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Heart: if you want to live, be at peace

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Heart: if you want to live, be at peace

To live, to the extent of the word, it is necessary to make a basic principle of trust. Without trust, even the most pleasant experiences that life gives us can be a cause for fear, anxiety and despair. Building trust, that is what must be built before anything else in our whole being, trust is what we need to strengthen the heart and fill it with power and spirit, from this state of joy is easy to live as we choose, and is on the front or heel, or in a room in a palace, in abundance, it is like to live a day, why not feeling that strength and spirit that gives creators free us to feel of what we want? Anyway no one can live while never losing sight of the intent to use reality as a means to provide feedback and awareness of our strong creative abilities and powers.

You need to know that this basic principle of security is emanating from the body in the heart, i.e. the heart is a major recipient of ourselves and moves how we think, feel and react. When we irrigate trust in ourselves we pump a powerful vital substance that nourishes and strengthens not only all the other organs of the body, but refresh our emotional and mental energies. We are the spirit of that life pump that feeds every corner of our body, we are the ones we create our own lives to life (or destroyed or subtracted) from how we live.

Uncertainty, anxiety, fear or mistrust: These emotions often appear in daily life, usually when something is pursued, has not been able to solve it or the picture appears decayed, difficult or impossible. But if we pause a little and look more closely at the situation we are concerned, we will realize that, indeed, it is not the situation or the problem really uncomfortable, but beneath the apparent "problem" that exists really disturbs us: not being good enough, smart, strong, accepted, etc. to confront, control and resolve in the most appropriate way of a given situation.

We may feel many things and the response that we feel is our attitude. We take the attitude of the conclusion of the previous experiences, and every time we respond to what we feel life responds us, our world will change a little, and the structure of our reasoning and response changes adapt as we live. Sometimes we like what life responds, sometimes not. The self-observation is going to help us find the more desirable options. No error. There is only one opportunity to live life, live it deeply, and take all the advantages and opportunities. Fear not constructive, anxiety and despair are not good allies to live. Fear, in its harmful cuts prevents natural processes; strengthen the joy that flows spontaneously from the heart and smile at life. Living with fear, constant indecision and submission, due to the long depression, reluctance and annihilates enthusiasm is bad. Distrust and all its variants are mood states that can be constantly reacting to certain situations, are almost mechanical responses due to prior experience and education, to no one has dared to experiment with new ways and prefer to wrap the curiosities of heart with those ideas that holds or are private, they are afraid to circulate new ideas, daring to experiment with different scenarios to the usual, and then the heart stops spraying one days excitement within them.

The sufferings of the heart and blood speak of a lack of confidence in ourselves and, therefore, sensory pleasures and passengers looking to fill these gaps and uncertainties, expressing our joy and inner peace. Being blocked causes a heart full of deep insecurity and mistrust. When the heart turns away from the vibration of joy this lack of confidence, slows blood circulation, the body becomes anemic, hearted, depressed, with lack of energy and motivation. Cardiac problems are the consequence of requiring a certain behavior because we fear that if we act otherwise will not be accepted or loved. This energy blockage can be extended to the eyes or ears, the fear of not seeing or hearing things that you should watch and listen because this would imply that we should change, and that sounds an alarm throughout the body that says "disapproval" and therefore, the individual tends to be infrequent in constructive, become evasive, "close their heart, their ears and their eyes" and therefore the body in somatic to discomfort and pain.

Creating confidence

And how then can we create trust in a world where our antennas receive contrary the information each time? Well, the simple answer is within us all can be solved, there is in our genes infinite capacity to provide, our body is a wonderful and magical laboratory, capable of creating extraordinary conditions, formulas for health, wealth and abundance, it can invent emotions, reasons, power and is able to observe itself and aggrandizement. Believing plays a major role in the art of living life. Believing is trusting. Trusting means stop blaming, criticism. Trusting is believing. Believing in ourselves. Accepting. We must convince all the time and stated clearly that magical ride in a body, rich in magnificent skills, deeply intelligent, powerful, and infinitely creative. We must believe that we are able to accept life before us with the alternative that can be modified because, above all, we have powerful influence on our reality. Trusting means knowing, at a certain state of indecision, that "nothing is lost but the doubt." And indeed nothing is lost. Trusting means to say that every time I'm at peace and I hope all my skills to solve and create what I desire, saying this with complete conviction active our higher thinking skills and reasoning, to live without feeling wrong or guilt, trust is very integrity "I can live what I am because that is what I do because I feel that is true. Because I need to live it." To say this and begin to develop what is necessary to carry it out does the spark of creation. Then the magic moves, and provides life support, life is resolved and gives us the space and experience the gift is wiser than the consequence, the effect of wisdom that feeds us. But to verify this, to know that we are capable of consciousness and all of that power, we must go slowly dared to trust what we do. We dare to go to move more towards what we aspire, despite the fact that our movement may be uncomfortable for someone else, because then you have to activate another mechanism of trust, we must make to realize that change according to what they honestly others are placed in the appropriate expertise needed for the growth and maturation. Staying at life is false, dull and stagnant; it can not only deprive ourselves of a rich experience in knowledge, joy and abundance, but were denied the same to those around us with our insistence on stay. Living means to circulate a powerful belief and confidence in what we want. And then life and the universe are arranged to give us harmony.

Breathing deeply is a fundamental exercise to begin to create trust. Each morning and night or whenever necessary, if we hurry, tense, nervous, fearful, indecisive, you may interrupt your hectic task to breathe slowly and deeply, holding breath 4 seconds after inhaled eight times and leave you breathless after 4 seconds in eight exhaled, seeing that you have the time, the time is right to be able to enjoy what you are doing. Breathe deeply and calmly accompanied this exercise in view of what we want, restores our faith will bring a powerful intimacy with ourselves, which is distributed throughout the body and oxygen to strengthen our vital organs and mind, energy is expelled impurities causing disaffection, nostalgia, mistrust and depression and helps us to properly allocate and balance our energies. Repeat this energy center organizes our heart with the ability to accept our mistakes, weaknesses, and accept the world as it is. By accepting, we are learning to manage, to love.

The practice of Yoga or Tai-chi disciplines is also put to work the muscles, help us to balance the emotional problems and stress. Nature may have given their lives, will never command us with reasons and explanations to our existence. Do not seek or make a mystery of reasons: these are ours, precisely because we are creators, inventors of ourselves. The reasons are our values, we are wanting, that which gives us strength and courage to live, we fill our reasons of strength and growth, we are expanding our inner light and, therefore, the universe does.

So you know, heart, if you want to live, first be in peace.


The Book of Healing Aura, Walter Lubeck, editorial Uriel
Satori Reiki handbook, Editorial Yug

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2 Reviews about Heart: if you want to live, be at peace
on 03/01/2015
This is so true. A while ago I went through a pretty difficult time in my life when I was struggeling to understand who I was and what I was doing...and mostly...just struggling to enjoy life and live. I think the biggest thing I learned (with how to be at peace) was to just sink yourself into this very moment, heart and soul, and enjoy it.
on 04/02/2014
Ok, a little bit long, I actually don?t like those articles that are tired to the reading, I mean it is not so good to do that so keep that in mind, and then, well everything that says here is true but should be explained in a better way, that is all,

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