Home routine, simple and very effective to lower Abdomen and Waist Home Routine, einfach und sehr effektiv, für Bauch und Taille Ejercicios para rebajar Abdomen y Cintura

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Home routine, simple and very effective to lower Abdomen and Waist

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Home routine, simple and very effective to lower Abdomen and Waist

If you feel your abdomen is flabby, bloated or have no waist, follow this practical and effective routine that consists of only two exercises, it will not take long and it will not require special equipment or tools, you just need a book! If you follow to the letter, very soon you will be surprised that gives you results in a short time. So do not wait any longer, this can be a very good time to change and turn the area of your abdomen for the holidays or to simply feel good, look these exercises and bring them to practice in either the morning or when you have about 30 minutes free.

Before you begin:

  • Make a small general warm like stretching or running about 5 minutes.
  • Do not perform these exercises after eating, you must wait at least half an hour after eating.
  • Try not to drink water during the session until later.
  • Find a book at home that weighs between a kilo or two and has hardcover. The book can be replaced by a rectangular brick or something that weighs more or less this.
  • Find a large place in your home where you can work.

Exercise 1

1. Once you've warmed up your body, stand up, legs straight and back very straight. Separate your feet a little and hold the book with two hands, then raise your arms above your head and hold them straight, as if the book was a hat that you are going to place.

2. Now go slowly tilting towards the left side while stretching the arms and keeping your head aligned with the book and looking forward. Scroll down to where you can, you should feel the stretch in the waist on the right side and your abdomen carries the force of equilibrium.

3. Once you feel no longer able to down more, turn your torso to the left as slow as possible, while stretching the arms and maintaining the alignment of the head with the book. Rotate the torso so that your side is seeing the floor. Your back should be very straight and your arms should remain very stretched. During this movement you should pull your abdomen to keep the balance, and you also feel full stretch waist muscles on the right, even you feel that the lumbar muscles (located on your lower back) work.

4. Once you're in this position, lower arms, trying to put the book off the ground but without letting go. If you do not reach the ground, you should try a little bit to reach it or let the weight pull you. Feel that stretches the back of your legs and your back.

5. Now follow the return movement. Without turning your torso, try to return to the previous position, i.e., go up slowly outstretched arms until it aligns with your head and your torso and your side is facing the floor.

6. Now very slowly rotate your torso to the right, straining the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

7. Once you got to turn your torso forward, very slowly start moving up the torso to regain the starting position. It is necessary to do it very slowly and feel that your muscles are working.
Once you've finished with this side, perform the same exercise with the right. If you are a beginner, start with three repetitions, and see rising slowly until you can do 15 repetitions on each side. If you feel that your muscles do not work hard, you need to increase the weight of the book.

Exercise 2

Lie on the floor. With both hands hold the book above the area of your body at a distance of 2 cm approx. Then, drop the book on top of your abdomen and try to contract before it lands on you. Go up the distance between the book and your abdomen as you go gathering strength. Then do the same exercise by raising one leg and then the other, as if walking on air. Do it for a minute without a rest and go increasing over time.

As you can see, there are very simple exercises. If you make daily and with will, and taking supplements like pint of fresh vegetable juice with a tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll every day, and avoiding eating foods containing white sugar and dairy animal, you will accent and, of course, accelerate results. You'll notice the difference for yourself.

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2 Reviews about Home routine, simple and very effective to lower Abdomen and Waist
on 29/04/2015
I LOVE home routines!! In fact, I would say that I do some sort of "home routine" after every work out that I do, and I really think it's the absolute best way of rounding out any workout. For example: If I go out for a run or a long bike ride, I come back feeling like my legs and aerobic system got a great workout, but my abs and shoulders not so much. Thanks for the article!
on 01/06/2013
I have heard that you can use a book for several exercises especially to learn to walk in the right way with the head straight and the whole body relaxed, but these exercises are a lot way more interesting, I think I?m going to practice them at least for a while when I?m bored at home

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