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Healthy Foods For the XXI Century

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Healthy Foods For the XXI Century

Eating with consciousness is to start realizing that we must eat to live, not live to eat. Fortunately, today more and more people realize the great importance of knowing about food and how to combine them properly, gradually more people experience the magic of quality nutrition to experience that, by eating certain foods and in a certain way, not only improve your health and beauty greatly, but bring more energy, creativity and showmanship and there is a sense of vitality and general welfare.

Health is an issue of growing concern to more people, diseases improve and more needs to be done and invested and you don’t find a solution. Exposing the body to excess, abuse, stress, ingestion of toxins, bad fats, etc.., causes instant reactions such as nausea, pain of all types, allergies, changes in pressure, vomiting, cramping, swelling, fever, dizziness, rashes in the skin, etc. Failure to be truly served, these symptoms can result later in a multitude of diseases of all kinds. Ignoring or trying to diminish the discomforts of the body numbing with drugs is like covering in the sun with a finger. To address a symptom, awareness must begin by understanding that a large percentage of body ailments are caused by poor nutrition and neglect.

Paying attention to the foods that we eat is undoubtedly one of the key tools available for the general welfare, nutrition is the foundation of health, especially in this age where foods are increasingly handled, refined, altered, added and filled with all sorts of toxins.

Learn conscious eating is something which must surely go upgrading. If you would like to stay very healthy, beautiful and have energy and vitality throughout your life, and want to help to eradicate all kinds of diseases and depressing emotions, nothing better than to begin by knowing what foods are at the top of the list of quality. For this adventure, I invite you to take a walk through the book Healthy Eating For the XXI century, by Laura Kohan, a great guide to the biological ingredients for healthy living, which also includes delicious recipes for you to remove that annoying belief that eating healthy is a boring routine, tasteless and uncool. This book crave your senses in the art of good eating, you also draw on new knowledge to help you enjoy bite with the best dressing: enjoying the best of nature.

As the book is very rich and is full of interesting passages, I decided to speak on this occasion the importance of whole grains in your diet, and highlight some interesting points that the author mentions us.

The healthiest foods for your body

Nature provides a wide variety of foods for the general welfare of the body: vegetables, fruits, seeds, oilseeds and cereals top the list of the pyramids of nutrition worldwide. Among these foods, cereals are one of the keys to any consents nutrition. Laura Kohan talks about how grains are basic ingredients of any healthy diet: "Today, scientific evidence on the preventive and curative effects of whole grains on diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and cancer is indisputable and also an undeniable ... help in treating problems of obesity ... "

It is well known that whole grains (not processed) are undeniably an important source of nutrients that far outstrips refined grains. Whole grains are much richer in vitamin E, B vitamins, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, etc. If you do not have included many whole grains (or zero) in your diet, you should definitely start to see them as part of your daily diet, and begin to replace refined by whole bakery, flour and cereals.

As already stated, whole grains are an excellent source of nutrients and provide high quality energy to your body, in addition to providing high quality fiber, which helps eliminate toxins and intestinal adhesions and bad fats in the body, causing all sorts of diseases. In addition, the fiber helps eliminate carcinogenic cells, cholesterol harmful and toxic substances difficult to remove by other means.

Refined grains with added substances

Beware of traps in supermarkets, because at present there are many products made from refined grains added with all kinds of vitamins and minerals to balance the lack of nutrients and capture the attention of consumers. Laura Kohan, in her book, made a wise reflection: "What is the need in refining a cereal and then adding what you have been removed?" Something that also ends up having an impact on the final price ... "

It also says: "The problem with these enriched products, especially those with a reinforcement of micronutrients, is that within a healthy and balanced diet can cause an effect of overdose." It must be stressed that it lack of nutrients is so dangerous such as overdose.

Grains that top the list of quality

Between grains that stand out for their many properties and health benefits are rice, a cereal very accessible and with which you can prepare many dishes. Laura Kohan suggests not only limiting yourself to always buy the same rice, but to explore the great variety of these that can be found on the market, such as basmati rice or red.

Other cereal that has exceptional properties is buckwheat, a champion of vegetable protein, is rich in B vitamins.

And of course, oat, a cereal equipped with high nutritional qualities, essential in the diet of adults and children. It is one of the grains with more protein content, contains six of the eight essential amino acids and is a rich source of antioxidants. With 100 grams of oats, you would get 100% of the daily requirement of manganese and more than 50% phosphorus and vitamin B1, and a large percentage of iron, silicon and unsaturated fats (which predominates in the fatty acid Omega-6). Another important component of whole oats are the phytosterols, all of which help reduce blood cholesterol.

The list of whole grains that top the list of foods XXI century of course doesn’t end there: even necessary to mention the fabulous amaranth, quinoa, etc.., which can be found with great detail in the book.

Whole grains molasses and milk

The book recommends, among other things, begin to replace regular milk for plant milk: oat milk, for example, is an excellent source of nutrients, is highly digestible and has no harmful fats, hormones and other toxic substances that normal milk contains. The rice, buckwheat and Kamut milks are also ideal alternative for the health of this century.

Cereals, in addition, also have a delicious malt extract that appears to be an ideal replacement of refined sugar. Laura Kohan recommends sweetening beverages and desserts or whatever with grain molasses, which are full of minerals and vitamins, without actually harmful effects of white sugar.

The book also tells of legumes, seeds, nuts and many other things. To learn more about it, do not hesitate to get the book!

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2 Reviews about Healthy Foods For the XXI Century
on 27/12/2014
It's definitely time we start thinking of our next "food revolution". Not that i think revolution is mandatory every certain period of time, but we are a very sick peoples. Many of us are overweight yet somehow undernourished, we are constantly surrounded by sugar and processed foods, and most of us are completely removed from the food harvesting process.
on 29/04/2013
I can?t wait to find the book, I?m really interested in all the things it says and I want to read it right now! I love to be well informed about the many things of the world, especially if they have to do with the health of the human and the environment, which are my favorite topics by the way.

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