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Henna: Natural Dyes

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Henna: Natural Dyes

They say the hair is part of the face. Thus the dye is a good weapon to conceal flaws and enhance features. Dying with henna is an option to be considered for those who do want to color their hair or but maintaining health of it.

Henna is the Arabic name of the Lawsonia inermis shrub whose leaves produce a food coloring. Henna is known mainly for its distinctive natural dye for hair. The leaves of this shrub are harvested, dried and crushed to make henna powder. They make a paste applied to the skin and create beautiful tattoos, on the hair as dye for natural and healthy hair.

A natural dye

  • This is the most effective plant product for dyeing hair.
  • It dye hair in two ways: penetrating and staining.
  • Molecules have affinity with the hair (keratin), so it can penetrate easily.
  • Usually gives a reddish color, but combined with other herbs offers a variety of colors.
  • Henna on hair lasts about three months, as it will gradually fade. This property enables the roots to keep the streak because it was never noticed at an alarming rate.
  • It is a great way to make it healthy, with body and shine.

More than a dye

With its ability to color hair, henna is a great balm. Masks with henna are a natural treatment that provides hair strength and shine in just minutes.

You can also take the quality of this vegetable dye to enhance the tone of the hair. Thus, the renewed strength and shine will add a few reflections that make the hair more attractive.

In addition, as a natural dye, may be used as often as desired.

For all public

This dye is ideal for anyone and at any age. The low amount of chemicals in its composition (mostly added in order to obtain more uniform results) is not aggressive to the scalp.

However, we recommend that before making a dye, you test of tolerance to it.


When choosing color, you must be very aware that this does not clarify the hair, but it adss dark and deep tones.

Also as it is not as consistent as chemical dyes, you can be surprised, because the variations of tones are possible. However should not worry, the change of image will not be too radical. This is primarily dependent on the time to keep the dye on the hair.

Do not forget that henna is not a permanent dye. This means that as you wash your hair, it loses effect.

The advantage of this aspect is that doesn’t disappear at once, but it does so gradually. Thus, from a darker shade, which is achieved at the beginning, as you wash your hair, this color is clearer.

This allows a change of look weekly. For this reason it must be borne in mind that the henna dye is also corporal. To apply on the hair, you must always use gloves as having I ton hands can be something really bad.

At the time of hair washing, it is recommended to use an old towel for drying because the color can affect the fabric.

In the case of fuses or a base color, the result will be somewhat different from that expected, but beautiful anyway. Apply henna on hair with bits above creating a tone. I.e. enhancing the color and the rest of the hair acquire bright reflections.

Several factors must be taken into account when you apply the henna on your hair and follow the recommendations that you subscribe to below:

  • If you have dyed hair with lots of hair, may not get the desired result or another color.
  • If you have hair dyed with henna, you should not use another dye until you cut your hair, you should know that once you use henna for hair, although there are no traces of color remain on the hair, it has it in the inner part.

Once you are sure that you can use henna without problems, the rest is just follow these steps:

  • Select the color you want, in the market there are several shades in dyeing hair.
  • Henna is a natural product, so it will not last as long as a chemical dye that is going away with the washing takes you about 1 to 3 months, but the color is gradually disappearing. And remember, even if you no longer see you in the hair color, henna stays until you cut it.
  • Now that you've chosen your color, you have to mix in a bowl of henna powder with boiling water and a rather thick paste without lumps. Once mixed, let it cool enough to not hurt the scalp by heat.
  • Before applying the mixture on the hair, you are advised to use gloves (usually come in some plastic box).
  • To apply the henna, you should first wash your hair and dry with towel as much as possible, because the humidity is an obstacle to the color. Then, put on the skin of the scalp some cream or Vaseline to avoid stains because it is very difficult to clean.
  • Then divide hair into four, two above and two below. Begin to apply the henna to the neck separating wicks of 1.5 cm thick and with a brush. Get as close as possible to the scalp, but try not to touch it.
  • Continue this procedure until you reach the top. Make sure you've covered all your hair and you're not leaving any space. Next, wrap hair with plastic and let the time that you need. If you want to expedite the process, you can apply heat to the hair.
  • Once applied, massage your hair and cover with plastic or cloth and leave to act for 1 to several hours, as indicated in the box and get the tone you want (the longer you let the mixture, the stronger tone).
  • Keep your head warm to henna acts better.
  • After this, wash your hair as usual.

Done!, You can enjoy your natural color. Change your look without damaging your health and your beauty.

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1 Reviews about Henna: Natural Dyes
on 24/03/2014
I have considered using henna if I want to dye my hair but I am not sure of the tone and I just wanted for a while but now that you say that you can change the color even though I has disappeared then it doesn?t sound like a very good idea for my case, well thanks anyway?

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