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Herbs and tips to get pregnant

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Herbs and tips to get pregnant

If you have tried several times to get pregnant and you still can’t do it, test these natural remedies that will make you lose nothing, and might give you the surprise of a new baby one of those days. About 15% of couples have difficulty conceiving a child, especially during the first year. Female infertility is most often to problems with ovulation or obstructions in the tubes, while males may have the disadvantage of the quality of their sperm, which is measured by the amount of sperm, its mobility and density.

The fertility in both men and women may increase with following these tips:


Many women tend to be very anxious or stressed to get a baby. You should make an effort to relax and be patient, sometimes this anxiety or fear blocks fertility. To lower your stress, try to distract you in some sort of something you like, would not be bad to try yoga or tai chi, disciplines that will help you vent stress since, among other things, will teach you how to breathe properly to relieve stress. You can also opt for a massage. This point is important to men too, because they will produce sperm in the testicles, for storage in the seminal vesicles. If the man is very stressed, tired, or anxious, he may not produce sperm in sufficient quantities. It is important to a good rest and relax tensions and activities that positively distract.


Diet is very important because the better fed your body, the better you will be able to design your reproductive system and also in the case of male sperm production quality can vary greatly. Include fresh vegetable juices which have sprouts and mixed vegetables, especially carrots and alfalfa. In your diet also include the brewer's yeast, whole grains and vegetable milks. Try to avoid processed foods, refined sugar. Include, if necessary, a multi vitamin. Consume foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. The ideal is to keep a body free of toxins as possible, avoid smoking or excessive drinking.

Herbs recommended for increasing fertility:

  • Nettle: due to its special vitamins and minerals, it helps regulate hormone production and invigorate the uterus. Grab a cup of nettle tea a day or a capsule.
  • Dandelion: also has the property to regulate hormone production and stimulate the uterus.
  • Chasteberry: This herb is known for helping to treat premenstrual syndrome and fertility problems. One cup a day with a little royal jelly is enough.
  • Calendula: Besides being very good to clean the vaginal tract, it naturally tends to regularize the menstrual cycle. Try making a little of this tea, drinking and having sex daily especially during the peak of fertility.
  • Dong Quai: stimulates blood circulation and therefore helps to stimulate the uterus. Please be cautious when using this herb as it can cause muscle contractions in the uterus.
  • Green Tea: is a powerful antioxidant and rejuvenating for the skin, and helps to produce healthy eggs and, in men, helps to improve quality of their sperm.
  • Wild Oats: help you to relax and also have aphrodisiac properties.

Some home tips for getting pregnant

  • Have sex between 14th and 20th after your period, which is the most fertile time (ovulation) of your cycle. If your period is irregular, you can find out what your most fertile day with checking technique.
  • After your sexual relationship, put your back and put a pillow under your buttocks so that your stomach remains high. Stay in this position for a while, to help the semen stay longer in your womb and be more likely to fertilization.
  • Try finally to forget about this issue while you practice sex, thinking about getting pregnant can reduce the joy of this meeting of pleasure between you and your partner.

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3 Reviews about Herbs and tips to get pregnant
on 02/08/2014
Thanks so much for this article!! I've never been pregnant before, but I think i might like to have a child after my IUD gets out. I've read a few articles, however, that talk about how women can sometimes have a really hard time getting pregnant after IUD's. I'm not planning on having a child for a while, but I'm already hoping I don't have problems getting pregnant. I'll keep these tips in mind, hopefully they'll help
on 07/05/2013
My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and we have been doing this since a couple of months but we couldn?t achieve it! Well, it?s good to find this article, I?m going to follow all the recommendations and tips and if nothings work, then surely we have to visit a doctor and see what is happen.
on 05/09/2011
hello my name is karina i been married for 6 years my husband has had asthma since he was born he's 25years old n I'm 25 do u guys think its the medicine he's ben taking the makes him infertile or me cus i don't have my period every month I'm in regular and i need help thanks

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