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Health without medication

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Health without medication

What really causes a complete cure is not only the control and evaluation of physical symptoms (body) by taking medicine, true healing is to take into account what the person is, was and experience. Who focuses only on physical symptoms to cure has not realized the depth of what means to heal.

While conventional medicine has long helped mankind to solve their health problems, you should also begin to appreciate what it really makes in the body and whether it really helps to heal.

What is healing?

Healing means that the body regains its natural ability to function, self-repair and balance. Healing does not mean that the body becomes dependent on drugs or consultations, healing means returning the body strong and capable, not weak and dependent.

What causes a weak and sick body?

Simply lifestyle, especially food, but also the habits we have when we see, meet and act in life, which is our personal way of understanding reality.
When we get sick and we are not aware of this, then the easiest way is to use pills and syrups to simply help remove the symptoms. This is something that has been learned through years to "get off" the disease quickly, as we think that the more rapid the cure, the better.

What happened to this attitude to disease?

That the disease gets more resistant, new problems appear, health centers cannot keep so many people, there are new drugs everywhere, but they just cannot heal people completely, a large majority continues suffering from this and that. Taking drugs has become a habit for many people, something like eating or breathing.
However, we should consider now what exactly is done when taking medicine.

What is a drug?

"A drug is one or more components integrated in a pharmaceutical form, submitted to sale or clinical use, and intended for use in humans or animals, endowed with properties that allow a better pharmacological effect of its components in order to prevent, alleviate or improve disease or physiological states of change".
(Definition taken from Wikipedia)

It is worth mentioning that this article only refers to medication made in laboratories and chemical substances and stimulants to resolve the disease, i.e. the prescription drug use and conventional medicine. We will call it chemical medication.

What role does the chemical medication in the body?

The chemical medication has been requested for a long time to improve health through activating the body when it is weak and/or organs, as they begin to behave unevenly or simply do not perform their proper functions efficiently.

However, taking medication causes an artificial activation of functions the body, so we feel better and see results, but on the other hand, the body is becoming weaker and more dependent on external stimuli (medicine). Then, the body needs more medicine or higher doses, and often stronger drugs or stimuli (Chemical), which means that the immune system is weakening too much and that the body is getting used to react while taking chemicals.

What other effects can drugs cause?

In addition to weaken immune system, many of them will deteriorate the intestinal flora, are aggressive with the guts degenerating organs and systems. Too much medication causes, among other long list of things, allergies, severe kidney problems and liver, digestive or respiratory problems.

Should I remove the drugs, then?

It all depends. If you take medicine only when you have flu, cough or some minor illness, you can certainly remove it and start a healthier life. However, when the body is used to constant medication to be healthy, and you have been taken medications for several months or years and are very strong, you mustn’t remove them overnight, as that would cause a significant imbalance in the body. Imagine that the medication is a "crutch" of the immune system, if we take the medicine suddenly, the body won’t handle this, the immune system won’t be prepared to answer this and then health could "fall" severely, suffer a strong imbalance and suffer a strong relapse which is not desirable in any case, particularly when conditions are severe. So if you want to start a more natural and healthy life and want to leave drugs, in any case it is recommended that you seek a natural health professional to guide and advise you in this process.

How to replace the drug?

Natural medicine is the medicine that maybe goes a little slower and requires integrating and balancing all aspects of the person, the emotional world with the mind and body. It is perhaps not as fast as the syrups and pills but ultimately, it is certainly excellent and is really the medicine that heals and eradicates the root causes of the disease.

During the process of natural medicine, the body strengthens, systems and organs vitalize, tissues repair and rejuvenate, blood and intestines are cleaned, and generally the whole body is full of life and health.

Natural medicine takes into account several factors, including the following:

It should be done gradually, starting first with a healthy diet as which begins to activate self-healing functions in the body and helps the immune system to regain its strength and vitality. The start of a new health consciousness is to increase consumption of fresh vegetables either in juice or salad, and avoid the foods that often cause the greatest number of diseases, all refined (such as sugar, flour and derivatives), all fried, junk, meat, and cow's milk and derivatives.

In addition, you should start an exercise program to promote heart health and good oxygenation of the body. Exercise is essential for the immune system and for the proper functioning of the entire body. Do 30 minutes of exercise a day to promote good health.

On the other hand, sleep and rest well, do not eat fast, drink plenty of water, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do de-stressing activities may seem very simple habits to remove, for example, cancer or other serious illness of the body. However, the nature has established the principles of health in the simplest things, which is the natural state of all people. Human beings can only influence or block the body's healing abilities, and this is because of their attitudes and habits.

Why are health habits unattractive for some people?

For many people, following a healthy routine is boring or unattractive. For many, quitting smoking or avoiding certain things, or behaving in a more relaxed mood means that life would be less attractive. However, we would have to see which are the emotional needs that lead a person to eat in a disordered way or to have vices and unhealthy habits.

Personal health

For example, excessive or disordered eating, eating many sugary things or little nutrients can be a sign that we have no real meaning or value in life, we may be living on the surface, maybe we feel anxious or confused.

That is why the importance of focusing on the personal health, health is intimately related to life, when the heart is sincerely excited and motivated to live, then everything else, habits and routines, come easy.

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3 Reviews about Health without medication
on 20/08/2014
This is SUCH a great article, and so inspiring! The past few years I have really begun to take interest in changing the way I look at health. Rather than thinking that age inevitably brings decrepitude and discomforts, I'm slowly beginning to realize that we can actually become HEALTHIER with time, as we refine the art of understanding and nourishing ourselves completley.
on 31/01/2013
Every person in the world should read this article and think about the bad consequences of taking chemical medication and drugs. I always have thought that natural healing is a lot way better than other alternatives and people should investigate more about this, at least to get informed.
on 01/06/2014
I agree with your opinion! There are too many good ways of helping the body to stay healthy without using pills, nature has remedies for all the problems

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