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Tricks and tips on natural health natural. Natural Remedies for a long and healthy Sina. Articles on pregnancy, or about herbal teas, manual therapies, alternative therapies or natural sites

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Red Eyes: Causes, advice and Natural Remedies

It is likely that all or many of us have experienced red eyes more than once. This appearance is due to inflammation and dilation of blood vessels in the sclera (the white surface of the eye).

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Beautiful, healthy and maintaining your ideal weight: The secrets of the Cactus

Cactus is a screen of the family of cacti, with really very beneficial properties for health, which is the purest reflection of beauty. With cactus, you can make juices, beverages and foods that benef...

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Vertebrates, Neck Pain or Stiff Neck: Causes and Natural Treatments

Do you have neck pain? Does it bother turning the head? Do you feel tense the muscles of the shoulders or upper back hindering movement? The vertebrae that form the structure of the neck are called ce...

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7 Causes and Remedies for Stored Back & Abdominal Fat

The fat that accumulates in the back, abdomen or waist not only is unsightly or uncomfortable for some people, it can talk about certain imbalances in the body that may have easily remedied preventing...

Displaying 43 to 49 (of 271 articles) 7 
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