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Hearing loss: how to treat it from the root

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Hearing loss: how to treat it from the root

Listening is one of the ways that we can engage and interact with the world around us. As children, we learn to speak by listening and imitating the voices around us, people who cannot hear well have trouble speaking clearly and to connect with nature sounds: music, voices and ambient noise as car engines, screams, sirens, etc.., which may not be as pleasant as the first but can be a warn of danger.

Ear function

The ear is divided into three main parts known as the outer, middle and inner. It is located within the skull and is a complex structure made of a variety of nerve cells forming tissue surrounded by long hoses liquid. When you feel hearing loss is that there has been injury to the inner ear.

Causes of hearing loss:

  • Aged or damaged tissues.
  • Too much noise or listen to headphones at very high volume.
  • Exposure to prolonged loud noises and frequent forms either loud music, strong engine noise, drill, grinding machine, etc.., This type of noise will damage the soft tissue of the inner ear or destroy your cells and nerves . If the destruction of these tissues and cells exceeds a certain limit, then we will have a permanent hearing loss. The damage will occur depending on the volume, timing and frequency with which the ear is exposed to a certain kind of noises.
  • Abuse in taking some medications.
  • Stroke or head injuries.

Emotional aspect of hearing loss

In addition to the above causes, the ear can also be damaged when we are exposed to certain situations that "we do not like to hear." For example, talking on the phone with someone who shouts or is angry, or does not tolerate what we say, but we have no choice but to listen or do not know how to remove that situation above, this predisposes to clogged ear and precisely, to not want to hear.

A lawyer with 20 years working in an audit spoke every day on the phone with customers who had to fight to fix issues, generally speaking putting the headset in his right ear and he was losing his hearing and presenting a small noise. The man did not associate what caused this hearing loss and began to place the phone on the left ear, which began to have problems too. He did not notice that the refusal to speak and having to tolerate insults and lawsuits caused him undue stress that was blocking his hearing.

On the other hand, there are children or teenagers that might be generating certain blockages in the ear because the authorities surrounding them are overly tax, screaming, judgmental, speak out and order or fail. The child or young person may feel unfair surroundings and unable to rebel or defend against this, activates unconscious defense mechanism, "closed" to listen, clogging his ears.

How to restore hearing and prevent hearing damage?

The first is to identify the symptoms:

  • Usually there is no pain but vague feeling of pressure or heaviness.
  • You can hear a slight hum or noise in the ear.
  • It feels as if the ear is covered and things are getting away or low volume.
  • One of the most common signs of hearing loss is not hearing voices and pitched sounds such as acute or the chirping of birds.
  • Sometimes these noises disappear when the clogging goes away, which does not mean that, there are not damaged cells or tissues.

Care and prevention:

  • Avoid exposing your ears to loud and prolonged sounds, especially the machine and music.
  • If you feel you do not listen well and you've been exposed to loud or prolonged sounds, watch your stress, chances are that you're too overwhelmed or stressed and you feel saturated "hearing" certain things in your life and not knowing how to remedy.
  • Reduces the noises around, you can may getting used to working with loud machinery, cars, etc.., And not realizing it.
  • Whenever you can, get out to the field or beach and enjoy the gentle sounds of nature.
  • Use ear plugs if you work in noisy places such as the airport, factories, etc.., or when you go to use machines with loud noises such as lawn mowers, motorcycles, etc.., or when you go to concerts.
  • If you live near noisy streets, put in your home Dual pane windows or carpets and curtains, which help absorb noise.
  • It is important to observe, also, if you are not in places where there are many fights or arguments as this also affects hearing.

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3 Reviews about Hearing loss: how to treat it from the root
on 31/07/2014
Is there really anything you can do to restore hearing once it's lost? My poor father in law is practically deaf without his hearing aids in. Even when he does have his hearing aids in, he doesn't hear very well at all. He does a good job at speaking softly, so most peope don't even realize he can't he a word they say, but every now and then his hearing aids make this really funny buzzing sound, that everyone can hear but him.
on 26/05/2014
using headphones can bring a great pain in the ears and even inside, and now almost all the people use them... there should be more research about that topic!
on 27/04/2013
Hearing loss had happened to me after concerts but I get better in a couple of days, which is not really good at the end, just like article explains, this can harm the ear even though you don?t creolize it so maybe I should consult a doctor and see if I may have a worst problem. Thanks a lot by the way.

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