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Fitoterapia - Medicinal Plants


The existence of the

Fitoterapia is ancient. In his history he was accumulating all around knowledge of medicinal species. The exercise of the practice by the experiment error, made the verification of powers not only physical but psychological, knowledge that was ordered. Logically classified and thus the plant was passed down from generation to generation, enriched by the time the legacy of knowledge and promoting the conservation of the flower.

Geographical region of the world has a vegetation that are practiced with the extracts, ointments, elixir, different. Many of the plants used for their healing powers from the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans became part of the medieval pharmacopoeia, which later was enriched by the knowledge of the New World. These medicinal plants and then used the remedies that are still used today.

The development of Western or allopathic medicine overshadowed the use of medicinal species. The drug went to a great extent the consumption of natural medicinal products. The interest in the flora was decreased and thus their preservation.

But some years we see a shift towards a revaluation, rescue and investigation of this rich biodiversity and its about herbal medicine.

Less contaminated areas have retained their tradition and now make it possible to speak of rescue knowledge and plants. Increasing number of doctors are interested allopath insight into different therapies. Chemists study the plants in their phytochemical content. Botanists identify. The pharmacists checked the effects and some institutions and individuals concerned with conservation.

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