Herbs and natural techniques to preserve food Kräuter und natürliche Techniken um Lebensmittel zu erhalten Hierbas y técnicas naturales para conservar los alimentos

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Herbs and natural techniques to preserve food

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Herbs and natural techniques to preserve food

Most chemical preservatives and additives that are added to many foods such as cereals, flour, yoghurt, cheeses, breads, canned goods, etc. to keep them in good condition; they are irritating and harmful to the body, constant consumption produces many toxins and mucus in the body, eventually, cause weakness in the body's defense system, its abuse leads to all sorts of allergies, colds, skin problems, deterioration of organs and tissues, and so on.

However, food preservation is now a necessity, hasty life now does not allow most of the time buying food daily to be eaten that day while fresh. In addition, many foods that are traded currently travel long distances, often from country to country, having to be preserved one way or another to come to the table in the best possible conditions. Preserving food is a way to make food wins "life" to come to our table. While there is nothing like fresh food, there are many ways to conserve natural food and healthy way, without so many chemical additives.

Maintaining the properties of food and its freshness for as long as possible has been, since antiquity, a topic to think about and solve. Fortunately, there are already many food preservation techniques that are natural, economical and can be carried out very easily. Here we mention the natural techniques of food preservation.

Packing high vacuum food: one of the things that impair the food is air, which causes the food to rust, to grow bacteria or lost property. The technique seeks to generate oxygen-free packaging which prevents the proliferation or growth of bacteria and / or germs that cause food to become stale, discolor or break down. This technique is very appropriate for foods that travel long distances, this method can keep for weeks or even months if refrigerated. With an oxygen-free packaging can be preserved meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, etc.

Fermentation: This way of preserving food is great because in addition to preserving foods, increases its nutritional properties! Some foods that are preserved with this technique are wine, pickles, the umeboshis, miso, beer, etc..

Dehydrate: removing water from food is a technique that helps conserve the natural way. This method is especially suitable for fruits (apples, grapes, figs, etc.). To use this technique simply must dry the fruit in the shade in a well ventilated area.

Vinegar: is a natural conservative very good, ideal for preserving vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, onions, etc. Although it is good, do not abuse the consumption of canned foods in vinegar, remembering that contains alcohol which is harmful to the liver.

Salting food (brine): anyone ever noticed the fish died in the salt without decomposition. The technique of salting the meat to keep them good. Today, we can find olives in brine, or cod, which kept room. This technique is a good alternative to conserve the fish and food.

Freeze: if you have a fridge at home you can help keep food in good time. However, we must not abuse the frozen foods because they lose their properties and especially its vital energy as time passes.

Water bath: it is a very simple technique is to put the food you wish to keep in a glass bottle full of water tightly closed. Then the bottle is placed in a pot with enough water to cover the jar. Boil for 50 minutes and off. Allow the flask inside the container until the water cools completely, remove it before cause a sudden temperature change that could make the bottle explode. With this technique, the food can last for months or even over a year.

Herbs and spices to preserve food in a home?

That's right. Herbs or medicinal plants and spices are used to produce natural conservatives. Among these species are:

Homemade ways to preserve some foods:

  • Parsley and cilantro: Wash, disinfect then let dry thoroughly. Then, wrap in newspaper, put it in a bag and close tightly. It will last many weeks.
  • Pasta: if you spare some type of pasta already prepared, waiting for it to cool and place in an airtight container and store in freezer.
  • Lettuce: never leave it in a plastic bag because will rot quickly. Wash it, disinfect and store it in an airtight container that has a piece of cloth or gauze to the bottom.
  • Meats: if you want to preserve meat and it does not smell, put oil vigorously.
  • Lemon: to keep a lemon cut in half, wrap in aluminum foil. And stick it to the fridge, or cover the exposed portions with salt and store in refrigerator.
  • Peeled potatoes: must leave them in a container covered with pure water with a few drops of vinegar, put them in the refrigerator. Will last 3 or 4 days in good condition.
  • Fresh bread: we must save it in a cloth bag with a sprig of celery.
  • Soft Cake: Store it in a metal box with a whole fresh apple.
  • Store vitamins in orange juice: preferably you must consume fresh as vitamin C is oxidized by air and light. However, if you have a little extra, save it in an airtight container and put it in the fridge.

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2 Reviews about Herbs and natural techniques to preserve food
on 23/04/2015
Thanks so much for this AWESOME information!! that's so cool to think about preserving your own food with herbs!! I just moved to Alaska less than a year ago, and my fiance and I are very interested in becoming as self-sufficient as possible. We already hunt and fish all of our own meat, so the next step is to learn to preserve it!
on 08/05/2013
I have a lot of troubles while trying to save the food that my family didn?t end and well I didn?t know many of the methods explained here and is amazing! I?m going to put them in practice from right now and conserve my family?s food in a more effective way

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