Hiatus hernia and Gastric reflux: effective cure, fear and TCM Hiatushernie und Magenreflux: wirksame Heilung aus der Traditionellen Chinesisch Hernia de Hiato y Reflujo Gástrico: cura efectiva con Medicina Tradicional China

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Hiatus hernia and Gastric reflux: effective cure, fear and TCM

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Hiatus hernia and Gastric reflux: effective cure, fear and TCM

The hiatus is a circular muscle between the stomach and esophagus, which opens to allow the pass of the bolus into the stomach. Once food passes to the stomach, the hiatus closes again to prevent juices or stomach acid secretions pass from the stomach into the esophagus and cause what is known as gastric reflux.

When it is not acting efficiently because hiatus lost volume or is weak, and opens and closes poorly, then the passage of gastric fluid returns into the esophagus, causing a non pleasant sour sensation. This also occurs when the stomach cannot digest something because it’s intolerant to certain foods (food allergy), which causes the food get back into the esophagus.

Stomach-Spleen and reflux

The stomach-spleen regulates Earth movement in the body. When reflux occurs, the stomach undergoes an energy rejection which is absorbed by the regulating Plan that balances and harmonizes all movements of energy in the body. This rejection causes that the Movement of somatization and regulation (Liver-G. bladder), blocks the entrance and passage of food from the stomach into the duodenum, which causes nausea and vomiting, or create a counter movement that makes energy from digestive process, which should go down to the stomach, climb back into the throat, irritating it and causing what is called gastric reflux.

Fear, anger and gastric reflux

Wood movement, associated with the liver-gallbladder, is responsible for regulating muscle hiatus and cardio. When the emotional world of a person or his personal philosophy led him to react with fear, anxiety or distress, the body interprets this as an act of rejection or a defensive state or constant alert. This state, anticipating that "something bad will happen", causes the person is caring and constantly wanting to have control over things, people and events.

This constant defensive reaction puts the whole body under a draining tension, the adrenal glands are overactive secreting adrenaline "in case of attack", which ruins kidney primarily.

Hiatus hernia

The hiatus hernia is caused mainly when the gap is not closed completely, which causes the stomach to push up and a part of it slips through the open hole of hiatus causing a hernia.

This type of hernia is caused due to emotions that cause the diaphragm to rise, as a strong state of tension, panic, fear, anguish, anxiety, etc.

When these emotions predominate in life, the diaphragm remains ascended reducing its mobility. In this case, the solar plexus is usually compacted and hardened (tense), and there is pain when pressure.

Treating hiatus hernia and acid reflux

Natural alternatives to treat these types of conditions are:

  • Breathing techniques, very good to help the diaphragm to descend. All people with hiatus hernia present respiratory problems. Breathing is poor and is somehow blocked. If the diaphragm does not descend enough, it leaves no cavity for the lungs to fill with air.
  • The bio-energy massage, osteopathy, etc. are techniques applied by professionals that can help lower the stomach.
  • Emotional therapy to learn how to down emotions and understanding them.
  • Working with the philosophy of life.
  • Acupuncture and reflexology.

Another way to support the healing process is by feeding:

The person with this type of disease should lead a life without irritating foods, vinegars, alcohols, chili, white bread, refined sugar, fried and junk food like can drinks, chocolates, coffee, etc. Also avoid nuts and raisins that activate gastric secretion. It is very important that the person doesn’t exceed while eating, that doesn’t make strong combinations of foods. They should eat more times a day (5) and less quantity, to not saturate the body. They should avoid also foods that present intolerance or allergy, while the body heals and can assimilate these foods.

Foods for these people are: papaya in the morning, orange juice or a glass of warm water with lemon juice fasting (removing the belief that the juice, being acid, is "bad, because it is not, orange or lemon juice is an excellent natural healing). The person should drink two liters of water a day but not while eating, in these hours, drink fresh vegetable juices. The egg, vegetable broths, whole grains, etc. are recommended.

It is important to drink chamomile or peppermint tea twenty minutes after lunch or breakfast, and include in the daily diet the following foods:

Olive oil extra virgin, flax, papaya for breakfast, apple in the afternoon or evening, almond milk, oat or rice to replace the cow’s milk (avoid cow's milk and its derivatives), slightly honey or brown sugar to replace refined sugar. You must drink a vegetable juice daily, combining two or three mixed vegetables each day.

It is very important that you respect the right combinations at lunchtime, do not mix two proteins in the same meal, or carbohydrates with proteins, and do not combine when you eat anything sweet or dessert.

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3 Reviews about Hiatus hernia and Gastric reflux: effective cure, fear and TCM
on 05/02/2015
Yeah, you know, both of those conditions sound terrible, and definitely like something you wouldn't want to mess around with. My old boss used to have a hiatal hernia, and it never really was something she worried about, until she got pregnant. Something about the weight of the pregnancy was worrisome...
on 30/11/2012
Well that?s such an awful illness, you feel pain in the stomach and chest and you can stop it, there are plenty of medicines to help this condition but they just make you feel better for a couple of hours and then the pain comes back, so it?s important to fight the problem starting from the diet just like the article says.
on 22/07/2014
Eeech. That sounds like a terrible condition. I'm so glad the article emphasizes the importance of diet when dealing with conditions like these, because I whole-heartedly trust that the Earth and all its bounty, being of nature just like we are, is made of the same things that we are, and therefore can restore health when "used" properly

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