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Holistic Healing: How to Use the Body's Healing Power

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Holistic Healing: How to Use the Body's Healing Power

Holistic healing is one that considers not only the body but also the mind and even the spirit. Holistic healing is considered an alternative therapy and makes use of various treatments, both traditional and modern.

According to the principles of holistic healing, it is important to achieve a physical, spiritual and emotional balance to avoid any disease state.

Integral treatment

Perhaps the main difference between holistic healing and conventional medicine is that a holistic practitioner not only evaluates physical symptoms, but also considers all aspects that may coincide behind a symptom and disease and may be causing it, Naturally the treatment is integral looking not only to attack a symptom but to combat its origin and prevent it from appearing again.

In such a consultation, stress, dietary habits, sleep patterns, and even personal and spiritual problems are often assessed.

Principles of holistic healing

Love, is one of the most powerful forces in the world and is attributed a healing power, considering this, holistic healing holds that everyone has healing powers.

In addition, the patient should always be seen as a person and not only as his illness, the care should have a holistic approach and never rely on just attending symptoms.


There are several techniques that a holistic doctor can use in the search for balance and well-being of a person.

It is important to promote changes in harmful habits and the adoption of healthy habits instead.

Treatments may include diet plans, psychotherapy, exercise and spiritual guidance.

Other therapies that can be used are massage, acupuncture, neuropathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, surgeries, among others.

The mind and its healing power

In holistic healing we must consider the impact our mind can have on a person's healing.

It is considered that the mind has great capacity for healing, and that is enough to realize that our body is able to heal itself when suffering from a cold or a headache, we usually have the confidence that our body will overcome those health problems.

Things become different when it comes to a more serious illness like cancer, however, holistic healing experts argue that the mind can play a determining role in the health of the person in these conditions and even, they say, that could help To fight the disease.

Research on mind and healing

According to scientific research, there is some degree of self healing power of the human body in our mind, and this is in our subconscious.

That is why, according to our belief we can experience a placebo effect when we believe in something that will heal us even though it is ineffective, and a nocebo effect, when we get sick by a harmless agent but believe we have the capacity Of getting sick, suggesting that the mind exerts great influence on our health.

Our thoughts and emotions as well as beliefs can positively or negatively affect our health by stimulating the production of hormones and chemical processes in our body.

May the mind work with you

There are different techniques to get our mind to help us fight and prevent disease states.

Holistic healing can help us channel our mind to favor the healing of various diseases through the use of some techniques such as hypnosis, meditation, visualization, and so on.

On the other hand, it is possible to experience good results if, when choosing a treatment, we place all our trust in it to achieve healing, since in this way, we help our mind to visualize healing.

General recommendations

To take advantage of the healing powers of our mind, holistic healing proposes that we avoid those beliefs that program us to believe that a disease is incurable, it is also important to avoid blocking our emotions.

Reaching an emotional situation in which we are free from resentment, anger and other negative emotions can be a good idea, since negative emotions will limit our body's ability to heal itself and favor the environment for diseases.

On the other hand, it is important to take care of our state of nutrition, a body that lacks the vitamins and minerals necessary for health, not only be more prone to get sick but also, will have more difficulties to fight the disease.

As a last recommendation, we must take into account that stress can be overwhelming and prevent us from concentrating on the care of our body and health, so it is important to resort to alternatives that help us reduce stress such as meditation, Acupuncture and anti stress massage.

It is important to be aware of the power of our mind, since in this way we can use it to achieve the desired healing.

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