Healthy and effective eating habits for babies and children Gesunde und effektive Essgewohnheiten für Babys und Kinder Alimentación saludable y hábitos efectivos para el bebé y el niño

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Healthy and effective eating habits for babies and children

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Healthy and effective eating habits for babies and children

After breast milk, which is arguably the best food for newborns, you can start many tips to continue to promote a healthy diet for your child, taking into account that since the first months and years the child begins to form habits and customs that are rooted for life.

The health, physical or emotional and mental, it’s fed mainly on what we eat and how we eat. When we are adults, our eating habits can become entrenched and it costs us to stop eating in certain ways and certain products, knowing that many of them are not as beneficial to our health. For example: How many of us have got used to sweeten our food? I remember as a child, when I served cereal, there was always the spoonful of sugar in front of me. And I don’t even remember if they asked "Do you want?" But I saw as white powder snow fell all over my cereal, one or two tablespoons. Of course I remember that I knew quite well, and I remember that well then I was the one who asked for more. So the years passed and I studied natural medicine, I noticed how were the harmful effects of sugar, especially in the nervous and endocrine systems, and saw what it was really difficult to stop using this product by the strong addictiveness, symptoms amounted to stop using a drug, the body asked for it, there was anxiety, nervousness, anger, violently rejected the palate which was not sweetened "with white sugar”, because neither the brown sugar or honey can substitute it at that time.

How to form healthy eating habits?

No matter how we eat or how many harmful habits may have parents or adults, we can certainly lead the baby and the child to a way of eating with more awareness, taking into account that the main advantages and benefits to promote healthy eating are:

  • Strengthening the immune system since childhood.
  • Raising healthier and stronger children.
  • Preventing children from getting easily sick and with allergies, obesity, insomnia, impaired growth, anemia, vision problems, respiratory illnesses such as colds, coughs, colds, catarrh, etc., as well as digestive problems, nervous, glandular, etc.
  • Avoiding all kinds of diseases and conditions when they are older as diabetes, osteoporosis, gastritis, ulcers, skin conditions, colon, liver, kidney, nervous system diseases, etc.
  • Creating an emotional world more harmonious and balanced: educating the palate helps to educate their emotional world.
  • Helping them do better in school and be more creative.

Effective habits since childhood

Eating healthy does not mean that a child will not get sick "never", as the disease is a process of adaptation often necessary to balance the body and restore it, especially when they are smaller and just being formed the system of defenses body and the whole organism is in line with growth. Fever, for example, often occurs when the little one is stretching or growing.

However, with effective power, baby and child reduce to 95% of possible diseases, and if they catch from time to time, the symptoms will be minimal. Even babies or children who were born with certain health deficiencies, including those who suffer from some type of condition, or they are more susceptible to allergies, or tend to be obese, or acquire infectious diseases, etc., can strengthen their defense system and significantly reduce and even eliminate this health condition, because this is forged in the intestines and stomach.

Some food eating habits and effective in children:

Compotes: After breast milk, experts recommend the introduction of porridge and fruit as a first food. The most desirable fruits are: apples, bananas and pears. The most recommended vegetables are: carrots, chayote and potato. In preparing the compote or porridge, it is necessary that you avoid seasoning, do not add sugar or any sweetener in fruit, allow the baby to enjoy the natural flavors of food, this will help yo have a sensitive palate and natural as a child. The vegetables can be added with perhaps a pinch of salt, minimum.

Milk: talking about milk your baby or toddler should take, there are many views. I recommend not to use cow's milk at any time, advertising of this product is indeed shocking that despite all the benefits really are poor, even generates more health problems than it provides. Among other things, milk creates flakes so dense that solidify in the lining of the stomach and intestines, causing severe problems in the long run, such as obesity, skin problems (dermatitis, allergies, etc..), constipation, problems of colon, inflammation of the stomach, indigestion, cellulitis, etc. The best milk for babies and children are the vegetable milk, and no doubt this is the best time to introduce soy milk, almonds, walnuts, etc., which are milks that have huge health benefits, and without the harmful consequences that cow's milk generates. True, some people who use cow's milk might live without problems, perhaps because they have not noticed how they would feel without cow's milk. There is also the belief that without milk the child will not grow and will have fragile bones. Nothing more wrong. My children, for example, were raised without cow's milk and are higher than average children, have good muscle tone and enjoy extraordinary health.

Sodas and drinks: the easiest thing for many parents is to buy sodas and juices at the store. However, such drinks are among the most harmful. Besides the fact that its composition is more than 90% sugar (which we have already said that degenerates the nervous system and endocrine causes tooth decay, skin problems, allergies, infections, etc..) are additives and have dyes, which affect the liver, kidneys and cause imbalances in the body. Ideally, we should give natural fruit or vegetable juices to children, and try to consume as soon as possible or store in the refrigerator to avoid ferment. Many working parents will say this is impossible, however, if there is time to buy fresh juice or somewhere that sells juices, it is preferable to accustom a kid to natural water, which is certainly healthier than soda. We must remember that we are who we educate the palate, and these early years are critical. We must not fall into the belief that "the sugar in soda and juice" is needed. This is something wrong. The sugar necessary for the body is in fruits and vegetables.

Sweets: depending on the age, the child must get used to eating at certain times and not eating all the time. Avoid offering snacks all the time, and whether the child asks for something to eat between meals, you should not offer candy, but fruit or vegetables, especially the smaller ones. As a child grows, you should offer if possible eating four or five times a day, light meals, not eating between them. This is a bad habit that does not allow the stomach to rest, or to properly digest food. You should avoid them eating when watching TV, or are on the internet and even when they go to the movies. Why? because it does not allow children to concentrate on the movie or meet with awareness what they do, taste distracts the visual sense.

Food should not be missing from the diets of children are: whole grains, seeds, nuts, milk plants, fruits and vegetables and sprouts. Fish is recommended but the chicken and meat should be avoided or moderated.

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2 Reviews about Healthy and effective eating habits for babies and children
on 02/08/2014
Oh man, it's so important to hide sweets from kids as loooong as possible. It's never going to be 100% possible to, but by teaching children early on what to eat, you get a good head start. Once kids get older though, it's so hard to get them to eat if they just don't want to.
on 01/04/2013
My son is 2 years now and well, I have made some mistakes and give him products that are not really good for him like sodas and that kind of stuff but I want to make a change in him, I?m going to show him more options about food like consuming more fruits and other things, and
I hope it?s not too late, thanks very much for the information by the way

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