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High platelets (thrombocytosis)

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High platelets (thrombocytosis)

Platelets (thrombocytes) are small cytoplasmic fragments that circulate in the blood and whose function is to form blood clots, i.e. they help the blood to the coagulation process to maintain a balance in the cardiovascular system and prevent bleeding when injured, forming blood clots that help to stop bleeding while the damaged vessel is repaired.

When the number of platelets is too low could result in excessive bleeding, and if the platelet count is too high it will come together to form blood clots that can potentially cause what is known as thrombosis, which occurs when blood vessels become clogged by clots causing severe reactions as stroke, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, or blockage in any part of the body.

Any imbalance or platelets disease is called thrombocytopathy, which can be either a reduced number of platelets (thrombocytopenia), a deficit in function (thrombasthenia) or an increase in the number (thrombocytosis).

Platelets are produced during the process of blood cell formation (thrombopoiesis) in bone marrow. The physiological range of platelets is of 150-400 x 109/litre. A platelet has a life of 7 to 10 days, and a healthy adult produces 1 x 1011 platelets per day. This production is regulated by a hormone called thrombopoietin, which is usually secreted by the liver and kidneys. Platelets are destroyed by phagocytosis in the spleen and Kupffer cells in the liver. The spleen stores a number of platelets, which are released when needed by splenic contraction, regulated by the sympathetic nervous system.

Thrombocytosis (high platelets)

Thrombocytosis, as explained, is the increase of platelets in the blood. The causes of increased platelets may be:

  • Infections (most common cause: viral, bacterial, etc.)
  • Poor diet and
  • Iron deficiency, anemia (due to poor diet and poor absorption of iron or lack of it)
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Trauma
  • Tumors
  • Kawasaki disease
  • Splenectomy post-syndrome

Emotional causes

High platelets are related to factors such as stress, anxiety and depression, attitudes that create wear and imbalances both in the nervous system and throughout the body. Anxiety or depression, in this case, can be generated by a failure to fin deep hapinness in life, closing the way to feel joy only with fixed or obstinate ideas.

Natural Remedies

The body has its own self-healing capacity, designed to self regulate and self-repair, you only need to be given the necessary elements to return to the state of balance and optimal performance.

Medicinal Food 

A diet is the foundation of all healing process as it helps the body repair damaged tissue, nourish and invigorate organ systems, and removing stagnant toxic and unnecessary stuff in the intestines which impairs the blood throughout the body, causing a number of imbalances that are known as diseases.

It is necessary to maintain a high quality diet, trying to avoid all products containing sugar or refined flour products based on cow's milk, refined grains lack any nutritional value as well as junk food like soda, fast food, sausages and red meat, which only hinder the functioning of the body, filling it with toxic matter and acidifying the blood.

What foods help to regulate high platelets?

  • You must include in the diet 2 liters of pure water per day, beginning the day drinking on an empty stomach a glass of warm water with a squeezed lemon.
  • Include Omega oils that nourish the nervous system. Extra virgin olive oil, oily fish and whole grains are very beneficial.
  • Shiitake fungus is one of the best natural remedies for this condition.
  • Consumption of raw garlic, aloe juice, seeds of grapes, oranges, plums and papaya are very beneficial in the diet. You should eat for day only a fruit such as papaya and grapes.

Other natural remedies

  • In addition to diet, you should consider exercise, as exercise helps to circulate blood, oxygen, and vitalize, helping to distribute nutrients evenly throughout the body.
  • Acupuncture, reflexology and bioenergy are therapies that help regulate the smooth flow of energy in the body, they serve as strong support for a healing process.
  • The emotional attitudes are important, often essential. People can come to heal simply by changing their ways of acting and thinking.

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47 Reviews about High platelets (thrombocytosis)
on 21/04/2018
I have not been to the hematologist yet, but my platelet levels are over a thousand. I?m going to start with the three herbs listed above before my first appointment this Friday. My question is, should I Up the recommendation on the dosage of the vitamin bottle or take as directed on the bottle? Thank you in advance
on 25/03/2018
no I never was diagnosed with that - I recently had a blood test and my platelets have lowered to below the threshold now - I attribute it to eating too much sugar in the past. But I have also changed a few food items also - I only use olive oil in my cooking/eating and don't go above the smoke point. I stopped canola oil because I've read it is toxic and can cause arterial lesions which I developed after eating it for 10 years - I would buy canola oil margarine and slather it on toast and cook with it - NO MORE - because I developed arterial lesions! I limit fried foods in restaurants. But I think the main thing is SUGAR - and of course the sugar companies are not going to have you believe that! But look at the AHA recommendations now - they lowered how much sugar a person should eat per day. AND sugar makes blood pressure go up along with too much salt. My blood pressure has come down since I stopped eating all that sugar! I try to eat no more than 30 grams of sugar a day from all foods. My health has dramatically improved.
on 30/03/2018
HI again

Thank you very much for the update. Really interested in your findings and now seeking further advice apart from sugar what other foods/fruits one should avoid more over which food / fruit helped you in lowering your platelets level.


on 23/02/2018
Hello there... if you are trying to lower platelets try eating lots and lots of green grapes, raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, walnuts, It will take about a wk or two to see any results. Foods I use to raise pc are beets, pomegranate, salmon, sweet potatoes and some others.
on 26/02/2018
Hi Carmella

Kindly share further details how you managed to brought down your PC. The foods that you have mentioned to decrease your PC took how long to effect. What was your PC and it brought it down to which level.

2 weeks ago my PC went uptill 830 and trying to being it down through lemon and garlic as mentioned by some of the fellows here.

My doctor has also prescribed hydrea 500 once daily with Asprin 75 on alternate days as I have some acidity issue.

But I am feeling bit of side effects of Hydrea therefore considering alternate. Your experience can help.


on 26/02/2018
Hi there, my issue is actually Low platelets , sometimes as low as 13. This is why I had to learn what Not to eat because they would lower them even more. The Foods I listed in my last post * lowered my plts that's why I shared on this blog.
. Foods that *Raise my plts are foods high in Omaga 3 fatty acids such as Salmon and sweet potato, beets and Pomegranate I eat each at least 3 x per wk. , all which you might want to avoid if you have high platelets. . Thank you, Carma

on 27/04/2018
Pink Guava will also *Raise your platelets... needs to be at least 30% natural juice and only the pink... Pure beet and pure pomegranate juice... will also raise your platelets... I drink around 6 oz of the Pomegranate mixed with 6 oz of the beet juice every morning and at least 10 oz of the Guava in the afternoon , all drinks between meals. This took a lot of research and experimenting over time and has worked for me.... Be well... carma
on 27/02/2018
Hi Carma,

thanks a lot for sharing. Now at least I know which food to avoid and which to take.

would it be alright if your could share with me your list of food that you avoid and you take?


on 17/01/2018
Platelet count was 585 the 3 month?s later 620. Am waiting for appointment with haematology but would appreciate any diet advice to lower high platelets if anyone could advise please. I have high anxiety and stress and very poor sleep and recently prescribed anti depressants to assist with Valium withdrawal. Any advice appreciated. I have No physical symptoms.
on 04/12/2017
Hello Marie,

Yes I quite agree with you, we have to do our own research.
I spent a lot of money on private blood tests and hair analysis and one health care professional thinks that the cause of high platelets could be copper/iron imbalance in my blood. I have changed the way I eat in many ways. Whether my platelets will come down from 1000 to a more acceptable level is yet to be seen but my health has improved generally. I was on Hydroxycarbamide for 10 months and then stopped because I simply do not have symptoms. I may have to go back on it but not without trying everything else first. I will shout from roof tops if I am successful.

on 02/12/2017
Yours is the first article I read on how to lower elevated platelet counts. My platelet count started getting high in 1997. I asked my doctor in San Francisco what is causing it and she really couldn't give me an answer so she sent me to a blood doctor who was also useless. I developed diabetes type 2 in 2003. In the following years, I moved and the health insurance I had doctors came and went and I always asked each one the reason for my high platelet count. Nobody had an answer for me. I am now at an excellent health organization with quality doctor care who found me to have subclavian artery stenosis. I googled around and found that platelets will activate trying to patch up your damaged arteries. Still, after being treated for the stenosis my platelet count was still high. I also was found to have fatty liver. Doing research on fatty liver I found that sugar is the main culprit and since I was a child I ate a lot of sugar on a daily basis. Then I researched increased platelets and sugar and sure enough - it said it can be one of the causes. So I decided in August to give up added sugars in the form of too much fruit and candies etc. It is now three months after and I just had a blood test - WOW - after almost 20 years of increased platelets (at 480) it is now 297 (with 400 the max). It took years of my own research and perseverance to finally get my numbers down through my own research and no doctor EVER told me it could be sugar even though I had diabetes. Folks - check everything out yourself and be your own advocate.
on 27/02/2018
Hi Maria,

May I know whether you was diagnose with ET? what is your Jak2 result?


on 22/02/2018
Dear Marie

This is indeed a very helpful information. Really worried about my own situation as recently found that my Platelets have increased to 830. Doctors have done many test but no clue. They have recently put me on Hydrea (hydroxia) 500 mg but I feel there are side effects. Although I just starts 8 days ago.

The information that you have mentioned is quite useful and would seek your more help on the subject as I am worried and clue less.

One of the side effect of hydrea that I have noticed is hair fall in just a weeks time.

I have been eating lots of fruits specially Papaya as I thought it would be good for my acidity but I have found that Papaya helps in increase Platelets although doctors dont agree with it.

I am looking forward to an alternate to hydrea to reduce my platelets.
Would appreciate if we can exchange email address.
best regards

on 16/11/2017
Hello everyone,

Im glad I am not alone I currently have high platelets around
468-520 it goes up and down every month but doesn't exceeds 520 I have no health issues and dont take any medications only organic natural vitamins. I went to my pcp today and my platelets results was a 518 and last month it was a 482 so she referred me to Hematologist ill go see him/her just to see what they have to say. I dont take medications not even advil lol. Im currently vegan and believe in holistic/natural remedies ONLY. My pcp told me its some of my supplements that im taking thats boosting my platelets well i spoke to my mother holistic doctor and he said B12 and folate boosts platelets counts and im currently taking BOTH at high dosages because I was anemic years ago. So maybe I SOLVED MY OWN PROBLEM lol.

on 07/10/2017
An Excellent article for a layman.Any medicine will have side effects either in short term or in long term.I had high platelets.The basic causes are Fear, Depression, anxiety,lack of sleep.If you change your lifestyle automatically everything comes to normal.Drink at least 500ml of warm water with squeezed lemon juice in it.Take raw garlic one or two peices crush it and leave for two minutes.Take this one along with your breakfast.Eat different fruits.Also take small piece of fresh Aloe vera after removing it's skin and washing .
Check your platelet count every fortnight. Automatically your platelet count will drop down.

on 24/11/2017
Hi Srinivasa,

i got high platelet around 1000 .After i start taking lemon empty stomach every morning it drop back to 570 after 4 months. So i think lemon works for me too. I think those have such problems should try lemon.

on 30/08/2017
Hello Pam,

Thanks for tip of Vit B3. You obviously have a very good haematologist.
My haematologists, a group of them, don't seem to have time for anything. I only see them once in 3 months. I also have JAK2+ gene and I am on 2x500mg Hydroxy plus 75mg aspirin. I read a book written by someone who took a very large dose of vit D3 against any medical advice. He claims many of his old injuries healed. I also take a large dose of vit D3 and my hip joints have loosened up. I am not recommending that anyone should go ahead and take a large dose, there are risks and I alone am responsible for my own risk. If you are concerned of any herb/vitamin compatibility, you can ask a question through the MPN Voice website. I asked about vit K2 with an MPN and Maz sent me an email to say that Professor Harrison has said it is OK to take vit K with an MPN. I am searching for answers and something that may ameliorate the ET even if not cure it.

on 29/08/2017
I thought the article was very informative, I want more information on what specific vegetables and fruits I should eat to decrease my blood platelet level. Is it okay to eat green leafy vegetables, is broccoli

on 02/08/2017
I stopped taking Hydroxycarbamide without telling my haematologist, I do not find them very helpful, just wanting to push the Hydroxy. I discussed my ET with a GP and she was more co-operative. We agreed to have regular blood tests and to monitor the platelet levels and see how it goes. There are other drugs that I could take. My ET was discovered by chance, I did not have any symptoms, so in my mind I cannot see any good reason why I need to take the Hydroxycarbamide. I can tolerate it well physically but lately it has made me feel lethargic and mildly depressed and I feel so happy now that I am not on it any more. If I start getting bad symptoms, then I might go back on the Hydroxycarbamide because then it might bring relief from the symptoms.
on 02/08/2017

I am curious why you stopped taking hydroxycarbamide, which I have never heard. My doctors want me to take hydroxyurea.

on 04/08/2017
hydroxyurea and hydroxycarbamide are the same thing
on 23/06/2017
Dear Debra,

I have high platelets and I am trying to lower them to an acceptable range without having to take powerful medications with side effects. So far I have tried healthy living, detoxing and gentle exercise. If this works is yet to be established but there are many testimonies in the Internet where someone has managed to reverse their chronic condition simply by healthy eating, losing weight and exercise. It was not me who recommended cranberry juice, there must be a mistake.

on 06/04/2017
Hello everyone, my sit is the opposite of High platelets so I thought this might help some of you with high platelets... Not realizing the effect, I ate green grapes by the handful every other day for around a wk. and a half... when I went in for testing my platelets were down significantly.. also, cranberries and believe it or not Turkey ( during T. G) seemed to bring them down as well... If you research the internet ... I now have a list of foods and herbs that will lower your platelets so I can avoid them... All info. I found searching google web. Also, I just discovered Red Bull energy drinks raise your platelets as well ( not the sugar free)...So probably something you will want to avoid..Good luck everyone.. carma
on 22/06/2017
Did you mean you found a list of foods that would increase your platelets, so you could avoid them? If so, would you pass it on? Thanks for the tip on grapes and cranberries, I'll give it a try.
on 14/07/2017
I meant I have a list that will lower your platelets but the main so far seem to be grapes of any kind... I was eating the green ones, and cranberries and raisins seem to lower platelets as well... So avoiding grape wines might be a good idea too if you are trying to raise your platelets... Regarding the Red Bull, I tried it for a wk. but it didn't seem to raise my platelets.. ( but only tried for a wk..)
My platelets re riding at 26000 at the moment hoping they rise to at least 40 this yr....

on 20/07/2018
interested in your list . would you please send it to me. Delia
on 25/03/2017
I have a high platelet count and blood tests revealed I have CALR gene mutation. I feel fine and do not want to begin hydroxeurea, which is my hematologist recommendation if the platelets continue to rise. They are now at 1.2 million. Has anyone experienced success with diet and lifestyle changes helping to drop platelet counts? Thank you for the information in advance.
on 24/08/2017
I have a JAK2 gene mutation re high platelets. I am trying the grapes and cranberry pills. I also found thru research on skin cancer that B3 (Niacinamide - 500mg) will reduce platelet count. I take 2 pills a day and it pretty much keeps my platelet count in the high range (450). I am also on Anagrelide .5 dose. Also, if my platelet count goes up, I am allowed to up the B3 dose to 1 more per week (after seeing the Dr.). I take blood tests every 3 months. The Dr's first wanted to put me on the hydroxea. I refused because for my condition worst case scenario would be a bone marrow transplant and possible death.
I have a very good Dr. that understands I am a "vitamin-herb" person and has no problem working with me on my findings.....I definitely would try the B3 Niacinamide with Dr's OK.
Good luck to you:)

on 13/06/2017
I was diagnosed with E.T with JAK2+ in November 2016. I was put on 2x500mg Hydroxycarbamide plus 75mg aspirin. My platelets were about 1000 but are now down to just over 500. I do not have any symptoms, the condition was discovered by chance. I tolerate the Hydroxy very well without much side effects except for this overall feeling of restriction.
Since November I have been eating healthy and taking exercise and I have already lost 2 stones of weight. I asked my GP for a second opinion but so far I have heard nothing.

I do not want to be taking the Hydroxycarbamide and I am looking for an alternative cure. I feel there is one out there somewhere.

on 19/02/2016
i was diagnoised with thrombosis. my platlelet level is so high i could have a stroke at anytime. the doctors all want me on agrylin. the migraine headaches and all the pain i have in every bone and joint makes it hard to function everyday.taking that poison is like slowly killing yourself. i hear they can take blood out spin out platlets and put back. why is this not offered. oh yeah the government wouldnt make the the millions they do cuz something as easy as spinning out platlets wont make them any money. i know im dying from it at 60 years old. been denied my ss . took the meds for 12 years had 28 major surgeries and i believe the poison caused 90 percent of organ failure.our government has failed us. there are so many cures that have been hidden from us so the drug companies can get riches. been reading articles about people being killed and their files being distroyed for a super molecule that could heal your body without drugs.i know my days are short and its heartbreaking not to be able to explain to my family because i never let them know the pain. to my 3 children 9 grandchildren and my 5 greatgrandchildren. and my husband who has been there thru everything i never want them to ever know how much pain im in.till i just die and this pain can end.
on 21/12/2016
what is considered very high...600,000 should I been worried. I was in e,r,sent to gyn, he said to see a hemotologist that the counts were unrelated to obgyn,
on 19/06/2016
I feel your pain God is able, He can heal you if u bring the issues to Him. And I think if u talk to your children about you pain that going to make a big different in you life.
on 17/01/2017
You are an idiot. God doesn't reduce platelet count. Moron.
on 13/10/2017
Hi Mike. You are very much mistaken. We have a very powerful God who created us all. If you look at the beauty of a human being that is wonderfully made in only 9 mths he most certainly can lower high platelets. My heart goes out to you that you have to be so critical of others and their beliefs. I pray that you will take a long look in the mirror and see the miracle God has made in you.
on 12/12/2015
Is it possible to have this because of a partner who has the same problem? I was surprised to know when I had my check up that my platelets are high. My gf has this and I was suspecting she might have passed it to me.
on 31/07/2017
Hello Neset,

I am interested to hear more about you and your girlfriend having the same condition. Essential Thrombocythaemia is rare, only about 2 people in 100,000 are diagnosed with it in a year. I was diagnosed in 2016 and my boss told me that she has been taking Hydroxycarbamide for 12 years for the same condition. She is 74. Quite a co-incidence.

I have now stopped taking Hydroxycarbamide but I still take the 75mg aspirin. I am working on the assumption now that my body is lacking in some mineral or micronutrient in the bones which then causes abnormality in blood production. Also I am trying to reduce risk factors like cholesterol and excess weight and I experiment with expensive vitamins, not the kind you would buy in the supermarket or at the chemist.

on 02/01/2015
l never had any problems with my health physically. However about 10yrs ago l was suffering depression due to personal issues. A friend suggested l go visit her doctor. After chatting with him about my history he 'thought' l had bi-polar so he prescribed lithium. l took it for about a two-three weeks had also tried previously other antidepressants before this drug but quit a short time into them bcs l couldnt handle the side effects. Oneday maybe several months or less after l went to another doc he did blood tests and found l had a high platelet count it was 1500 shouldve bn arnd 400. l was gobsmacked never before had l ever had a high platelet count. l wasn't on any meds by then so l thought the only thing l did differently wS taking Lithium. l had found out after the fact the doctor should have taken a blood test bfore prescribing the drug and regular weekly or fortnightly tests from then on. My platelet count last l checked about a year ago was 600. l will definitely get more seriously involved in a healthy diet and products. Thanks for the info :)
on 02/01/2015
l never had any problems with my health physically. However about 10yrs ago l was suffering depression due to personal issues. A friend suggested l go visit her doctor. After chatting with him about my history he 'thought' l had bi-polar so he prescribed lithium. l took it for about a two-three weeks had also tried previously other antidepressants before this drug but quit a short time into them bcs l couldnt handle the side effects. Oneday maybe several months or less after l went to another doc he did blood tests and found l had a high platelet count it was 1500 shouldve bn arnd 400. l was gobsmacked never before had l ever had a high platelet count. l wasn't on any meds by then so l thought the only thing l did differently wS taking Lithium. l had found out after the fact the doctor should have taken a blood test bfore prescribing the drug and regular weekly or fortnightly tests from then on. My platelet count last l checked about a year ago was 600. l will definitely get more seriously involved in a healthy diet and products. Thanks for the info :)
on 17/12/2014
Hello! I was diagnosed with a high platelets count a few months ago.
I was referred to a hematologist that prescribed me with Hydroxurea 500mg I have been taking it for four weeks and one per day..
Iam experiencing body aches, fatigue that hinders me from doing so many things including my job. Iam considering to stop taking them. The side effects are very serious. Can someone ,help me find a different approach to treat this condition such as holistic oralternative mmedicine ? Thank you! I will appreciate your help !

on 28/01/2016
My husband has been on Effient do to a recent hear attack. It caused his lower back to ache lik crazy. We discovered by supplementing enough BCAA's the back pain went away. I don't know if this will help you, but it might be worth looking into to.
on 09/10/2014
I was diagnosed with MDS in September 1999 and given 3 years to live. Was prescribed hydroxyurea and got horrible non healing leg ulcers. After 5 years of that I took myself off hydrea and was prescribed agrilyn. Was in cardiac ICU 3 times with congestive heart failure and then I took myself off that. Was prescribed interferon for 2 years and took myself off that. All these drugs caused severe side effects. I was on morphine for 5 years for the pain of the ulcers. Vicodin 5 years more. I am now totally drug free. No prescription or over the counter. Researching for natural solutions to high platelet and white blood cell counts. What galls me is that the doc is still trying to push poisonous drugs on me. I've been using some of the suggestions on this site and am going to include the rest. Been to several naturopaths and they are stumped, so basically doing my own doctoring.
on 30/07/2017
Hi Sally, may I know what do you do to get the platelate down? I don't want to take the poisonous drug as well.
on 09/09/2014
My mom just recently been diagnosed with high platelets and her Dr suggested for her to take Hydrea... she was very sick from it after only few days. She couldn't even get out of bed..it was like she had a very bad flu. Dr stopped the Hydrea and then put her on Agrylin and it almost killed her...she passed out from it and had irregular heart beats, thank God its back to normal. The Dr said she must return back to Hydrea but she is afraid because how bad she felt from it. She feels great when not on any medications but the problem still exists and it's killing me daily because I feel like there is nothing I can do to help. Please can anyone suggest any herbal remedies??? She eats very healthy..she juices daily and walks and is so full of life for her age. Please help!


on 19/08/2014
Is thrombosis in any way related to cardiovascular disease as well? Really good article by the way. It was very thorough, providing both dietary and emotional causes, and I'm glad to see tips and advice as well. As far as the shitaki fungus goes, I've never seen it in the stores before. I haven't necessarily been looking for it either, but can you buy it in any supermarket, or are there special shops to go to? Perhaps the Asian grocery?
on 29/06/2014
just the name of the illness is so horrible I don't want to suffer from it ever,,,, thanks for helping me out to avoid it!
on 27/05/2014
Hi, I have thrombocytosis and the doctor put me on Hydroxyurea which
has a lot of serious side effects. My WBC and RBC's are also low due to the Hydroxyurea. That is why I am looking for natural treatments. I will try
to do your recommendation and will give you a review.

Thank you , George Vandulek

on 23/12/2012
My father has one of this conditions, I can't remember which one but he suffered a lot, because he couldn't done his job or anything, he was working a somehow a wound appeared on his skin and he had a lot of problems and visited many doctors. Now he's not here with me but I learned that I have to take care my body to avoid those things. Thanks for the article, I will practice some of the advices.

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