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Healthy Heart

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Healthy Heart

What is the heart?

A tireless organ that pumps blood all the time, essential liquid to nourish every cell in the body. This powerful and unconditional friend is situated inside the chest, between the two lungs, and consists of a hollow muscle called myocardium. The heart is controlled by the nervous system and is the primary center where it receives and absorbs all kinds of energy, emotions, feelings and reactions to everyday living.

Its primary intention

Despite being a strong organ, it is a highly sensitive that reacts to the way we feel, think and act in a detailed and profound way. Just as plants seek the sunlight, the intention is the heart's natural life. Living in the broad sense of the word is associated with joy, to enjoy and reap the benefits and possibilities to the art of how to use reality as a pleasurable tool to feedback our existence and lead to a certain way. However, when this balance is broken (or the natural inclination), heart suffers an imbalance. It starts a disorder where the body is affected.

Its relationship with the emotions and disease  

The heart is the center of love, here is where the source of our confidence and power lies. The heart is a sensitive response to the messages we send ourselves either through thought, attitude, imagination, the same words. When we are in a good mood and enjoy what we do, the heart not only to pumps blood with force and effect, but also it moves smoothly, full of lively energy and a cheerful, full of intent to provide life and health. When, on the contrary, we are deprived of a life devoid of deep satisfaction and joy, or have thoughts or beliefs that block the love and acceptance, or our words help create moods constantly limited and destructive, the heart suffers, and immediately it begins to "close", "harden," "weak," and begins to hurt. The sufferings of the heart and blood are consequences of a life filled with all kinds of neglect, from the food. They represent a low love for oneself, even emotional. A decayed heart speaks mostly from a lack of confidence, having insisted on seeking position, money or property, leaving aside what really makes us feel loved and happy. An untrusted heart shows lack of enthusiasm about everything, and when there is an absence of true and deep pleasure in living the flowing of blood gets slow, we become anemic, hearted, depressive. Lack of energy and motivation. The heart comes in addition to a strong demand for ourselves, a sense of being perfect, perhaps because we fear not being accepted or loved if we do not get what they want. There are energy blockages from the heart that can extend up to the eyes or ears, a fear of not seeing or hearing things that you should watch and listen, perhaps because this means having to miss things that we do not know how to solve or change, and we feel unable to halt changes that could be really good.

What to do with fear and resistance?

Uncertainty, anxiety, inflexibility, cruelty, coldness and distrust are rooted in fear. We resist and we are confident if not inflexible. There are many ways of shutting the flow of love: when we did not find the way to trust that we can be happy regardless of our circumstances, and we depend on condition and a set of circumstances to be happy: "When I have this, etc. . ... Then I will be at peace and happy." This idea limits us to enjoy "the way" and makes life seem a circumstance where you have to go as fast as possible to get somewhere, ignoring the infinite wealth that you have now, for example, a moment when you read and nothing else should matter to enjoy it. Often we are unhappy because we have accepted the idea that reality is more powerful than us, there is a destination to an external force that influences capricious and aggressive the form of a about our lives, and which we cannot control. This means that we have determined that the power to create life and solve our taste is not in our hands, distrustful of ourselves, therefore we allow and circumstances that make us feel unhappy because we thought that "we had" and do not believe in the development of our internal and external happiness. On the other hand, fear and distrust are often fed as a result of having focused our attention constantly in aggressive situations in which ideas and images that threaten us, films, newspapers, news, etc. We have the ability to choose which type of energy we want to load images and our lives. If our attention is focused on unpleasant things is very likely to experience very similar to what we are generating. Remember that the attention is powerful, it does not mean that attention creates unpleasant reality, it means that we have, every moment that nurture healthy with images, sounds, words and concepts that we are inclined to the life and enthusiasm. And finally, another of the fears with which we must confront very often is not being good, smart, strong, accepted enough, etc. to confront, control and resolve as appropriate any situation. Believing in us is a work for every day. Every situation is a challenge for our actions and our creative thinking abilities intelligently. Thus, we must trust in our abilities and try to venture into every challenge presented to us by recalling that the intention of the difficulties is to obtain knowledge and a greater awareness of the functioning of life.

Tips and food for the heart

Our emotional states are often reflected in our eating habits. If you look at where we are unhappy or anxious or angry, our body usually eats excessive, invalid, or a poorly nutritious food. Then I give you some tips for feeding your heart and remember that while you're sad and desolate, you must be willing to eat things that you nurture and develop good habits. In this way, you are creating a really positive energy not only in your body but in your moods.

In the morning before eating anything, breathe deeply, unhurried, imagine that your days will be filled with things you love.

At night, do not sleep full of nervousness. Take a few minutes, breathe deeply and imagine that everything that you lived in the days is away from you, and you are left alone surrounded by the silence of your breathing. Do this until your breathing is the only focus of your attention.

Avoid falling asleep with the TV turned on, especially in news. Read things that stimulate your confidence and make you aware of yourself.

Whenever you are surprised anxious, isolated or angry, take a few moments to yourself or save your sorrow and leave when you can take a while for you. Question, then, think what you really want to do with your life, and look into ways to provide you your happiness.

Avoid discharging your discomfort with those around you. There is a saying that sings neither thousand people can make happy a man if he does not want. You must remember that your happiness depends on you, and you need to understand how to contact your heart and incline to trust that this experience offers.

Make a minimum of 15 minutes per day of any exercise. It really stimulates and strengthens the movement. Walking (barefoot) in the grass, sand or swimming are really delicious for the circulation and the heart.


  • Avoid consumption of animal fats and try to eat meat as little as possible. Remember that you can get protein from many plants, and soy cheese.
  • Prepare salads where you combine different vegetables every day.
  • Consume algae and see that your diet contains sufficient minerals.

Then I give you a drink that is delicious for the heart and blood:

Green juice

Blend a handful of parsley, and alfalfa (sprouts or alfalfa) in a cup of pineapple juice sweetened with a molasses or honey. Drink at morning, exchanging the pineapple juice for orange juice, strawberries and guavas. You can occasionally add a spoonful of oatmeal, a dash of chlorophyll, a little wheat bran or substitute for celery or spinach. Drink slowly, enjoying the taste of the juice and feel the great benefits that this has on your body.

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3 Reviews about Healthy Heart
on 21/10/2015
Fear and resistance are two very real things that I deal with on daily basis, to a greater or lesser extent. It's funny, because I am a "normal", "healthy" individual, very well-rounded, and fear still exists in me. I know that this affects my heart, and I am working on facing it.
on 13/04/2014
long and pretty explanatory article, good for any person who enjoy having good health, and must be shared with other people who do not find this equilibrium yet, thanks for giving importance to the organ of life..... brain and heart are the perfect couple
on 24/11/2013
I was pretty sure that the heart is a very important organ, not the best one but yet without it we cannot make it, so it is very important, and we must learn to take care of it, and most of us will believe that this means having the proper diet but the feeling and emotions are very important

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