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Higher Institute of Traditional Medicine

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Higher Institute of Traditional Medicine

Ismet, (Institute of Traditional Medicine) was founded in 1992, with José Luis Badrena, who had previously studied Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, completing his training in China where he performed a postgraduate course. His experience in this country deeply marked him. He saw the excellent results that were available with traditional medicines and the almost total absence of side effects.

Since in our country there are virtually no good schools, this led him to the creation of Ismet, to give a more solid training to possible future professionals of the traditional medicines.

Since, to date, Ismet has continued to evolve, expanding its training offer studies of Homeopathy, Shiatsu, Osteopathy and Massage Therapy daily and incorporating lessons learned over the years, both in training courses as in clinical practice to new students in these disciplines.

Parallel to the creation of the school, he also launched the clinic, with the dual purpose of contributing to research with the implementation of the methods studied and serves as a vital complement to the training of their students. Throughout these years, the thousands of people who have gone through clinical Ismet enjoy the goodness of treatments using natural methods of Health, and reporting to turn a large database that has statistical studies on the effectiveness of different treatments.

At present and for the purpose of reaching the maximum number of people and used this instrument for which there are no borders, we aim to provide access to all those who desire to become a solid and guaranteed in these specialties.


Ismet is a school attached to COFENAT (Spanish Confederation of Non-Conventional and Natural Therapies), the highest representative of the sector of natural therapies in Spain.

Programs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Massage and Shiatsu are within POGSEM (Plan of the General System of Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy and Technical Manuals).

Ismet Clinic has official recognition from the Department of Health and Social Security.

Ismet is a school of the Verband Deutscher Heilpraktiker eV to be considered the competence of their teachers, teaching and teacher preparation and quality of teaching material. DER VERBAND recognizes the ability to teach courses in Naturopathy and techniques for the training of naturopaths (Heilpraktiker) 1HPG under paragraph (Heilpraktikergesetz).

Ismet imparts a degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the University Of Wales.

Our teaching style

There are several proposals from international agencies and published scientific literature, to optimize the training in natural therapies. They all agreed on the need for research to influence the effectiveness and safety.

To create education lines adapted to the field of training of Natural Therapies, faculty members from different areas of Ismet defined teaching style following these references and this is a distinctive characteristic of the training school.

In order to do a job compatible with the changes that may occur, assuming that in the future is an opened process to define the appropriate skill level and an explicit teaching of natural therapies in our country, the methodology that has been done for our purpose took into account existing systems and academic establishment in the medium term.

This is achieved by ensuring the academic quality and continuous process improvement training for current and future practitioners of natural therapies.


Students of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Massage, Shiatsu, reflexology and lymphatic drainage practices, with patients in clinical centers belonging to Barcelona and other collaborators.

Flexible Hours

Flexible schedules adapted to the availability of students, with groups of morning, afternoon and Saturday, and can do different combinations time.

Technical Consultant

Ismet Pupils at the end of their studies can apply for vocational guidance and counseling center.

Technical Recycling

Ismet regularly conducts seminars and improvement of recycling all its alumni, as well as courses in other therapies.


Ismet continually receive job offers for its students and offers advice on job vacancies. Our students that completed their education are highly valued for working in centers, diet, clinics, spas, gyms, beauty centers, recovery centers, and so on.

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1 Reviews about Higher Institute of Traditional Medicine
on 31/10/2015
Chinese medicine is incredible, and also incredibly complex. The article states that the institute offers flexible hours for students, so I wonder if there's a timeline for how long it takes the average student to complete coursework. I would be interested in knowing more

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