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Hope and Despair

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Hope and Despair

The suffering, pain and limitation may find relief with a face, a word or to conduct to a comprehensive and timely spontaneous breath and inspire a new and great possibility of life.

Hope deviates us from the established or mechanical thinking, opens a new map in the eyes, and gently inspires us to explore a new route that promises something much more free, joyful and grand than what we have.

A hopeless man is a man who has been limited in scope. Hopelessness is a good house in those beings who furnish their hearts with thoughts that limit and restrict their creative power, those who believe that life can only be lived in certain ways and that the reality in some way "already made", which has its limits in what they see and hear every day, these limits are invisible barriers around themselves which the enclose walls of fear between doubt and unbelief, forging themselves into this enclosure an intolerant, desperate, pessimistic and sour character.

The hopeless believe that they have no power to influence and transform what looks like a really cold, lacking, painful and limited problem, are convinced that reality is so terrible and untransformable, and that its existence is conditioned to constant suffering from parlous circumstances that come and go on a reality that rises tide, sinks, hits and can choke on a wave that comes and goes in directions and bearing subject to something uncontrollable that cannot put no end or relief. They have accepted as truth the idea that reality must be survived and endured, rather than lived and created.

And yet, just feeling the barriers of thought and understanding will come a day to feel a deep need to lift your face to look eagerly something different and new, more docile and gentle in all that seems flat and limited. Maybe then, look with hope to find something out of the ordinary, and certainly then, if you insist, see something, someone, offering new possibilities of life, to help enlarge the understanding and allow gradually bring down what you prevented from creating and experiencing in life.

The hope, from the perspective of quantum physics, is the viewer's perspective changes. It's useless to have a new dish in the menu if you don’t turn around and see it, or if someone comes and asks you to try. The hope is something we crave to live and experience, what you don’t know and have not experienced, and promises to be something exquisite.

Although hope may play an important role in transforming the quality and performance of a human life, no doubt that everything is depending on you, because not always inspiring a new life is enough, you must dare to try and experience the new, daring to let go of the unnecessary and start by create a sense of adventure and exploration that can help us get overcoming the confusion and questions of life, taking into account at every step that life ends where does the universe.

There are so many things to do and discover in this beautiful planet as there are stars in heaven, but to take the treasures in this infinity, you must begin to learn to flow from that restless power within the heart, you just need to forget about the reason to want to control and manipulate all the same criteria and stop wanting to fight and fight the conditions that then arises gradually a sense of courage and adventure to experience what it is not known: If the trial is put aside, if we want to keep everyone happy before us, then you can start to flower this inner guidance, which encourages the creation and make a new life.

Many times we feel we want to do things, we have plans and dreams, but we put aside because we believe they cannot flourish in a world, and then change the essential to continue adjusting to a routine of life that keeps us surviving in the requirements.

We lose hope when we lose the reason to do what makes us happy.

Following something that excites us is perhaps the greatest responsible action of all human beings, because only by doing what we really want encourages us to live. Dreams may represent a major challenge and require many things to carry out what we want, and this could make us lose hope. However, hope comes when we know that everything is possible when a human being decides to carry it out.

And while we do what we like, the world can remain the same, with pain, limitations and shortcomings, but we will never be the same because there is something growing and learning to discover the greatness and the sky of life, hope to see in the world we love is the best angel that can appear.

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2 Reviews about Hope and Despair
on 23/03/2015
Yes, very beautiful article. Very inspiring and insightful. Losing hope is definitely one of the worse feelings in the world, because even when you're feeling down, you may not realize it at the time, but you have HOPE of making it out for the better. When you lose hope...that is the deepest despair man will ever know.
on 06/03/2013
Beautiful article! Really, it made me think a lot about my entire life and how should I follow my dreams to feel fulfilled and happy. It?s not about having money or things, happiness is inside of everybody, but just a few know how to wake it from the inside. I hope that this article reaches many people in the world.

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