Health, wealth and love, learn to use your mind to get them Wünschen sie Gesundheit, Reichtum und Liebe? Lernen sie mehr über ihren Geist ¿Quieres salud, dinero y amor? Aprende más acerca de tu mente

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Health, wealth and love, learn to use your mind to get them

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Health, wealth and love, learn to use your mind to get them

It is said that we only use less than 10% of the skills of our minds, and we know that many people of the world population suffers from an illness, lack, limitation or emotional need. Will we need to know ourselves more? What about the rest of the mind? Where is the health, wealth, joy and peace that is sought every day?

Among our daily activities like work, attending family matters, distractions, commitments, etc., often the importance of developing or understanding the most powerful creative potential that has given us: the mind is lost.

The mind is a creative tool that can make life much easier, deeper and more enjoyable, free and great. The problem is that not many people teach how to understand and use the magic wand that wise nature has given us, we focus a lot of time trying to live and understand the reality outside, and we forget that we have within the maximum power to understand, influence and transform reality.

What is the mind?

The mind is a powerful tool, is equivalent to what we think. The mind is not the brain, the brain only is the body that hosts it. We can think that the mind is like an antenna that is installed on the roof called the brain. The function of the mind is thinking, to send and receive energy which transforms into thoughts.

So the mind is a power transformer. And we can see its movement through the brain's electrical functioning or its synapses. A synapse is just an electrical discharge that occurs in the brain, which occurs when the neurons (brain cells) are electrically connected together, either when we think, speak, or simply decided to live.

Everything we think and our intelligence, memory, mood or consciousness, and more cause synapses in our cerebral cortex, which means that electric discharges are occurring in our head, or that our mind has a certain activity.

There are hundreds of thousands of discharges in our cerebral cortex, which are like hundreds of thousands of tiny lightning and thunder of a storm. These discharges are the result of our evolution, the movement that has been transforming our mind or our through our history. This electrical movement causes what we call consciousness.

Mind and Consciousness

The activity of our mind reflects our level of consciousness, which simply means that the more experience and use of this creative tool called mind, understanding it and applying in everyday life, the more we can say we have a level of awake and lucid consciousness.

The more we understand our minds and use it to create what we want, the more conscious we are. And we become happier, because life is more enjoyable, full and unlimited. A practical example would be when we buy a new computer and we do not know how to use it, we can not take advantage and enjoy its full potential. Only after we bring awareness of all its functions, capabilities and programs, we can use and enjoy.

Understanding the mind

One of the basic ways to understand the mind is knowing that everything in our reality is the result of how we think. This can be a double-edged sword because, on one hand the phrase sounds powerful and interesting, on the other it challenges us to try to understand that our pain, lack or limitation may be the result of how we think. 

And yet, if would stop and observe some vague thoughts that travel through the head over a day, for example, we would notice how confusing and shifting is thinking. There really is no control of what you think. We have not a thinking (or mind), own or genuine. Usually, what comes to mind is a mixture of ideas or ways of thinking of parents, teachers, friends, what the newspaper says, news, doctor, neighbor, etc.

Our data diskette called mind is saturated with too much information, which we repeat only to repeat, is not ordered or clear, is fickle and without rhythm. We try to solve the life according to these schedules, instead of choosing our own programming or thoughts, and then run the reality according to what we want. This means that the mind has dominion over us.

An exercise to give clarity and understanding to your mind is trying to observe your thoughts. Pay attention to what goes through your head when you eat, watch TV, and more. What are your first thoughts when you wake up? And before going to sleep? Pay attention also to the words you use, because the words are a reflection of your thoughts.

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3 Reviews about Health, wealth and love, learn to use your mind to get them
on 22/02/2015
Our entire lives are created by us...and whether we realize it or not, our actions (and therefore mindset) have created everything we have. If we can learnt to change the way we think and feel about things, our lives will become that. Always focus on where you want to go, and make that a reality.
on 14/06/2014
I totally agree with what is being mentioned in this article, I think that everything that happens to us is directly linked to what we think, even unconsciously, and therefore it is very important to have a healthy mind. How can we achieve this? Through meditation, relaxation, open dialogue with others and with ourselves. Being able to organize our thoughts and ideas is very useful to live our lives fully and makes us act in accordance with what we really believe. Positive thinking is possible, we just have to exercise and train our mind. Every day we get the chance.
on 17/12/2012
Well, it's obvious tha tmind play with us, it moves ouselves through life and it's our fault when the mind receives information that can cause bad things like illness and conditions. We must understand the mind to really be happy and there are plenty of exercises to try this out.

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