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Thermotherapy: Benefits of heat


Our body has a mechanism of temperature regulation, a process that contributes to preserving life. However, the heat can be used to treat certain diseases and ailments.

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Recipes for delicious hot weather desserts

Fruit recipes

The desserts for the cold weather are different from those consumed during hot weather. In a warm climate, it is more likely to prefer refreshing citrus taste, maybe something with spices, while you c...

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Macrobiotic Diet, medical diet

Macrobiotic Food

Besides any medicine you choose to treat diseases, ingestion of foods may accelerate or delay the progress of healing. Yes, of course, the nutrients and calories have their place and we should deny th...

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Meaning and Colors and Candles

Personal Development

Lighting candles is a way to decorate or to harmonize the environment, but it can also be very useful in meditation or visualization, even in magical rituals or ceremonies, because the fire has been a...

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