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8 Herbs to purify the blood

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8 Herbs to purify the blood

Do you have any allergies? Skin Problems? Are you prone to getting sick or becoming infected? So surely you need to purify your blood, because if this is not sufficiently decontaminated and contains toxic chemicals, your immune system will suffer and be predisposed to endless suffering.

The blood can be contaminated by many issues: poor evacuation of toxins due to poor functioning of the excretory organs such as kidneys, liver or intestines, and a diet high in toxic substances or harmful fats and low in fresh food such as enzymes or the vegetables. When there is excess of harmful substances, these pass into the bloodstream looking for ways to be eliminated through the pores of the skin. That's why the patients, prone to blackheads, pimples, acne, etc., are in direct relationship with blood toxemia. If the blood, despite its escape through the skin, does not get fully debugged and pollution persists, then produce what is known as internal fever, or heat the blood, which causes virtually most disease including overweight, which is a symptom of a severe accumulation of toxins.

It is always desirable and advisable, at least twice a month, to do a blood purification treatment as a preventive method and support to help fight any infection that is already suffering.

Two or three times a month, you should spend a day eating a fruit or vegetable and no more, and drinking two liters of pure water and two cups of cleansing herbal teas, one fasting and one in the afternoon. For this treatment you should choose a day that you are calm at home and have no pressure, so that your nervous system rests.

Certainly, your intestines and blood will appreciate this treatment, since they struggle every day removing all kind of stuff often difficult to remove or stagnant in your body. Here are the most effective herbs that can be used for this blood purifier treatment. You can choose two herbs the day of your treatment or over and take it twice, but preferably try not to mix with each other, i.e. do not put three or two different herbs in a cup of tea.

Blood cleansing herbs

1) Burdock: a very effective treatment plant to clean the blood and lymphatic system. The purifying treatment with this plant reduces congestion and swelling, removing toxins through the skin and / or urine, and clears uric acid. The use of this plant as efficiently cleanses the body is recommended to treat arthritis, sciatica, gout, skin rashes, acne, blood acidity, edema, kidney stones and / or vesicular), sore throat, liver and biliary disorders, cystitis , herpes, fever, diabetes, etc.

2) Elder: with a laxative, purgative and cleansing effect. It is an excellent antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, with anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent alternative to, in addition to clearing the blood, help heal the liver and kidneys.

3) Nettle: A highly effective cleanser, it detoxifies blood poisoning cases quickly and eliminates toxic substances. It is diuretic, a remedy that is used to treat diseases of the liver and kidneys.

4) Dandelion: a completely safe herb can eliminate and cleanse blood of toxins.

5) Lemon: one of the purifying remedies par excellence. Among its long list of medicinal qualities, stands out as an ideal cleanser also is bactericidal and fungicidal, cleans deep while managing a healing, regenerative and restorative process of the whole organism.

6) Hyssop: cleansing properties especially with the bad fats accumulated.

7) Aloe: among its many virtues, has cleansing effect immune-stimulants, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral detoxification. In addition, it has a healing effect while detoxifying and invigorating the body generally.

8) Sarsaparilla: a medicinal plant par excellence, has cleansing properties, effectively removes toxins from the blood, excessive fat in the bloodstream, excess uric acid, etc. It also has direct action on the kidney by stimulating the elimination of excess fluids and is an excellent antioxidant, which allows, among other things, a good cellular and metabolic activity of the organism. One of the best plants to slim and purify the body.

Effects during the healing process

It is normal that every time we perform a purifying process, exacerbated symptoms appear or worsen. For a deep cleansing treatment is sometimes normal tummy ache in your head, you have some dizziness, nausea or rash. If this happens, treatment is recommended more often, it means that the body is saturated with toxins. If symptoms during the healing crisis are strong, you should also consider monitoring a proper diet.

Obesity and blood intoxicated

If you want to lose weight, it is essential that you purify your blood to make a complete recovery. It is recommended to drink for three days by choosing three teas and drink 3 cups of each for a day. Drink water and eat a single fruit or vegetables, you can change depending on the day. Oranges and grapes are excellent for this. After three days, you take a pint of carrot juice between meals and eliminate fried foods, meats, refined sugars and white bread.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult their doctor before drinking any healing or herbal treatments.

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4 Reviews about 8 Herbs to purify the blood
on 02/09/2014
I don't have any sort of allergies or illnesses that physically manifest, but I do fall off the bandwagon as far as eating junk food every now and again, and even while I'm "enjoying" this guilty pleasure of chips or ice cream every once in a while, I'm thinking about how it's hard for my body. I'm glad to have read this article, because even though I am not symptomatic, I do still need a good cleansing every now and then.
on 05/05/2014
wow did you read the comment below??? she doesn't need to purify her blood but her whole body and look for some rehab... what a mess....
on 18/03/2013
Héllo please my name is pollyana im desesperet i have analític to make in 17 days i doen't nkow about that till today when i went to school and i did use ketamina, cocaín and crytal please i need your help do i will have time to clean my body and what should i take to clean it? I really will apreciat that!

on 09/03/2013
Well, I was expecting to follow a diet based on natural herbs but since I?m pregnant maybe it?s not a good idea to do it right now and I might wait until the baby is old enough, well, anyway I?m going to consult my doctor and see if there are some herbs that can be taken without problem, thanks for the article

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