Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk Gesunder und nahrhafter Ersatz für Kuhmilch Sustitutos Sanos y Nutritivos de la Leche de Vaca

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Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk

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Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk

They say that the custom is stronger than love. And the habit of drinking cow's milk is undoubtedly one of the strongest in many people. Cow's milk is reputed to be essential for growth and health. But nothing is more false. We do not deny that tastes good, but, in truth, only cow's milk is essential for the calves (and only until teething and change to a solid diet). This belief that milk is essential for growth, health and so on, back years ago, where they do not even know that milk, among other things, contains high amounts of casein (basis for strong adhesives in woodworking), a substance sticky, but helps form bones, on the other side comes to coagulate in the stomach, forming flakes very difficult to digest and assimilate what does not happen in the calf, for example, who has a stomach capable of digesting properly this substance. Furthermore, it was found that casein has a strong effect on thyroid problems.

Cow's milk is nutritious?

The nutritional value of milk is far from satisfactory, it seems that is propaganda created by multimillion dollar companies that the real benefit for your consumption. You should know that unpasteurized milk is highly dangerous for humans because it contains high doses of bacteria. However, when milk is pasteurized, is subjected to temperatures as high whereby the milk practically loses its nutrients such as enzymes, minerals, vitamins, etc., (which is why many brands add up vitamins and minerals). Furthermore, the body lacks the enzymes needed to digest this milk (renin and lactase, which the body produces up to 3 years old), so the milk reaches into uric acid, which is transformed into mucus to be expelled from the body. Hence arise many respiratory diseases such as colds, allergies and other.

From the Tradition to Health

Soybean, rice, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut, sunflower seeds, and others may be able to extract a highly nutritious liquid, with large amounts of calcium and highly digestible and suitable for human stomach. This liquid is often called milk also, given its appearance and usefulness can be the same as cow's milk, though certainly outgrow both the nutritional and the digestibility. These formulas are called vegetables milks.

Here we describe some of them and the advantages they have in your diet:

Advantages of milk

Soy milk: is extracted from soybeans and is highly nutritious, containing high doses of essential amino acids, rich in calcium, magnesium, folate, vitamin B6 and phosphorus, is excellent for children, women and elderly, but also recommended for athletes, vegetarians, diabetics, overweight, cholesterol problems or osteoporosis and vegans. It has a pleasant taste and can be combined with fruits, chocolate, cereals, etc., and may be used to prepare sauces, smoothies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, custard s other (like cow's milk). No lactose, no sugar, no cholesterol, being a perfect alternative for lactose intolerant people. Help swollen belly.

Almond milk: a milk plant that stands out as ideal for growth stages, as it contains high intake of calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium, rich in vegetable protein and linoleic acid, as well as vitamins A and E. It is obtained by grinding dried almonds, shelled and then mixing it with water. It has a nice flavor, sweetened with honey is rich, can be mixed with fruits and other grains. No lactose and doing well in celiac patients diets, lactose intolerant, hypertensive, anemic growth stage, in cases of osteoporosis, pregnancy and lactation, high-performance athletes, people who have a high intellectual attrition, and so on.

Coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water): high-energy, high in fiber and vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. No lactose is removed by squeezing the pulp crushed and mixed with coconut water. It is highly nutritious and very healthy, is used to deworm, for energy, useful in cases of arthritis, and in diets of lactose intolerant people. With it you can prepare sauces, soups, water, etc.

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2 Reviews about Healthy and nutritious substitutes for cow's milk
on 19/12/2014
There's a lot of people turning away from cow's milk now because there's kind of a fad belief going around that it's not healthy for you, or it's somehow "bad". I don't really subsribe to this school of thougt - humans have been drinking it for generations, and I think the thing we need to look at is HOW we drink it. Ayurveda recommends always drinking milking warm.
on 05/06/2013
I;m considering quitting drinking cow?s milk and try something new and very healthy. There are some people who claim that soy milk and other are as good as people think and that cow?s milk shouldn?t be avoided but I think that if you find the right soures, you can keep a good calcium amount in your body

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