Healthy diet for Obese children Gesunde Ernährung für übergewichtige Kinder Alimentación saludable para niños y adolescentes obesos

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Healthy diet for Obese children

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Healthy diet for Obese children

Many attribute that a chubby child is a healthy child, however, an obese child can be severely malnourished. The obesity in children is something that should always be addressed, taking into account that these conditions means a child consuming more calories than necessary, so can achieve high levels of malnutrition and that the thick adipose tissue makes look robust, and could lead to a long series of illnesses and problems of all kinds.

This article is written for parents or people who are responsible of children or adolescents with this problem. It is necessary not to overlook the condition that, as noted above, may result in a number of shortcomings and problems in particular cardiac, cholesterol, skin problems, diabetes, problems in bones and joints, mood disturbances, fatigue, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and a long list of sensitive health situations that can be avoided if we begin to prevent and educate children in a culture of food awareness and healthy.

Obesity is a problem that is increasing daily, according to UNICEF (United Nations Fund for Children), there are currently more than 200 million children and adolescents with obesity in the world, indicating that obese children are 12 years of a 75% chance of being obese as adults, most younger children have a probability of 25%, which says that if obesity is treated with due time attention, this problem could really be eradicated.

The main thing is that there should be, by adults, a more conscious attitude toward certain behavior patterns that have been acquired by wrong beliefs, because of information in recent years that comes to us through various means external advertising and television.

It is therefore very important that parents, guardians and teachers take the proper consciousness and begin to inculcate the children that not everything they see and read in various advertising media is true, and talking to each other at their age about the serious problems resulting in a poor diet and excessive consumption of sugar, fat and fried food or junk. We must begin to encourage a sense of respect for the body, which is sometimes very difficult when someone is in charge of children or teenagers that do not have a deep respect for the body, then the school could become a valuable tedious sermon, the children and adolescents forget it easily, because it certainly convey such a lesson if it does not really expose a genuine interest in what they want to convey. However, despite the fact that the parent or guardian is not really an expert on health and nutrition, can greatly help with the screen if really intends to pass on interest as is a new food consciousness and following some simple advice that only require a constant encouragement and patience for the young or the child.

Teaching a new consciousness

To start you should avoid the consumption of white sugar and all products containing it. This is perhaps one of the hardest habits to form, because nearly all foods, especially processed sugars, and further that the palate is very poorly used to consume foods and drinks too sugary. The problem is that the child get used to take drinks, smoothies and food too sweet, and this habit when young can become something almost impossible to remove.

So as to begin with this culture of childhood, and to accustom the child from small to have things with little sugar, if indeed it can be sweetened with honey much better, do not add sugar to fruit or cereal when they already have. If you previously put two tablespoons of sugar to the liquid, is now half past one, then one. If asks for sugar in cereal or fruit, put less and less and try honey gradually.

In the case of beverages, it is the same. Accustom the children to drink soda or processed juice in the stores can be very harmful in the long term. Soft drinks and sweetened beverages cause quite a number of disorders actually harmful to health, including obesity. It is always better to give the child water with very little fruit or sugar in fact, give only water, which is remarkable for the body to dispose of toxins and clean the excess body fat. However, if the habit is already formed and children are consumers to soft drinks, you need more patience to go adapting to healthier beverages, offer water and fruit, natural juices or pure water when they drink. If we go slowly and from time to time we talk about the importance of food, slowly we make children aware of doing this. In adolescents, as argued above, it is a matter of talking with them, and if we can still handle the option of drinks and offer healthier foods, we should certainly do so.

We must avoid buying sweets and junk food to children and give them fruit. This is something that many moms feel far from reality, they believe that it is possible as their children like junk. The point here is that children eat junk (sweets) because he found that and what they said on TV and what the palate asked. But we should say that many times is the short time available, not to say that some slack is for taking the time to the preparation of cocktails like candy from a child, what makes the child having to go reaches only a processed product. Often for the adult it is easier to buy something quick in the store, and then the child is accustomed. However, you can have on hand fruits like apples, peaches, bananas, etc., so that when the child is craving for something sweet, be able to use the fruit. Certainly a child used to eat sweets and fried will find very difficult preferring fruit, but you can go to treatment, for example, tell them to buy something at the store if they choose before they eat any fruit. If we are insistent about this and learn to negotiate a friendly, little by little the child will begin to satisfy their need for sugar with fruit, and will reduce the consumption of sugar and junk.

Another factor that can greatly help to reduce child obesity is to control the money given to the school. Usually, the child or young person will prefer to buy what the palate says, this is healthy or not. However, if we make a healthy lunch and give little money the child will have to go little by little getting used to eating less and buy what is commanded too.

It is very necessary to include in the diet of children and adolescents any salad always plenty of fresh vegetables and remove fried product or with too much fat as sausages. We know that children and teenagers love pizza, hamburgers, the Hotdogs, pasta and all the food that is very tasty. But we must learn to manage and negotiate what they eat. For example, say "ok, eat pizza, but eat a salad first" Such negotiations are accustomed to children to eat better educated, and soon their body will begin to reflect the new change of diet.

Do not forget to instill both children and adolescents taste for physical activity. This is a good complement to what the child consumed and to assimilate it can be distributed with maximum benefit in the body. No need big routines, walking, playing outdoors, or take a boat ride are activities that are of great benefit.

Finally, while it is good to implement this type of diet and culture for all children and adolescents, should fit in severe cases of obesity since each person has their own calorie needs. If the case of obesity is very severe, it is always advisable the advice of a doctor who specializes in diet and nutrition.

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2 Reviews about Healthy diet for Obese children
on 18/09/2015
My husband was a chubby child as a baby and all throughout middle school. I think a lot of it had to do with his mother's cooking, she likes to cook very heavy pastas, with lots of butter and breads. Eventually he ended up becoming very active and lost that weight, but diet and exercise are very important.
on 08/10/2013
It is very hard as parents to control all that our children eat, but yet we have to make an effort and try to change the diet if it is in bad condition, and get worried about them because or children will be grateful in the future if they are health and skinny

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