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Health and beauty to our Planet

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Health and beauty to our Planet

How to help the planet now that it needs that? Just as we worry about having a healthy body and sculptural, is essential to participate in health and beauty of this celestial body and blue that gives us a room for experiencing life. Much we can contribute with small things a lack of knowledge, without knowing that we miss this damaged and subtract beauty to our planet.

How to help?

Making the planet beautiful and having consideration and respect, is doing something for yourself. What is beneficial for our planet, it is beneficial for every human being. And how many know our planet is suffering the effects of our civilization. Global warming, for instance, is due to emissions of CO2 gases. And then you say how to contribute practically to help avoid overheating this:

Any measure to save electricity helps the environment as: turn off unnecessary lights, unplug appliances that are not used frequently, turn off the computer when you're not using, maintaining air conditioning or heat to low or reasonable heat etc. Besides this, consider what follows:

1 - Change light bulbs from your home or work by of energy saving. The common lot of energy used to generate much heat. Saving light bulbs costs only 25% of what it spends a common bulb, plus you save 75% on its lighting. Some are more expensive but last longer and energy savings offset the difference in a very favorable price.

2 - When buying electrical appliances, buy to spend less energy.

3 – Check your tires frequently and make sure they are properly aligned and balanced, as they have the correct pressure to use less gasoline and a lower production of gases and heat generated by combustion.

4 - The tire pressure is very important. We waste millions of gallons of gasoline because they do not maintain the proper pressure. It's easy to check if they have the correct pressure with a gauge. Once or twice a week and measure the pressure you need to put it. With this simple act you help much to give health to the planet.

5 - Do not turn your car until you go to boot. Every minute that your car is turned on by sending these gases CO2 to the atmosphere and contributing to warming and pollute the planet.

6 - Try not to use the dryer because it is the device that uses more energy. The dryer tends to hurt more than the clothes at sun. What is healthier is drying clothes outdoors, taking into account that the sun is the best disinfectant and bleach naturally exist.

7 - If you use the dryer, shake each piece of clothing before putting it in to dry faster.

8 - Use pressure cookers (or express) for cooking. In addition to save you time and energy, are ideal for baking hard grains such as beans and lentils. If you are going to cook these foods, try to leave them to soak overnight so they are softer and just take little time to cook. Among naturalists, this debate on whether the grains soak is good or not in terms of nutrients.

9 - Wash dishes by hand instead of washing dishes. If you use a washing machine, the preferred energy-saving because saving as well as energy, water.

10 - Do not let the water run when you're not using directly for example: wash your hands and close, apply soap, and open and rinse well. The same is to wash your teeth, bathe, to wash dishes. Do not ask for water in restaurants but if you really are you going to take. Use water wisely, but do not forget to enjoy it, because the benefit is something that feels like a nature appreciation.

11 - The most important rule in caring for the earth is re-used, recycled and conserved. Try to find ways to re-use objects, and food packaging. Recycle when you can.

12 - Reduces the use of paper. Avoid printing, use paper on both sides, reuse of paper flyers and use recycled paper.

13 - Throw your battery in a special place: acid batteries terribly damaged the soil.

14 - Put plants in your house and the roof. They not only decorate but clean air and help absorb heat.

15 - Avoid meat consumption: farm animals are brutally abused and also are full of hormones and antibiotics that cause health problems. The meat is saturated with fats that cause heart problems. In addition, many animals use more natural resources than the plants for this reason are not a good option for organic feed.

16 - Do not use plastic bags: the plastic bags you get at the supermarket quickly accumulate in your home and in almost all. These bags are difficult to recycle and end up in the trash. Of 1000000 million to 380,000 million bags are used each year and growing. It took 1000 years to decompose in the garbage. Do not accept these bags. Take your own bags to the supermarket or comparable plastic or cloth bags and eliminate the use of plastic bags. Moreover, the plastic bags come from oil and you are paying for them.

17 – Do not buy bottled water. Buy a filter and purify your water. Besides the container is plastic, most bottled water is purified water with no extra common. Water bottles at high temperatures distill some harmful chemicals, this temperature can be achieved if left exposed to the sun. Bottles take more than 1000 years to decompose, causing a large accumulation of rubbish.

18 - Avoid disposable diapers: the demands of modernity, true, but diapers are highly polluting the environment (like the pads). If you use cloth diapers may be a bit more laborious, but in truth the nature greatly appreciate your small but very helpful act.

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3 Reviews about Health and beauty to our Planet
on 30/07/2014
The biggest key is to just reduce consumption and be aware. Awareness is huge, especially when you want to make change. So much of what we do and what we use is done just because that's "the way it's done" or "the way we learned". If these habits aren't questioned, how can we ever hope to change our ways and reverse the damage we've done?
on 29/06/2014
and there are other minimal changes that help to this, you can help yourself and the planet with simple things, you would be surprised, but that's true
on 02/10/2013
There are many times that you can fo to help the planet, even more if you try something greater like plating a tree or things like that, the planet will really love if you act like that and you change your way of thinking for a better world and hope to next generation

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