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Herbs and spices: how to use them wisely in the kitchen

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Herbs and spices: how to use them wisely in the kitchen

Herbs and spices are a great little "touch" that makes all the difference in the taste of a dish. Knowing how to use them wisely to make a stew, a soup, sauce and even a dessert transports palate to special feelings.

The list of herbs is long, here are some of the best known so you know some of their secrets. We also added some properties to be able to use them also when certain diets are required.


This herb is good on steamed vegetables, especially combined with zucchini, tomato, pasta and poultry seasoning. It is an herb aperitif.


A delicious touch of parsley goes well especially with fresh salads, in sauces and dressings, combines well with seafood and cheeses. Some of its properties are that it is an herb that contains plenty of iron and manganese, ideal in cases of diabetes and for treatment of gallstones. It is a great deodorant, fights bad breath.


One of the kings of that taste, very versatile in the kitchen, great for making any sauce or dressing, goes well with all vegetables, seafood and meats, including beef and soybeans. Garlic has many varieties, white is the most common, it has a strong flavor and aroma. Purple variety is named because of the color; this variety is more tender than normal garlic. Garlic also is an ingredient for healthy muscle, among other things, reduces blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol, helps to combat nervous system problems such as stress and depression, as well as increasing the body's defenses, preventing of certain fungi, viruses and bacteria. Very useful in cases of respiratory system disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, cough, etc. When buying garlic, avoid buying the yellow and hollow head that indicate they are older.

Black pepper

Pepper is not recommended because it irritates the liver easily.


A Mediterranean herb, aromatic and very useful in the kitchen. It goes well for soups, seafood, salads and vegetarian dishes such as steamed vegetables. Used to flavor butter and cheese and is used to prepare delicious pasta.


This relish goes well in salads, soups, broth or tomato sauce and to dress salads and vegetables. Thyme is very good for tract, also has antiseptic properties, reduces phlegm and helps in cases of bronchitis and cough.


Goes well with salad dressings, salads, soups, creams, fish and seafood. It is a good dye. It also has carminative properties, it is a good stimulant and expectorant, also helps protect the gallbladder.


Goes well on fresh cabbage salad in green vegetables and potatoes. Used in moderation, is well smeared onto bread and sauces and dressings on vegetables, meats and fish. Mustard has cough and anti-rheumatic properties.


One of the most precious herbs in the kitchen, which is considered indispensable by the best gourmet. It is a sweet and fragrant herb, taste stronger in summer. Its scented leaves are used mainly in Mediterranean cuisine, there are about 40 types of basil.  Leaves are used only fresh or dried. Fresh leaves can be used whole or finely chopped on salads or to prepare sauce and toppings. It is very versatile in the kitchen, fits in egg-based preparations. It is ideal for fish (especially mullet and lobster), on steamed vegetables, and to prepare tomato sauces (tomato). The dried leaves are used for the preparation of juices, casseroles, cream, casseroles and soups.

Bay Leaves

This herb gives a peculiar flavor to soups, tomato sauces and to dress salads and steamed vegetables.


Dill seed is used to prepare sauces, cream, buttermilk and / or butter. Goes well on vegetables such as cabbage, turnips and beans. It is particularly useful for preparing delicious sauces, dressings and salads, especially those leading avocado, cucumber and / or cabbage. This herb helps to relax.


A root of tangy and very peculiar flavor, a condiment that is used to prepare salads and vegetables mainly with squash and cucumber, but it is also very useful for preparing soups, sauces, beverages and rice . It is used fresh, dried or candied. Diluted and well combined is very pleasant and aromatic. The sheets are light, prepared with vinegar is used in rice dishes and as a garnish. Has refreshing properties, excellent for stimulating the appetite and activate the digestive process. Ginger tea is used to tackle diseases of the throat and vocal cords relief.


Intense, fresh herb aroma is typical of English cuisine, to prepare lamb, seafood goes well with vegetables and salad with cucumbers, potatoes, peas, etc. It is used both fresh and dry and does not lose its aroma. It is used in Arab cuisine as it is a great salad dressing, meat and vegetables (with beans goes well). Gets along with virtually all herbs and spices in the kitchen.

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4 Reviews about Herbs and spices: how to use them wisely in the kitchen
on 01/04/2015
I absolutely LOVE the concept of using food as medicine, and herbs are such a great way of doing that! I place a heavy amount of importance on herbs and growing herbs at home because 1) most of them are super easy and can be grown in tin cans, and 2) cooking is always better with fresh, organic herbs!
on 06/07/2014
on 04/07/2014
from all of them my favorite results thyme, it is pretty verstatile and delicious in different preparations, so I recommend it for sure!
on 01/04/2013
It?s so true that a simple herb can make the difference of a whole dish and it?s important to know what are they properties and how to combine them with food, so this is article is pretty helpful especially for me, because I?m just tired of the same and the same recipes and a small touch can be the something I?m looking for.

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