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Healthy Kids

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Healthy Kids

If there is something a parent wants for their child is health as without it, you cannot enjoy the essentials of life. Health is a natural state of the body, a result of balance and harmony between the four main aspects that make it up and that can be summarized as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.

We are not just a body, we are a thinking mind, a being who feels and also is surrounded by an environment that affects every moment. All these aspects are interacting at every moment, we cannot move, say or show the emotional side without moving the mental, and we cannot influence our environment without influencing the physical or emotional. When you move a point, all others are affected. This is something that happens in all people, whether an adult as a child reflects the mix of issues dealing every day, however, the younger are more flexible and more easily move not only mind and emotions but are more sensitive to perceive and absorb everything around them.

Children who become ill often have the enormous advantage that they can heal faster than adults, which have more fixed ideas and a less permissive and curious mind. Children have nimble and fresh minds, they are very sensitive antennae and clear, so they can regain harmony and balance in all aspects if the adult at their side help them consider and understand these vital connections. If not taken into account that disease or imbalance not only is in the body, it will be difficult to achieve comprehensive health care in the child, it is likely to pass from doctor to doctor, from treatment to treatment and relapse to relapse without making the kid recovery at all.

To help heal kids in every sense, before it is essential that the parent understands that health is the result of integrating all aspects of an individual, and often not enough to have the strong intention of wanting to eliminate symptoms with syrups and pills or long and tiring treatments, but you need to reach the understanding necessary for us to treat the disease at all levels, taking into account not only fundamental aspects like food, but with patience and interest to consider the environment surrounding the small, and what he feels and what is interpreting.

And this doesn’t require to be an expert psychologist or have graduated from Harvard University. We should  take into account both the physical and emotional power.

Physical and emotional Food

While food is essential for the body to grow and be adequately trained, the emotional nourishment should not be rolled over, as this is what will make the child's mind grow healthy and strong and full of energy. The mind is where the disease originated, and if we do a good mix between the food inside and outside food, then we have already one of the main building blocks of all healing and holistic health.

As mentioned, there are many points to consider on this issue, but here are some basic points to begin to implement. Through these databases you can start a healing process for your child, whether the diseases suffered, you will recover his/her health.

Physical nourishment

Try to avoid all medications pharmacy which only numb the body of symptoms while on the other hand weaken immune systems of children, which causes an increasing need of stronger dose of medication and that eventually one become dependent on doctors and medicines. Energy and natural medicine has remedies for any condition, is only required to be trusted and have the patience to give you the opportunity to begin to recover and restore your body's natural mechanisms for self-healing.

Consumption of refined sugar (and derivatives) must be minimized. The soft drinks, canned goods, sweets and so on, not only rot the teeth, but carry a long list of problems and internal imbalances among which we find that demineralize body (robs calcium to the bones), irritate the nervous system (causing children to be irritable, anxious, angry, etc.) and causes it to warm the blood, which creates obstruction, malnutrition, affects and atrophy of the endocrine system and metabolism in general. While the body needs sugar (energy) to perform its vital functions, not to confuse it taking refined sugar: fruit and many natural foods contain natural fructose, which is excellent for the body.

Emotional Nutrition  

Take into account what your kid feels: often as parents we tune into what is believed to be favorable to them, then we lose sight of what the little one is feeling. Giving orders and requests of them may be easy for the father, but the child can save a lot of frustration, anger, and confusion, then, to top it off, not allowing them to express, they are told to "shut up", "stop crying", "don’t scream”. So the child must learn to save the feelings. And keeping your feelings, especially anger and frustration, is the root of all suffering. It is best to start trying to stop imposing the child and to establish simple dialogues, to seek an amicable way to talk to him/her. This will be difficult to achieve if the father is constantly pressured, tense, rushed or has "many things to do."

The conflict of not being accepted: every time you scold your child, one as an adult knows that is for his/her sake, but the child appears to believe one thing:" I refuse "" I do not want. " Feeling rejected by an adult authority creates great tension and anxiety in children, especially when used words like "you're very bad" "you're naughty" "You are a stupid..." and so on. It is best to nurture the kids with words that always inspire them to see something positive in them, instead of fostering their self-rejection. Try to constructive use language like: "How would you feel if someone had done that to you?" and more.

All these small details, even we don’t believe, are intimately related to the health of children. Health is not just about eating or drinking with propriety, which although important points, are not better than confidence, inner motivation and esteem with which a human being is fed every day.

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2 Reviews about Healthy Kids
on 01/05/2015
Thanks you so much for the wonderful article. I don't have kids of my own yet, but I am 28, getting married this summer, and of course, am starting to think of starting a family within the next 5 years or so. Having healthy kids will be one of my main focuses.
on 05/06/2013
Having children can be something very dangerous but every person can learn to be a good parent and although there aren?t books that show the rules of being parents, you can do a good work by helping them in emotional and physical way, just like the article says, do not only feed your child with food but with hugs and words.

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