and are not satisfied, the stronger the burnout syndrome.

The emotional symptoms of this condition may go through several stages:

  • Nonconformance
  • Constant Frustration
  • Angry Character
  • Distress
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Depression
  • Failing staff
  • Weak immune system
  • Hopelessness
  • Propensity to all kinds of diseases


Hopelessness means that there is no hope. Hope is a virtue by which man can become something; hope is the action expected something great, confidence is a state where one feels "better things" just come or will happen. A human being can have hope for the future in the world and himself. Expecting from yourself is one of the main motivations of human beings. For this, one dreams and ideals as possible, and with this begins to create anticipation and some internal motivation.

One is an ideal and then two things will happen: wait for destination to make ideal conditions (money and time) to have what you want, or start with will trying to meet personal aspirations. Anyway, as time passes, these ideals can come to pass or not. If not met, then the person may feel hopelessness, i.e. loses the confidence.

The importance of believing in yourself

As mentioned, the unfulfilled aspirations can cause a strong feeling of frustration and disappointment. However, it seems that in reality, what actually occurs is not so much despair fulfilling an aspiration, but a lack of boldness, courage or self confidence to do it.

Providing a service does not mean you have to become a slave to it, not having to do throughout life a certain way. The work or office that one plays, whatever, should be the occasion to inspire creativity and feel every day a little more accomplished. The accumulation of small achievements every day is what built the great achievements.

The work should be the means by which each day can feel the emotion to overcome any challenge, or discover something new to grow or do value something of a new form. If this does not happen or may not happen, either by working conditions or for some other reason, then it is necessary to consider whether what we do really nurtures and inspires the soul. In this case, if the work environment is not conducive to promoting a spirit of enthusiasm in the employee, then you need to seriously consider changing this setting, or even profession, in the event that this is something you dislike or do not makes you feel admiration or satisfied with what it plays.

For businesses, they often resort to protest either generally or individually to improve working conditions, but sometimes it is necessary that the change take the employee. If a work situation is uncomfortable, unfair or unpleasant, and has already done its best to fix this condition and this persists, then what's left is to have the self confidence to change that status. This is something that should deeply appreciated.

Feeling done has to do with what we're deciding on life and priorities that we considered. Becoming happy is one of the greatest responsibilities. One can feel fulfilled with the life that has created, though this is not "to dream" because life can be assessed by the simple fact of having lived as best you could. However, whatever the age and conditions, it is always a good to consider that the more we can do to make us happy, the more that we will get what we want.

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2 Reviews about Hopelessness or Burnout syndrome
on 05/07/2014
I'm so glad we're talking about this. This is something we used to joke about all the time in college. The difference between that is...we always had the support of our friends. As a grown up it's so easy to feel isolated, and that "burnt out" feeling creeps in, sucking our lives at times. But it's so good that we're talking about it. That's the first step!!
on 08/05/2013
These times have turbulences! Many people present new disorders that are just symptoms of normal imbalanced in the due to the quality of life, which Is really bad even though you don?t notice it. So it?s important to take a moment and think what I want in this life? instead of sacrificing ourselves for noting.

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