Homemade Cosmetics: Make your own natural products Selbstgemachte Kosmetik: Stellen sie ihre eigenen Naturprodukte her Cosmética Natural Casera: crea tus propios productos naturales

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Homemade Cosmetics: Make your own natural products

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Homemade Cosmetics: Make your own natural products

Unlike conventional cosmetics, that only cover and make-up, one of the unbeatable benefits of natural cosmetics is that not only serves to embellish and distort the skin, eyes, hair and so on, but by their natural ingredients, help correct problems such as dryness, excess oil, acne, blemishes and other conditions that skin and hair may suffer due to constant exposure to aggressive factors such as climate, pollution, among other things that damage and deteriorate. In addition, the manufacture of cosmetic ingredients of vegetable origin helps the environment because its production does not produce chemical waste, toxic or corrosive damaging to the environment.

In the market, there is currently a wide variety of wonderful products for beautify naturally, but you should care, when you go to buy, that these are 100% natural cosmetics because there are those which have a very little percentage of natural product, the majority is synthetic product.

However, if you like to develop your own products and are interested in the area of beauty, you can start to try to develop your own natural cosmetics. Here we share some of them and are really very simple to prepare, always remember to use the ingredients of the highest quality to emphasize the benefits of the results. Remember that this kind of cosmetics does not cause allergies and are soft and fine with your body.

General note: if you notice that the color, texture or aroma is modified after a storage time, discard the product.

Natural anti-acne mask

(Also served in cases of bites, pimples, blackheads, oily skin, varicose veins and cold sores)


  • 30 grams of Kaolin clay, it helps absorb excess moisture, toxins, grease and bacteria.
  • Azahar water (amount required)
  • 1 lemon drop
  • 10 drops of Hamamelis mother tincture
  • 3 drops of Tea Tree essential oil

Properties of this cream:

Disinfectants, antifungal, analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and helps stimulate the venous circulation.


  1. Place the clay (kaolin) in a container.
  2. Incorporate Hamamelis tincture and essential oil of tea tree.
  3. Add Azahar water, the amount necessary to form a dough.
  4. Mix all components integrated.

How do you use?

It is applied externally. Just prepare this mask when you are going to use it. Wash your face with mineral water before and apply to the face, without makeup, do not rub in the area of the eyes or eyelids. Leave act until dry or for 10 or 15 minutes. Wash with warm water.

Lip Balm


  • 5 grams of beeswax
  • 10 g of cocoa butter
  • 3 drops of vanilla essential oil

Properties of balm:

Moisturizing, nourishing, firming and softening. Ideal for winter season or for chapped lips or dry, or to maintain lubrication. Vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac, effective stimulant and aromatic.


  1. Melt the cocoa butter and beeswax in a water bath.
  2. Mix until a uniform effect.
  3. Stir in vanilla essential oil.
  4. Blend until a fine paste. Packaged in a small dark glass container and let cool.

How to use?

Externally, whenever you feel you want your lips lubricated. Prepare small amounts so you can load the container in your bag. Do not expose to sunlight and store in a dark, dry place. Avoid use in children.

Cream for reducer massages

(Can also be used to brighten the hair in alopecia and dandruff)


  • 4 c.c. of natural sesame oil
  • 100 g of cream base
  • 12 drops of mother tincture of horehound
  • 5 drops of essential oil of birch

Properties of the cream:

Moisturizing, slimming, diuretic, invigorating tonic (anti-sagging), stimulating for blood circulation. Birch essential oil strengthens the skin and stimulates circulation. It has diuretic effect and is used a treatment for cellulite, alopecia and dandruff.


  1. Place the cream base into a container.
  2. Stir in sesame oil and essential oil of birch.
  3. Mix with gentle movements and envelope.
  4. Add the tincture of horehound.
  5. Continue mixing until well integrate all materials. Package.

How do you use?

Spread on clean skin before giving a reducer massage. In the hair, apply gentle massaging the scalp to activate circulation, reduce the tension in this area and help absorb the nutritional properties of this cream. Left to work and wash your hair as you normally do. Do not expose the cream to sunlight and store it in cool and dry place. The long exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures can alter the delicate balance of the formula.

Eye contour gel


Gel Properties:

Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, skin-inflammatory (anti-dark circles), cell regenerating, nourishing, emollient and healing, provides elasticity to the skin and protects it from aggressive agents.


  1. Place the gel in a container.
  2. Stir in honey and mix with encircling movements.
  3. Add Rosehip oil and mix until everything is well integrated.
  4. Store in a dark plastic container in a cool, do not expose to the sun.

How to use?

Apply the gel with your finger on the area of the eye area, pat, avoid pulling your skin since this area is very delicate, so only do very gentle pats.

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2 Reviews about Homemade Cosmetics: Make your own natural products
on 23/09/2014
Oh my gosh, this is perfect!! I'm so glad I found this article, not only because it has great recipes for making your own lip balm, eye gel...but because its so inspiring too!! I've been very interested in making my own products for a long time, and now I know you really can! Shampoo is next on my list, any pointers?
on 22/03/2013
Making your home cosmetic products? This web page surprises me every day! I think is amazing to prepare your own stuff at home, avoiding irritants and things that may be harmful for the skin and other parts of the body, and actually all those recipes are really easy to prepare, so all women should include them in their beauty kit.

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