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Henna Tattoo

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Henna Tattoo

The Henna is most commonly substance used in cosmetic history of mankind, and its properties were discovered in the ancient times in China for the ladies of the Court and the nails stained with Henna is cited in the Bible Song of Songs, including the mummy of Ramses 11 had remnants of its implementation in the hair, and the Assyrians began to tattoo skin with Henna plant as talisman, and was used in Asian peoples as a protector to the negative source of beauty and pleasure.

In Africa, the South Seas, it is used not only to give force, color and brightness to the hair but great for intricate designs of tattoos that only last a few days on the skin, making the art on the move: its ephemeral nature makes tattoos can be changed every now and then adjusting their designs to different developments and trends, throughout East, it is an indispensable part of celebrations and ceremonies, its use is a rite of beauty, is the celebration of life and joy. Tattoos are as old as humanity, a ritual, ethnic, religious, belonging to a tribe or clan.

What is henna?

The Henna is a plant (Lawsonia inermis) from which the leaves are collected, dried and crushed into a fine powder that is used to make tattoos or dye, this is the henna powder. It is a plant of small fragrant white flowers that grows in warm climates so we can find it in Asia, Africa and Middle East such as India, China, Morocco and Egypt.

Henna tattoos are made with no needle so does not penetrate the epidermis, and therefore are not dangerous, are temporary and totally painless. The designs on the skin lasts 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the contact of the water, using soap, your skin type and where did you get the design area. Today, increasingly, the use of this art is currently fashionable for tattoos.

Many people do not dare to have a permanent tattoo, as may regret it or fear of needles or because they do not bear the pain, so this is the kind of tattoo is appropriate because is temporary.

Unlike traditional irreversible and painful tattoo, Henna tattooing is a pleasure to the senses of sight and soul.


1. In a bowl mix together 3 or 4 tablespoons of Henna tattoo (depending on the area to tattoo) with 8 drops of Essence of Eucalyptus, adding water until the mixture is the consistency of a sauce like ketchup then fill the cone of henna tattoos and close to applying an adhesive tape.
2. Rub with a cotton swab soaked in Eucalyptus Essence of the tattoo to dry
3. Apply using the cone is attached, making drawings that are desired, a central point radiating from there to the rest of the area, designs can be simple or extremely complicated depending on the desire and ability of the person making the application. Template: Place the template on the hand or other body part, apply the mixture with a spatula and remove the template after three minutes.
4. Allow the Henna to dry and after 30 minutes, apply with a cotton swab soaked in a previously prepared mixture of two tablespoons of lemon juice and two other of sugar. Leave to dry for 2 or 3 hours, although the ideal is to leave it all night and avoid washing with soap during the first hours, then you can scrape the dough with a blunt knife, which will make way for an original tattoo.

How to take care of it

Once our Mehandi design is ready, we cover the area with tissue paper (like rolls of paper napkins) trying to get the plaster will not run. Then wrap it with plastic. Personally, I open a freezer bag and use the sides so it is important that the skin breathes and color of the paste to penetrate through the pores to achieve tattoo. It is important to try not to get wet and leave the place as still or quiet as possible.

After 24 or 48 hours, reveal the design and see the results.

Color design on the skin varies between brown, ocher, brown, red, tan, orange ... depending on the type of pigmentation of our skin and the area where it is.

To take account: palm, ankle, the foot, are the areas where the tine penetrates faster, the rest of the body can vary. I recommend doing a test with a small design to calculate the time.

Mehandi remains on the skin around 15 days, depending on how you wash the area.

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1 Reviews about Henna Tattoo
on 25/03/2014
I want to have a tattoo some time but maybe I am a bit old for that, or maybe not, I have seen many reality shows of tattoo shops making them to older people and that is amazing, but first before doing anything I would test with henna and see if it is ok for me

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